Nintendo to sell wireless GBA adapter separately

Previously product-bundled peripheral will go on sale July 15, with a Famicom-themed wireless adapter available through Club Nintendo.

TOKYO--Starting July 15, Nintendo will start selling its wireless Game Boy Advance link adapter separately in Japan. Until now, the peripheral has only been available in a bundle with three titles: Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Leaf Green, and Mario Golf: Advance Tour.

By using the wireless link adapter, gamers can play with each other up to 10 feet apart without the hassle of connecting cables. Only GBA games labeled as compatible with the adapter can be played with its use, such as the Famicom Mini (Classic NES) series. The wireless link adapter will retail at the price of 2,000 yen ($18).

Gamers who have the Famicom-themed Game Boy Advance SP and a Club Nintendo membership in Japan should also note that a Famicom-colored wireless link adapter will be available by trading in 400 club membership points at the Club Nintendo Web site.

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