Nintendo believes Wii U can succeed against Xbox One, PS4 this holiday

Senior communications director says company feels "good about where we stack up" as next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony come to market.


Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Nintendo is not afraid of going toe-to-toe with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this holiday season, telling GameSpot today that the Wii U can thrive because of its suite of new and exclusive software.

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Asked if Nintendo believes it stands to see a difficult holiday season against the new competition, senior communications director Charlie Scibetta said, "The short answer is no."

"If you're a consumer going in and you have these options; we know what the price points are now from the competitors, we know what the games are from the competitors; and we know now what the Wii U is going to offer," Scibetta said. "We feel good about where we stack up. It's the software that's going to motivate them."

The Wii U has gotten off to a slow start, Scibetta admitted, but said just as the 3DS picked up steam when key first-party titles came to market, so can the Wii U.

"We saw with the Nintendo 3DS, it got off to a slow start, but then when software started rolling in, sales have done really well," he said.

Earlier today, Nintendo announced marquee Wii U titles launching this year, including Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (December) and Super Mario 3D World (November). Mario Kart 8 will launch during spring 2014.

The Wii U has struggled thus far, selling 3.45 million units worldwide to date.

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