October 16-28 TOTS Trivia Winners

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We have a load of items that we have given away over the past few weeks. Congrats to the following trivia winners!

October 16 Episode

R. Marcum won an Enslaved Monkey statue.

October 19 Episode

E. Ogechukwu, T. Schoonover, and S. Williams won a Sims 3 bundle.

October 21 Episode

A. Bradford, R. Sigler, J. Kinsey, M. Pinheiro, U, Daniel, T. Verrette, C. Mulqueen, A. Daunis, S. Stern, T, Dunn, and S. Young won Sonic caps.

October 23 Episode

Winners of the WoW Cataclysm beta keys include: L. Shallenberger, R. Elkins, R. Pickton, C. Carlsen,J. Melo, W. Ryan, J. Spangler, A. Chapman, T. Wong, J. Bush, B. Odell, R. Drap, N. Jensen, F. Jie, K. Moh, Y. GuerchR. Matih, C. Pierson, D. Lowe, P. Rahimi, A. Etoum, L. Lai, R. Jozil, P. Li.

October 26 Episode

Winners of the Killzone 3 beta keys include: K. Kourouma, M. Villanueva, T. Beale, A. Hill, J. Mclane, K. Pereira, C. Rakestraw, L. Lam, J. Powell, J. Martina, K. Duran, F. Alne, R. Rivera, G. Sarenkapa, L. Nguyen, J. Shah, M. Liska, A. Desrocher, A. Cook, N. Rodriguez, J. Pries, R. Drap, S. King, C. Holloway, A. Shuffler, R. Hernandez, F. Monter-Garcia, K. Hickey, A. Rios, H. Kaipachi, G. Angst, L. Cordell-Williams, H. Zaman, V. Nguyen, V. Peng, A. Javanpour, R. Sixt, D. Craft, G. Pursel, K. Moua, S. Begzad, M. Taveras, N. Henton, A. Naimzadeh, S. Williams, W. Lo, J. Nix, and R. Matih.

October 28 Episode

K. Sienkiewicz won a hat.

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congrats I got the answers right guess i'm to slow :( someday!