Nintendo shows off 3DS lineup

E3 2012: Mario maker spends an hour tonight talking up and showing off upcoming games for portable; New Super Mario Bros. 2 getting co-op.

What's the skinny?

--New Super Mario Bros. 2 will boast co-op support, allowing players to team up for the duration of the game. And when the title arrives on August 19, it will be available at physical retail and as a download.

--Available today on the 3DS video service is an all-new show called Threediots. It looks like a wacky hodgepodge of comedy.

--Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will support the 3DS Circle Pad Pro.

--The 3DS eShop is now 1 year old. Happy birthday!

--In North America alone, 70 percent of owners have connected their 3DS's to the Internet.

The full blow-by-blow

LOS ANGELES--Nintendo's 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo press briefing yesterday revealed several new 3DS titles--including Super Mario Bros. 2, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star--but the company has even more to debut this evening.

Expect a heap of 3DS news this evening.

Nintendo is holding a 3DS-dedicated software briefing tonight, and numerous new third-party games are expected to be announced. The Mario factory is streaming the event through its official E3 channel, and GameSpot will be in attendance to liveblog the presentation. Check back here at 6 p.m. PDT to get the news.

Nintendo is about to kick off its fourth E3 2012 press briefing.

[6:04] The event page for this presentation is locked behind an age gate! Does this mean we can expect some Mature-rated content? Maybe!

[6:05] Scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m., the presentation is now officially late, as it is now 6:03 p.m.

[6:05] And the voice from the sky says we're nearly under way!

[6:06] Double-check your cell phones to make sure they're off, he says.

[6:06] Did you turn your phone off? Did you?! Did you?!!?

[6:09] And the 3DS logo appears onscreen. We are starting!

[6:09] Nintendo of America COO and president Reggie Fils-Aime comes onstage

[6:09] He thanks the crowd for attending the 3DS software showcase

[6:09] "Wow is that a mouthful," he says.

[6:10] Reggie explains that the presentation yesterday did not reveal all the 3DS news Nintendo has to offer.

Reggie Fils-Aime airs his personal grudges in his roundtable introduction.

[6:10] Reggie welcomes Scott Moffitt to the stage, VP of sales and marketing at Nintendo.

[6:11] Moffit says there is a special guest who is coming onstage later tonight.

[6:11] Moffit now welcomes the nonspecific action figure to the stage.

Scott Moffitt continues his Reggie feud.

[6:12] Moffitt is now talking the Mii Plaza.

[6:13] Moffitt says thousands of people at E3 have already had a chance to play Nintendo's 3DS games.

Nintendo kicks off the show with talk of Miis.

[6:13] Expect some new announcements tonight, he says.

[6:14] Super Mario 3D Land has sold 2M copies, Moffitt reveals.

[6:14] He's not talking about the third-party content coming to the 3DS.

[6:14] One name is Castlevania!

[6:15] A trailer for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate is now playing.

[6:15] Belmont is speaking, talking about growing up. Man, his life seems tough!

[6:16] The trailer is somber and dark.

A touching Belmont family moment.

[6:16] And that's a wrap on the trailer. It was short. Almost no gameplay.

[6:17] It's coming fall 2012, the trailer reveals.

[6:17] Wait, no, the trailer continues. A hulking, nasty creature is shown wielding a massive sword.

[6:18] Konami producer Dave Cox is now onstage talking about the Mirror of Fate demo.

[6:18] Currently in development in Spain at Mercury Steam.

[6:18] In the game you play as Trevor Belmont and must vanquish numerous enemy types, like skeletons.

[6:19] Bigger, more-formidable foes are in the game, too. No, really!

[6:19] Supporting combat skills, players also have "dark magic."

Dave Cox takes the crowd through the new demo for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

[6:19] The R button on the 3DS grabs enemies.

[6:19] By pressing the L button, you block enemy attacks, leaving open counterattacks.

[6:20] The game also has secondary weapons, like a boomerang.

[6:20] It sticks to enemies and causes damage over time.

[6:20] Oh, and it can be charged up for even greater effect.

[6:20] Platforming is also a part of Mirror of Fate.

[6:20] "Trevor is no slouch," Cox says.

[6:21] Cox is basically reading the game manual here.

[6:21] Four playable characters will be in the game.

[6:21] It's a 2.5D game on a 3D system? Yes.

[6:22] Dark dungeons, gothic cathedrals, and many enemies will stand in your way in Mirror of Fate. Are you up to it?

[6:22] What is the secret of the Mirror of Fate? You'll have to play the game to find out. Of course.

[6:22] Again, he reminds us the game is out this fall.

[6:23] Moffitt is back onstage, thanking Cox for the Mirror of Fate demo.

[6:23] Now Moffitt cues a trailer for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

[6:23] We see Luigi fighting new ghost types in newer environments.

Here's another new 3DS game. Unfortunately, we didn't catch the title.

[6:24] A giant spider is shown, as is a doglike ghost.

[6:24] It looks like Luigi will have a tough task ahead of him in Dark Moon.

[6:24] Luigi now shown in an elevator, and of course…it breaks down! Spooky!

Luigi plays a bit of tug-of-war with a ghost.

[6:25] That's how the trailer ends. Really.

[6:25] Moffitt says, "It's a great game."

[6:25] Luigi has a new multicolored beam.

[6:25] It's out this fall at retail and will be sold through the 3DS eShop.

[6:26] Moffitt now welcomes Warren Spector to the stage. Spector is the head of Junction Point, which is making the new Epic Mickey game.

It's a-him! Luigi!

[6:26] Spector is talking about Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, which is not a port, he says.

[6:27] Developer Peter Ong now talking about the process of building the new Epic Mickey game.

[6:27] He's explaining the challenges of building the portable Epic Mickey game.

Warren Spector introduces the new 3DS Epic Mickey game.

[6:28] Spector says Ong and his team are big Disney fans and a perfect fit to develop the new Epic Mickey game.

[6:28] Ong says he played the first Epic Mickey game. That's a good thing!

[6:29] Ong now explaining the game's story. He says players will meet Minnie Mouse and other characters. There's also a mysterious witch, the same witch from the original game.

[6:29] The player's job will be to stop the witch and rescue other characters.

[6:30] Now a trailer for Power of Illusion. It shows Mickey and other familiar Disney characters.

Expect to see familiar faces.

[6:30] Players will paint and thin, using both the top and bottom screen of the 3DS.

[6:31] Power of Illusion is in development at Dreamrift. Ong says all developers at the studio are excited to work on the project.

[6:31] Power of Illusion is due out on the 3DS this holiday season.

[6:31] Spector now talking up the game, saying it's entirely different from the experience of the Disney Epic Mickey Wii game.

[6:32] Moffitt back onstage now. He thanks Spector and Ong.

[6:32] Moffitt now talking about Paper Mario: Sticker Star, the first franchise game to come to a portable device.

[6:33] Developer Nate Bihldorf is now onstage, demoing Sticker Star.

[6:33] He says the franchise holds a special place in his heart. He has worked on every game in the series, so he knows his stuff.

[6:34] In the demo, we're shown Mario stomping on Goombas, vanquishing them with ease.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is the first game in the series on a portable. Sorry Superstar Saga--you apparently don't count.

[6:34] Stickers will be a major focus of Sticker Star. They are the "bread and butter," he says.

[6:34] You will need stickers for everything, especially battling, he says.

[6:35] He's now showing off battling in Sticker Star. We're seeing Mario taking on three Goombas.

[6:35] The developer explains that players must pay attention at all times to succeed in the battles.

[6:36] Mario whips out a green shell and lays waste to the Goombas. They never even had a chance!

Sticker Star requires timed button presses during turn-based combat.

[6:36] Now he's showing off a number of items players will find in the gameworld, including a fan.

[6:37] The fan item has consequences. It wiped out Toad's garden, and he's shown sobbing. How sad!

Toad is despondent. Perhaps a sticker would cheer him up.

[6:37] The developer is using Flower stickers to bring new life to Toad's destroyed garden.

[6:37] And now Toad is happy! If only real life worked that way.

[6:38] He's now explaining that players will have an RPG experience, but it will be achieved in a "different way."

[6:38] Players must scour the gameworld to boost Mario's health and sticker catalog, the developer says.

[6:39] In the next part of the demo, Mario is shown throwing a collection of stickers at a wall. Including one weird cat sticker.

[6:40] Now Mario comes across a windmill. But there is no wind!

[6:40] So Mario grabs a fan sticker, which brings wind to the world and makes the windmill spin like wild.

[6:41] The developer won't go in the windmill because there are spoilers in there!

Stickers can be used to solve some puzzles.

[6:41] The demo is now back to the game's battle mode.

[6:42] Mario is again laying waste to a Goomba. This time he throws a hammer and a slaphammer. Brutal!

[6:42] And that's the end of the Paper Mario: Sticker Star demo.

[6:43] Moffitt is back onstage, saying Sticker Star has a "ton of surprise."

[6:43] The game launches this holiday season, and a trailer is in the eShop RIGHT NOW.

[6:43] Moffitt now introduces Kingdom Hearts.

[6:44] A trailer for the game plays, showing Mario and Pinocchio, among other Disney characters.

[6:44] Was that Olivia Wilde we just saw? From Tron? I think so.

[6:44] Players will fight some sort of elephant creature in the game, this much is clear.

Tron characters have found their way into Kingdom Hearts.

[6:45] Lots of color in this trailer. Color and fast-paced action.

[6:45] And that's a wrap on the Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance trailer.

[6:45] It will support the Circle Pad Pro accessory for the 3DS. And AR cards.

[6:46] It launches on July 31, and a demo is coming "soon" to the eShop.

[6:46] Now Moffitt is talking Scribblenauts Unlimited.

[6:47] It's the first time Scribblenauts has come to the 3DS.

[6:47] It works with StreetPass, the trailer confirms.

[6:47] "Imagine anything. Explore everything" is the game's tagline.

Did you ever wonder about Maxwell's story?

[6:47] There are a lot more adventures to come, Moffitt confirms.

[6:48] Now we see a sizzle reel of games. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and Transformers Prime: The Game are the first two shown.

[6:48] Rabbids Rumble is next up, followed by Heroes of Ruin, from Square Enix.

[6:48] And that's a wrap on the 3DS sizzle reel.

[6:49] Moffitt is now talking Pokemon Black and White 2, the two new games coming later this year.

[6:49] He has shifted to the eShop, which is now 1 year old.

[6:50] Users have bought an average of 4.7 games, he says.

[6:50] In North America alone, 70 percent of owners have connected their 3DS's to the Internet. Have you? Have you?!!

[6:50] Five eShop titles have been downloaded over 1 million times.

[6:51] Total Nintendo Videos in North America have reached more than 60 million in less than a year.

[6:51] The original series Threediots will premiere on the 3DS, he says.

[6:51] The trailer for Threediots is indeed very wacky.

[6:52] It looks almost like an FMV game, but it's a TV show.


[6:52] It's available on Nintendo Video right now, in case you want to go watch it.

[6:52] Moffitt now explaining the new Pokedex 3D Pro, which includes the data for all Pokemon.

[6:53] Moffitt explains that more 3DS demos are coming this summer.

[6:53] He's now talking the new Lego Batman game, DC Super Heroes. Players must team up to save Gotham City.

[6:54] A demo of the game will be available for the 3DS…right now!

[6:54] The Nintendo eShop is bridging the gap between packaged and digital games, Moffitt says.

[6:55] He's now explaining that New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be available for purchase at retail and via download on day one.

You can buy upcoming 3DS games in a retail store, or just download them from the eShop.

[6:55] Moffitt now turns it over to New Super Mario Bros. 2 developers, who are giving a live demo of the new game.

[6:55] The game is "all about coins," the developer explains.

[6:56] Tons of power-ups, "pitch-perfect platforming," and more will be found in the game.

[6:56] In the demo, Mario is shown running from left to right…

[6:56] Mario is now traversing a desert location. And he has just now picked up a golden flower, which essentially becomes King Midas.

The golden flower gives you the power to monetize everything in Mario's world. FINALLY.

[6:57] After players beat a level, a coin-rush mode appears.

[6:58] You have only one life in this game mode, so you need to be careful.

[6:59] He's now explaining that "it's a very simple concept" and that it's a very competitive way to play the new game.

[6:59] The entire single-player game is playable with a friend, the developer reveals.

[6:59] There was multiplayer in the original, but it was confined to a battle mode.

[7:00] Now we're seeing a live demo of co-op in the game. Mario has a tanooki suit, and he's flying all over the place.

[7:00] If players die or get left behind, they get placed into a bubble, like in past games.

[7:01] And that's a wrap on that demo. Moffitt is now back onstage. He says that game is a "ton of fun." I'm sensing a trend!

[7:01] The game will be playable in Nintendo's booth this week at E3.

Mario Bros. reunited.

[7:01] It launches August 19 as a packaged game and a digital download.

[7:02] He's now explaining that many more titles are launching in 2012. "Top quality" games, he says.

[7:02] Nintendo games, third-party games, and eShop content are all on the way.

[7:02] Reggie says he enjoyed the presentation, though it was a bit awkward.

[7:03] Moffitt thanks the audience and the third-party partners for attending.

[7:03] And that is a wrap on the presentation! Check back later for more.

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Eddie Makuch

Eddie Makuch is a news editor at GameSpot, and would like to see the Whalers return to Hartford.

really wish the 3ds could be used as a phone, until then, i am a no go


Its a shame. I was really hoping to see something new like "Super Psycho Mario Land", in which Mario feints to jump on his enemies heads before craftily gutting them with a knife :P


sucks that they didn't give any info on games we want


i hope they get some good new games out, because i am now getting one :P


I have to say that separate briefing was rather uninspiring......:(


It's not anything wrong w/ the games or anything per se, it's just the fact that clearly they didn't really give us anything we didn't already know.


Sorry N, I'm out.  I got hooked on IoS gaming and it costs a hell of a lot less and is more portable in terms of the device and not having to carry additional cartridges - not to mention there are some fun games.


Monster Hunter 3DS? Pikmin3DS? Super Marioland 3DS2? Professor Laytons 3DS? MIA :P


Please, all I want is a new advance wars


No Monster Hunter 3DS? But we get a game like Luigi's Mansion? No Thank you...


I was hoping there would be Adventure Time gameplay or even information about Fractured Soul, that game looks great but sadly has gone under the radar.


Can anyone please tell me when the Ice White 3DS is going to be released in the US?


Castlevania, Luigi's Mansion, Paper Mario, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Super Mario, Scribblenauts, Heroes of Ruins, awesome lineup of what's to come for the DS & 3DS. Hopefully we'll hear more about Fire Emblem 3D, Super Smash Bros. 3D, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn 2, Monster Hunter 4, Shin Megami Tensei IV, the Final Fantasy V & VI remakes, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, Contra 3D, The Conduit 3D, and Etrian Odyssey IV as the years passby.


All sounds good, but the Mario & Luigi titles will be top sellers from day one. Look forward to more info before release.


Well Fire Emblem was also announced that was coming soon, but yet again Nintendo refuses to talk about it, just like P100.


It was all simply gameplay of games we all ready knew existed.


E3 has never been Nintendo's biggest show, they are probably waiting for TGS which starts around september to reveal a lot more of their games for the systems


Nothing, nothing, and MORE NOTHING!  F****ing SWEET!


I can't wait to play Mario 27!  Cause that sh!t didn't get boring 16 years ago!


Loved the cheesy narration of the "blow-by-blow", Overall it doesn't seem like Nintendo showed anything new that they haven't already talked about earlier. I'm pretty happy that demos for most of these games are out, and I'll be sure to download and play those when I get the chance, but I think the two games I'm really looking forward to are Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Paper Mario: Sticker Star. I think Nintendo is using most of it's resources on the Wii U right now, though once that's launched I think they'll keep a much closer eye on the 3DS.


I still really wish that assassins creed3ds was not cancelled


KINGDOM HEARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


where is professor layton 5!!!


Huh, they didn't show anything new or groundbreaking for the 3ds.  What was the point of the show again Reggie?  it was nice to get Moffit as a Mii via Spot Pass, though.  Lost Reggie due to not knowing I would loose him once I transfered him to Mii Maker.


I liked how when they were playing through Super Mario Brothers 2, when Scott said monitize the world, he got a few chuckles from the crowd.  I'm sure some people here like myself understand why.


" A trailer for the game plays, showing Mario and Pinocchio, among other Disney characters." *cough* 


 @Sevenizz Agreed. Here is hoping someone makes some good FE, Advance War clones - it was the only stuff I had to play on the DS in the first place.


 @RikusTwilight Y'know I basically have resolved to figuring out that's when all the really good stuff and mind-blowing (hopefully) new content and details are going to emerge, for both the 3DS & Wii U.


 @DrKill09 I wish I could thumbs down comments like these but unfortunately they took out that option.




 @thenerd64FILL ME WITH THE POWER OF DARKNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is to say, I read your comment in Ansems voice.




 Luckily the world is big enough for the CoD games your mom buys for you, and my strategy rpgs and fighters. If you don't like a something, don't buy it. your opinions only matter to you, kiddo. you'll figure it out some day.


 @emperiox I bet you're twelve years old and beg your mommy to buy you CoD games every November. Seriously, your really egotistical and narcissistic, with that careless "I'm always right" attitude. The fact that you come to a page you don't like to troll like a 5 year old is pretty shallow.


 @emperiox Nintendo is clearly targeted at a generally younger audience. You ummm... called it? You genius, you... The fact is that Nintendo sells quite well. Please, predict my future with your magical powers.


 @emperiox Based on your comment, who are you to call ANYTHING childish or kiddy?


 @SoeroahI'm the person who has NEVER been wrong on Nintendo's business moves...THAT'S WHO I AM. All the stupid morons whiteknighting for Nintendo JUST got proved wrong yet again by me. So get your head out of fantasy land because Nintendo will clearly never change. They'll just keep whining rather then putting their money where their mouth is and actually rectifying the problems.




 All the financial problems going on in the world.  Just throw a bunch of money at it.  Print and print and print away, which is really only making it worse.


 @emperiox Maybe if you grew up with the NES and SNES before the N64 and GameCube, you would have more appreciation towards Nintendo's beginnings and, as a result, the impact they have on gaming today. I'm not a fanboy of Nintendo, nor of any console for that matter. I buy consoles for the games, not based on how well a company is doing financially, and so for you to to act like a wank basket because you personally hate Nintendo means you have way too much time on your hands. They're just video games, bub, not freakin' politics.


 @emperiox everyone plays these games, exactly how do would they widen their audience?  and I'm guessing you don't own a 3DS otherwise you'd know that it has plenty of great games like RE: Revelations, Kid Icarus Uprising, Super Mario 3D Land and many more.  and you're calling everyone fanboys, and "Nintendumb". let me guess, you enjoy Call of Duty?


 @skateryanboarde No, and I call Microsoft and Sony both mentally retarded for milking console exclusives like God of War, Gears of War, Halo, etc rather then spreading them around to the other consoles. I've never once claimed to hate fact my first 2 consoles with the N64 + Gamecube. Sadly, I'm frustrated in the fact that Nintendo won't actually make decent business decisions and they will fail because of it. The entire point of console exclusives is to push console sales which only works for about a year or two after a console's release. Any console exclusives after that time doesn't maximise profit. I'd rather see Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft do timed console exclusives...E.G. make a game for their console and then wait another year and release that IP on the other consoles. You're putting words into my mouth. The Wii-U is releasing for $350...that pretty much guarantees horrible Wii-U sales until they drop the price. I will admit, I'm a negative nancy though. Too easy to be skeptical when Nintendo just keeps doing the same fail tactics over and over.



 @emperiox So, you're trying to say that Nintendo is lame for milking their known successes, and that Sony and Microsoft aren't guilty of the same? Please... Hell, Sony and Microsoft have fewer first party and exclusive games than Nintendo anyway. Your rant is ridiculous. You sound like a butt-hurt, former fanboy/girl that caved to his/her friend's taunting about how he/she still enjoys playing Nintendo games while everyone else "grew up" and started playing X-Box and PlayStation. News Flash: Nintendo still makes fun games, and third parties still make fun games for Nintendo systems. They're not as frequent as they had been in past generations, but they're there. I have my doubts about how well they will do this generation too, but I'm not going to hold memorials services before we even see how well this plays out. Every generation is different. Who would have thought PlayStation would finish last in console sales after the PS2 became the highest selling console of all time? Who thought X-Box would come out on top in spite of its early popularity problems outside of the US? The next generation is wide open, and Nintendo can still surprise us. Quit being such a Negative Nancy.


 @emperiox I didn't think Nintendo reported quarterly, but the fact that they announced their first annual loss earlier this year does suggest some issues. However, I think the first quarterly operating loss they reported was in July, so there should be about four in a row there.


Nintendo does need to find a way to get back on track. I feel like they don't quite know their target audience, though. What they announced E3 was great news for casual gamers. But, by definition, casual gamers are the least likely to be paying attention to E3. Thus, all of us watching E3 didn't get anything out of it. Considering E3 is now journalist-only, it was a good business decision, announcing things to the wider market when the eyes of the world's media are focused on them, but long-time fans and gamers were mostly glossed over.


 @Soeroah I'm not disputing that those games aren't popular. However, this is like Nintendos 4th? straight quarterly loss I believe. Nintendo fans are already getting tired of seeing the same games over and over. As a result, Nintendo has been bleeding $$$.



 @emperiox I agree that more IPs is a good thing. However, a lot of the Mario, Zelda, Pokemon and Metroid games are very popular, and guaranteed to be a good business move for Nintendo.


The main issue I personally have with the conference today is that nothing NEW was shown. I'm excited for a number of those games, but I wish Nintendo actually revealed some new games, rather than just re-iterating things we already knew months ago.


 @Soeroah No, I merely pointed out the fact that literally the only IP's that Nintendo makes is Zelda, Mario, that Samus one, Poke'mon, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Super Smash Bros...etc (this is actually the first time that I've even insulted Nintendo + their naive fanbase). Nintendo can't expect to thrive on console exclusives, period. They aren't bad games or anything, they just need to broaden their base and stop milking those IP's. It's the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Milking doesn't work with console never has. If they brought Operation Rainfall to the PS3 + Xbox360 + PC they would finally turn a ridiculous profit. Here's the article where the President blames the 3ds sales on a stale game lineup...yet he clearly doesn't want to change it and improve the lineup because Nintendo still does the exact same thing judging by this years E3:





 @emperiox Did you always insult them, type in caps and act like a kid, though? It might not be that they have an issue with your dislike of Nintendo; it's probably more that no one appreciates being unfairly discriminated against for their opinions.


 @Soeroah Yeah well, the funny thing is that I was never taken seriously before and always get fanboy raged out yet I constantly prove the Nintendo fanboys wrong...hence me coming out and rubbing it in all the Nintendo fans' faces. I'm right. I'M ALWAYS RIGHT WHEN IT COMES TO NINTENDO. It's funny that you too call my childish when all the Nintendumb fans said the same thing.



 @emperiox I don't believe I mentioned anything about Nintendo. Just pointing out that if you want to be taken seriously when calling things childish, acting like a seven-year-old isn't a good way to go about it.