Obsidian working on 'leading animation franchise' adaptation

Gaming talent agency portfolio reveals Fallout: New Vegas developer in production on new project based on popular animated property.


Obsidian Entertainment has a history of developing games based on previously established worlds. The studio has delivered sequels to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Neverwinter Nights, and Fallout, and a recently discovered document reveals that the company may be handling a new non-game-related property.

Following the finale of Fallout: New Vegas, Obsidian is looking to bring the hammer down on a new licensed project.

A corporate profile of game-centric talent agency Digital Development Management reveals that Obsidian is developing a game based on a "leading animation franchise." As spotted by Joystiq, the document in question doesn't provide any further details regarding the in-development title.

This is the first reveal that Obsidian is working on an animated property, but it's not the first time work on a big franchise has been mentioned. In an interview earlier this year, studio cofounder Feargus Urquhart referenced a mysterious licensed project, saying, "There actually is another game that I can't talk about at all. It's a licensed product that when people hear about it, they're going to be 'well you had to do that. There's no option, if I was a developer and I was offered that, I would just do it.'"

Regarding Obsidian's stance on working with established properties, Urquhart recently said, "I really like making licensed products. I really enjoy playing in other people's worlds." The studio released Dungeon Siege III earlier this year and is currently working on a Wheel of Time adaptation in collaboration with Red Eagle Games.


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