Nintendo has 50 Unity games on the way to Wii U

The company also said it might add Unity support to the 3DS.


Nintendo has announced that it has over 50 games headed to Wii U that use the Unity Game Engine.

Nintendo was showing nine Unity games at GDC last week and said it has another 17 that will release within the next two months.

“And then, we have another fifty that are waiting in the wings,” Senior Manager of Marketing at Nintendo of America’s Licensing department Damon Baker told Siliconera. “So we’ve got a lot of Unity content on the way.”

The large number of Unity games headed to Wii U is the result of a deal Nintendo and Unity Technologies made in 2012. The deal gave Nintendo the right to distribute the Unity development platform to its in-house, external, and third party licensee developers.

Unity is one of the most popular game development tools among indie developers. Nintendo highlighted it during GDC in order to “demonstrate to developers how easy it is for them to bring their creative ideas to Nintendo systems," vice president of Licensing at Nintendo of America Steve Singer said.

Baker said that now that Unity on Wii U is finalized, Nintendo has had discussions and is definitely “looking at” adding Unity support to the Nintendo 3DS. “We’ve got a lot of developers that want to take advantage of it,” he told Siliconera. “So, we’re working towards that as well. But nothing to announce at this time.”

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