Nintendo Settles With Pirate

Nintendo announces that it's reached an agreement with a US retailer that sold video game copying devices in the US.

Thursday, Nintendo of America announced that it had reached a settlement with California-based retailer Games City, and has agreed to settle the litigation against it in US District Court.

Games City has agreed to permanently stop "all direct, contributory, and willful acts of infringement by advertising and distributing unauthorized copies of Nintendo video games and the 'Game Doctor' and the 'Doctor V64' video game copying devices."

The US District Court issued a restraining order against Games City in June after Nintendo filed the suit in May, ordering it to stop advertising, selling, importing, and distributing the devices that copy Nintendo software onto discs or CDs. As part of the settlement, Games City signed a Consent Judgment for $100,000 and agreed to a permanent injunction.

This is just the latest installment in Nintendo's pursuit of video game pirates, which is estimated to cost the video game industry billions of dollars in lost revenue each year.

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