Now available: The Ward

On Deck Interactive announces that its sci-fi adventure game is now in stores.

On Deck Interactive, a division of Gathering of Developers, has announced that The Ward is now available in stores. The science-fiction adventure game, which was developed by Croatian studio Fragile Bits Interactive, begins as a mission to the moon encounters an unexpected disaster. Players assume the role of US astronaut David Walker, the lone survivor of the disaster, who awakes to find that he has been abducted by aliens. Through the course of the game, Walker must escape from captivity, investigate the aliens' mysterious plot against humankind, and foil their plans. The game features 3D environments, five different locations, and 20 characters. For more information about The Ward, take a look at our previous coverage of the game and download the 26MB playable demo, which is linked below.

The Ward is now available for a suggested retail price of US$19.99.

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