Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends Puppy Diary #2

The adventures of GameSpot's problematic Nintendog continue in part two of our Puppy Diary.

If you read our first Puppy Diary, you'll know that we recently adopted a female boxer Nintendog named Dogzila. Since writing our first diary, Dogzila has befriended some other puppies in the park and has learned to respond to a couple of new voice commands. It's far from plain sailing, though, and we'll confess that deliberately opting for a puppy with issues wasn't one of the better decisions we've made lately.

Puppy Diary: Day 2

Walking the dog.

As it turned out, we didn't get around to playing with Dogzila the following day, and when we finally got around to switching the Nintendo DS back on to check up on her, she was both "starving" and "parched." Note to self: Dog needs to be fed and watered, regardless of whether or not we're actually spending time with the game. After polishing off bowls of water and dry food in record time, Dogzila did a pretty good job of ignoring our voice commands for a while; so, after buying her a stylish black collar, we decided to take her for a walk.

The route that we planned for our walk on this occasion not only took in a few points of interest, but also included a visit to the park, where we were hoping to discover that Dogzila would be quick to get the hang of catching the "blue flying disc" we'd purchased at the store. When we got to the park, two other dogs, named Cole and Murphy, were already playing there. Dogzila was far more interested in them than she was in her new toy, so, feeling a little rejected, we dragged her out of the park and walked her home.

This white rubber bone was a great find.

The walk home was pretty eventful, not only because Dogzila seemed determined to make it last as long as possible by sitting down at random intervals for no particular reason, but also because we passed two points of interest en route. The first was a beautifully gift-wrapped box lying in the middle of the sidewalk. After Dogzila fetched it for us, we opened it up and found a disposable camera inside. We haven't figured out how to use the camera yet, so since Dogzila refuses to play fetch with it, it's sitting in our inventory doing nothing right now. The second point of interest was another dog, named Wanda, out for a walk with her owner. Wanda was possibly the cutest puppy we've seen in the game to date, but when we pulled at Dogzila's leash to bring the two dogs closer together, our "fiery young female" decided to become a bully, and we were forced to cut short our conversation with the other puppy owner. A message flashed up on the screen shortly thereafter to confirm that "Dogzila doesn't seem to like Wanda."

As the walk was coming to an end, and just when we thought that we couldn't handle any more Nintendogs excitement, Dogzila found and ate a burrito in some trash and then decided to plant a steaming number twosies right in the middle of the sidewalk. Still feeling a little guilty about leaving a similar mess on the sidewalk the previous day, we decided to touch it with our stylus in the hope that it might magically get cleaned up. Success! The still-warm item in question was quickly dropped into a paper bag, and we were able to go home with a clear conscience.

The burritos from the trash were not a great find.

After giving Dogzila another bowl of water to quench her walkies-induced thirst, we figured we might as well have another stab at training her to respond to voice commands. We were able to add "lie down" and "spin" to her limited repertoire, although we've noticed that she often confuses the latter with her existing "sit" command--so we might need to change one of them before we consider entering any of the Nintendogs obedience competitions.

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