Nintendo Store Update: Pro Jumper! Guilty Gear Tangent!?

Aksys' 2D platformer, Stratego, Delbo, and Tennis arrive for eShop/DSiWare, as WiiWare gets The Mystery of Whiterock Castle.

NIS found success by spinning off Disgaea's adorable-yet-deadly Prinnies into a game of their own, and now Aksys appears to be taking a similar approach. As part of Nintendo's weekly update for its hardware systems' digital distribution stores, Aksys has released Pro Jumper! Guilty Gear Tangent!? through the 3DS's eShop and DSiWare.

Priced at $5 (500 DSi points), Pro Jumper! Guilty Gear Tangent!? stars Guilty Gear 2's Chimaki, a yam-shaped monster that fights with a towel. The 2D platformer sees Chimaki questing for apples as he seeks to avoid "the legions bent on his destruction."

Beyond Aksys' quirky platformer, the DSi's and 3DS's online platforms have been updated with Games Factory Online's Stratego: Next Edition. Based on the classic strategy board game, Stratego: Next Edition features five different game modes and is compatible with up to two players. It costs $5 (500 DSi points).

Chimaki's look is as strange as its name.

A couple of cheaper games also arrive for handhelds this week. Neko Entertainment's puzzle-shooter Delbo costs $2 (200 DSi points), while Nintendo's Game Boy classic Tennis arrives for the 3DS priced only at $3.

Playtainment's The Mystery of Whiterock Castle represents the sole WiiWare release this week. Priced at 500 Wii points ($5), The Mystery of Whiterock Castle is a hidden-object adventure game, in which players attempt to solve the mysteries of the keep and in the process find a missing princess. The game includes 10 different settings and supports up to two players.

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@SolidTy Good to know man! I've been playin' my 3DS a lot lately, been addicted to Super Street Fighter IV 3D and Link's Awakening from the 3DS Virtual Console! =P


Oh well, second comment XD. I might check this game out, but I intend in buying PicDun first. Say @SolidTy since we are the only ones here let's chat a little, how's life?