Ninja Gaiden Walkthrough

Our walkthrough offers a wealth of strategies, including lists of weapons, ninpo, and items available to you, and a complete walkthrough for the campaign. You'll also find out the location of every golden scarab and how to unlock the classic Ninja Gaiden games.

By Bob Colayco and Greg Kasavin
Design by Collin Oguro

So you want to be a ninja? Tecmo hasn't released a Ninja Gaiden game since the heyday of the 8-bit NES. The original was among the most difficult action games ever made. The Xbox version of Ninja Gaiden continues the series' fine tradition of challenge and fast, fluid action. Hopefully after reading this guide, you'll realize that Ninja Gaiden isn't as impossibly difficult as it may seem at first.

The GameSpot game guide to Ninja Gaiden includes basic strategies for combat, tips on using (and finding) every weapon and item in the game, a full walk-through, and a section on finding and unlocking the game's secrets.


The block button is your friend. Blocking gives you 360 degrees of protection from most standard attacks. If an enemy sneaks up behind or on the side of you as you're attacking something else, you can instantly interrupt your combo and protect yourself by pressing and holding the block button. In short, anytime in combat that you're not attacking, moving, jumping, or otherwise doing something purposeful, you should have your left index finger firmly planted on the block button. Just beware that if you block too long against certain enemies, they will use throws and other unblockable attacks to break through. Learning how to balance the desire for longer, more damaging combos versus the need to conserve your health is a big key to success in the game.

Get familiar with the "Reverse Wind" roll maneuver. The nice thing about blocking is that you're not rendered immobile. You can roll in any direction if you tap the left analog stick while blocking, and you're pretty much invulnerable as you execute the maneuver. Only for a split second as you finish the maneuver are you susceptible to damage. Rolling is a great way to dodge attacks--the best way, in fact--or to simply move to a more advantageous position in battle. Furthermore, you may cancel out of Ryu's block stun animation (you'll see him stagger for a moment as he deflects an enemy attack) by executing a roll. This can make the roll a powerful tool in your offensive repertoire. Try immediately rolling towards your foe just as you deflect an attack. Oftentimes, you'll find yourself standing face to face with and ready to strike at an enemy caught in mid-recovery.

Kick them while they're down. If you can knock an enemy down, finish him off quickly. Approach his body and press the Y button while facing him. You'll administer a coup-de-grace move, slaying the foe instantly. Alternatively, you may use jumping attacks or standard attacks to keep hitting a fallen foe until it's dead. Anytime you let an enemy get back up off the ground you're not doing yourself a favor.

Press Y in mid-jump for extra height and hangtime. In midair, you can execute a devastating downward strike by pressing the Y button. As an additional advantage, this attack causes you to move a bit farther forward and upward than you normally could while jumping. Use this technique to help you reach those far-away platforms, or just to give yourself a little more time in the air if the situation looks bad on the ground.

Use walls. Your off-the-wall jumping attacks are some of the strongest moves available. Furthermore, wall running is faster than regular running. When fighting in enclosed spaces, remember that the walls can help you rather than seal you in. Try wall running to duck out of a dangerous situation, and use off-the-wall slashes to quickly deal big damage to nearby enemies, including bosses.

Read your technique scrolls as soon as you get them. The ones you get early on, especially the counterattacks and the izuna drop, are particularly vital techniques that you'll be using throughout the game. The izuna drop may be purchased from the blacksmith's shop for a relatively low price starting in Chapter 3. This relatively inexpensive technique is one of the best ways of dispatching the standard foes you'll face throughout the game.

Essence is essential. There are three types of essence in the game: Yellow, which is used for currency at the shop; blue, which restores some of your health; and red, which restores a unit of your ki. There is only one type of red essence orb, but yellow and blue come in several sizes--the larger, the better. You will automatically absorb any essence orbs in the area by standing relatively close to it. Essence disappears after a little while, so be sure to collect it before that happens. Also note that essence will not be absorbed if you're blocking. If you're being harassed by multiple enemies and you desperately need the blue essence orb floating nearby, try quickly toggling the block button; if you let up your guard for just a split second, the essence nearby will come flying to you. The secondary purpose if essence is to charge up your ultimate attacks, which are generally executed by pressing and holding the Y button. This will cause up two free-floating essence orbs in the vicinity to be absorbed by your weapon. The resulting ultimate attack will be much stronger than usual, and as an added benefit, foes killed by this attack will drop larger-than-usual essence orbs. Be careful, though, because essence orbs absorbed by your weapon do not confer their standard benefits to you, and if you're struck by an enemy while charging up, you'll lose your charge.

Basics - cont.

Don't forget your counterattacks. Early on in the game, you learn counterattack techniques, which are performed simply by pressing the X or Y button while blocking, just as you deflect an enemy attack. Counterattacks vary per weapon. For example, using the nunchuka, you'll counter by kicking the opponent into midair, setting up a juggle combo, whereas you'll counter with the war hammer by taking one massive swipe. Nevertheless, what all counterattacks have in common is that they are powerful and effective. If your foes have you on the defensive, remember to use these useful maneuvers.

Go easy on the health potions. You don't necessarily want to use an elixir when you see your health drop to half-a-bar. Once you're comfortable with combat and you're able to dispatch basic enemies with relative ease, you'll find that some of them will drop health essence to heal you. If you can survive most encounters cleanly, you should be able to gain health for free. For the most part, you want to try and save precious health potions for boss encounters.

Conserve your devil elixirs also. If you're in an area with magic-using enemies, you can probably refresh your ki by killing one of them instead of using a precious elixir.

Bats are pure gold. If you find yourself very low on spiritual elixirs, but you're about to square off against a tough boss opponent, then you may wish to backtrack to an area in which enemies constantly respawn each time you enter that area. Killing those foes usually yields yellow essence, with which you can buy the equipment you need. The best areas for earning fast money are those areas where flocks of relatively harmless bats attack you (there are a number of such areas throughout the game). Take out the first couple of bats with your shurikens, then use a fully charged ultimate attack to kill droves of others. Each will then drop a nice, big yellow essence orb. Repeat as necessary. After a good 10 or 15 minutes worth of this, you should have tons of cash saved up so that you can buy the maximum number of spiritual elixirs and go into battle well prepared.

Ninpo magic is the ace up your sleeve. You can often use your spells as a finishing move to take off that last, stubborn portion of a boss' health bar (watch out, though, because some bosses will dodge or otherwise avoid your magical attacks). What's nice is that your ki is often refilled between chapters, though it costs you bonus points in the score screen to have an empty ki meter. Don't waste ninpo against regular enemies if you can help it, though ninpo is very useful in situations against swarming enemies.

Use your map--you can bring it up quickly by pressing the black button. The in-game map keeps track of the doors you have already opened (marked with blue), and the doors you haven't opened yet (yellow). If you're ever stuck and are not sure where to go, examining the map can reveal a door that you haven't explored yet.

Search the dead ninjas you find lying around the landscape. Though at times they only offer background information, in many cases you will find useful items like elixirs, or even weapons and technique scrolls.

Upgrade your weapons at every opportunity. Whenever you enter a store, immediately check the blacksmith options and see if it's possible to strengthen one of your weapons. The essence you earn as currency should be spent on weapons upgrades as a top priority, with spiritual elixirs, ninpo, and technique scrolls as a close secondary priority.

Trade in your golden scarabs for items, by using the talk function at the shop menu. Muramasa gives you useful stuff in exchange for the pretty beetles.

Interact with the environment. As you search through areas, you'll come across parts of the environment that you can act upon. Sometimes Ryu won't find anything useful, but from time to time, you can stumble across an important clue that will help you progress through a map. The Kunai scrolls also offer helpful hints.

Use first-person look mode to line up your jumps. Lining up jumps can sometimes be tricky, but the easiest way to do it is to use the right thumbstick to go into first-person mode and aim at your target. This way, you are always pressing straight up as you make your run and leap.


Melee Weapons

Dragon Sword

Max level: 3
Location: You start the game with it.

This is the standard sword you start out with, offering a good balance of power and speed for decent-length combos. Its power ramps up nicely as the game progresses, so if you wanted to, you could go through the entire game using just the dragon sword. In fact, in most situations the dragon sword is the preferred weapon of choice.

Wooden Sword

Max level: 7
Location: You can buy this from Muramasa's shop starting in Chapter 2.

The wooden practice sword doesn't offer much power at all at the low levels. But if you upgrade it all the way it becomes the Unlabored Flawlessness, a bludgeoning weapon of great power.


Max level: N/A
Location: On a dead ninja in the clock tower plaza of Chapter 4.

The nunchaku is a great weapon for engaging multiple enemies surrounding you. It's very quick to wield; once you get skilled at using nunchaku, you can string an extremely high number of attacks together. It also has some awesome sound effects, seemingly ripped straight out of Bruce Lee's classic film Enter the Dragon. Unfortunately this weapon is lacking in terms of power, so you'll have a hard time beating enemies quickly. It can't be upgraded either.

Vigoorian Flail

Max level: 2
Location: Chapter 6 below the Monastery, in the Tomb of the Eons.

This weapon is similar to the nunchaku, but slightly more powerful, and slightly less quick to wield. It's also nice because it allows for one upgrade to give it a little bit more punch. If you're looking for a weapon that's a little more fluid and stylish than the swords, but doesn't compromise too much in power, try the vigoorian flail.

War Hammer

Max level: 2
Location: Chapter 8, in the ruins of the monastery, along the wall to the left and front of the altar.

The war hammer is the first heavy weapon you'll get your hands on. Unlike the sword, you can't chain together many slashes for big combos, but it will hit for big damage, killing lesser enemies in just one or two strikes. If you prefer a more heavy handed approach to combat, the war hammer will give it to you.


Max level: 3
Location: Any of the game's blacksmith kiosks. The blacksmith, Muramasa, gives you this weapon after you bring him 20 golden scarabs.

Spear Gun

Max level: N/A
Location: On a dead ninja's body near Muramasa's kiosk in Chapter 11.

The spear gun is technically not a melee weapon, but must be equipped instead of one. It is used primarily for combat with the game's occasional underwater foes, and is very effective at this. The spear gun auto-acquires targets (just look in the direction of your foe and fire away), has unlimited ammo, fires fairly rapidly, and deals good damage. As an added bonus, the spear gun works well against flying enemies. If you find yourself short on arrows and need to get rid of some pesky airborne opponents, don't forget about the spear gun.


Max level: N/A
Location: Chapter 12, after the fight with Doku.

True Dragon Sword

Max level: N/A
Location: Chapter 13, when you reach the Hayabusa Village's graveyard.

Unlabored Flawlessness

Max level: N/A
Location: Any blacksmith kiosk. Fully upgrade your wooden sword to get this heavy weapon.

Dark Dragon Blade

Max level: N/A
Location: Chapter 13, inside Muramasa's shop, on your second time through the game.

Projectile Weapons and Armlets


Location: You start the game with these.

Or "ninja stars" as they're sometimes called. You start the game with these basic throwing stars. You have an unlimited amount of them, and you can throw up to four of them very quickly. They're mostly good for taking down small vermin like bats, but they can be used to slow down oncoming enemies in a pinch (though most enemies cannot be damaged by them), or extend a combo attack. Furthermore, they can chip away at certain boss monsters' health bars over time.


Location: At the base of the door, opposite the room with the shop in Chapter 2.

The bow packs a lot more power than the shuriken, but you can only carry up to 15 arrows at a time, and your rate of fire is pretty slow. You can fire automatically at a nearby target just by just pressing the B button, and the computer is usually pretty good about aiming. If you simply tap the left analog stick while holding down B, you can aim manually from a first-person viewpoint, but doing so slows you down even more. Pressing the right shoulder button while aiming causes your view to zoom in slightly. The arrow will always fly upwards and slightly to the left of where it appears onscreen when draw back for a shot, though it will arc down over the course of its flight. You'll need to get a feel for the manual aiming, since there's no targeting reticle.

Windmill Shuriken

Location: On a ledge above a narrow alley across from Han's Bar in Chapter 4.

Reminiscent of Yuffie's oversized shuriken in Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VII, and a throwback to a special weapon from the classic Ninja Gaiden games, the windmill shuriken is a four-pointed monster of a throwing star. It flies out a short to medium distance in front of Ryu, and returns directly back to his hand along the same path. The windmill shuriken does a decent amount of damage compared to its smaller cousin, sometimes killing a weaker enemy outright. Unfortunately, enemies can usually block it, and it doesn't seem to damage enemies on the return path.

Incendiary Shuriken

Location: The archives room of the Monastery in Chapter 6.

You'll first come across these weapons when they're used against you by the ninjas in Tairon. Think of the incendiary shuriken as grenade darts - you can stick one onto an enemy, and it will eventually explode for a good amount of damage. They're also useful for breaking open new passageways.


Location: The second-story room across the street from the Military Gate in Chapter 8.

You'll exchange your standard bow for the more-powerful strongbow at a certain point in the game. It is functionally similar to the standard bow, but fires arrows in a perfectly straight line, like a laser beam. It may also be used to fire more-powerful explosive arrows and APFSDS cores, which you will initially find, and may later purchase from the blacksmith. As with the standard bow, you may only carry a maximum of 15 arrows at a time with the strongbow. Likewise, you may fire either automatically just by pressing B, or manually from a first-person perspective.

Explosive Arrows

Location: In a box outside the warehouse in Chapter 9.

These are an optional ammo type for use with the strongbow, and the game treats them as a separate projectile weapon type. They function identically to standard arrows, and you may only carry up to 15 of them at a time. However, they are much more damaging than standard arrows, and may deal damage even to targets that would normally be impervious to bow attacks.


Location: In a box inside the warehouse in Chapter 9.

Armor-piercing, fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) cores are used as ammunition for main battle tanks... as well as Ryu's strongbow! These are the strongest projectile weapons in the game, more powerful than even the explosive arrows. You may carry no more than 15 APFSDS cores at a time, but each one may penetrate multiple targets along its linear trajectory. Great for shish kabobbing multiple foes, and powerful against certain bosses. They are functionally similar to other arrows.


Armlet of the Sun

Location: Can be purchased for 5000 essence at Muramasa's shop.

When equipped, Ryu can do a little bit extra damage.

Armlet of the Moon

Location: Can be purchased for 5000 essence at Muramasa's shop.

When equipped, Ryu has somewhat more damage resistance.

Armlet of Benediction

Location: Gifted from Muramasa's shop in exchange for 15 golden scarabs.

"An armlet emblazoned with the figure of a goddess. When equipped, it increases Yellow Essence absorption."

If you're looking to gather up funds to buy a big ticket item, or tank up on elixirs at Muramasa, equip this armlet.

Armlet of Fortune

Location: Gifted from Muramasa's shop in exchange for 30 golden scarabs.

"An armlet emblazoned with the figures of two elephants. When equipped, it increases Ki power build-up."

Armlet of Tranquility

Location: Gifted from Muramasa's shop in exchange for 40 golden scarabs.

"An armlet engraved with the picture of an angel. When equipped, it gradually replenishes Ryu's health."

You can't go wrong wearing this armlet, as it causes Ryu to gradually regenerate his health. The health regeneration is slow, so don't expect it to save you in the middle of an intense battle. But if you find yourself low on spiritual elixirs, you'll always have the option to stand around and let your wounds mend themselves. Also, the Armlet of Tranquility cancels out the health-draining properties of the Kitetsu sword.


The Art of the Fire Wheels

Location: Chapter 2, at the Altar on your way to the Hayabusa Village

This ability was also in the original Ninja Gaiden games on the NES. Balls of flame circle around you for a few seconds. Any enemies that get within melee distance of you become engulfed in flame, and continue to burn for a few seconds. Unfortunately, the effect seems a little too brief--in most cases you're better off saving your ki for a different Ninpo.

The Art of the Inferno is arguably the most useful ninpo, and you get it early.

The Art of the Inferno

Location: Purchase this from Muramasa's shop starting in Chapter 2 for 1000 essence

This ninpo is arguably the most useful one in the game. Activate this spell and you'll go into a brief casting animation before you unleash a large fireball upon a target. The fireball can ignite several enemies standing close together. It's very effective on most mini-bosses and boss characters, and you're invulnerable while you're in the casting animation. The only downside is that some bosses can dodge the attack during the casting time.

The Art of the Ice Storm

Location: On a dead ninja in the Great Corridor of Chapter 7.

This ice-based spell creates a whirlwind in a small radius around you, damaging or killing anything nearby. Obviously it's best used when you're surrounded by multiple enemies, but that small range limits its usefulness in most situations.

The Art of the Inazuma

Location: After your first fight with the electric eel in Chapter 10.

A lightning-based attack that can attack multiple enemies and destroy them. This ninpo is as good or arguably better than the Art of the Inferno. Ryu does a short casting animation, and then rises into the air and strikes out with lightning in multiple directions to fry all enemies in the vicinity.


You'll be drinking these like water.

Elixir of Spiritual Life

Cost: 500 Maximum Capacity: 10 These serve as your basic healing potion. They restore a portion of your life bar. Later in the adventure, as Ryu's life bar increases and his enemies grow more powerful, it may require multiple spiritual elixirs to mend Ryu's wounds. Fortunately, the effects of the elixir are instantaneous.

Great Spirit Elixir

Cost: 5000 Maximum Capacity: 5 A super-sized healing potion that restores all of your health bar. Save these for when you have but a sliver of life remaining--or simply not enough to withstand another powerful attack from your foe. The effects of the elixir are instantaneous.

Elixir of the Devil Way

Cost: 2000 Maximum Capacity: 5

These red elixirs restore one unit of ki, allowing you to cast one more ninpo. You'll find a decent number of these along the way, but chances are you'll want to save up for use against bosses and mini-bosses.

Great Devil Elixir

Cost: 10000 Maximum Capacity: 3

These elixirs are analogous to the Great Spirit Elixir; they restore all empty units of ki. They're not common at all, so save them up for when you're entirely spent.

Talisman of Rebirth

Cost: 15000 Maximum Capacity: ?

These useful items act much like an extra life. If you're carrying one of them and you get killed in combat, the Talisman of Rebirth will automatically revive you and restore your full health bar.

Life of the Gods

Cost: N/A

Collect nine of these, and Ryu's health bar will be extended. You'll find them scattered around the world in chests. You can also get one from Muramasa by trading in your first golden scarab.

Finding these items is extremely helpful.

Lives of the Thousand Gods

Cost: N/A

These precious items extend your life bar. As soon as you pick one up, go into your inventory to use it.

Spirit of the Devils

Cost: N/A

These red gems extend your ki meter by one unit. Like the Lives of the Thousand Gods, you need to go into your inventory to activate it manually.

Jewel of the Demon Seal

Cost: N/A

This item allows you to level up one of your ninpo. Choose wisely, or perhaps even hoard these up for a while until you decide which ninpo you like best.


This walk-through assumes you are playing at the normal difficulty level.

Chapter 1: The Way of the Ninja

Valley of Shadows

You begin the game at the bottom of a canyon next to a waterfall and a gentle stream. Run along the left wall of the canyon, jump over the gap, and finally reach a sheer wall in front of you. Run up the wall by jumping at it and holding the A button down. Ryu will grasp the ledge. Mantle over to the right, pull yourself up, and grab the Elixir of Spiritual Life from the chest on the right. Directly opposite the chest, is another sheer rock face. Run up it as before and pull yourself up the ledge. Run up the tree trun to another ledge where you'll be ambushed by a pair of brown ninjas. Dispatch these guys.

Triangle jump here to ascend into the Ninja Fortress.

Wall run over to the next ledge, where you'll find another chest with an Elixir of Spiritual Life. In front of you is a horizontal tree branch. Jump to it, and then vault over to the square-shaped cave entrance. Over to your right you'll find a ledge right next to a wall studded with wooden beams. Run up that wall and back flip on to the ledge. Three ninjas will ambush you from the end of the hall near a couple of big jars. Take them out, and smash open the jars for some essence. There should be a small alcove near the jars. You can triangle jump (jump back and forth from wall to wall) within that alcove until you pop out of a hole in the courtyard of the Ninja Fortress.

Ninja Fortress

Walk toward the burning torchieres, and take out the pair of brown ninjas that pop out. Run up the stairs and into the door at the end. You'll be in a small storeroom with many big jars and a trio of brown ninjas. After you're done clearing the room, open the chest near the shelves for yet another Elixir of Spiritual Life. If you look carefully at the corner opposite the chest you'll see some circular scratch marks on the floor at the base of the wall. It's a secret door; use it.

This elixir is placed in a somewhat tricky spot.

You're now locked in a small yellow room. More brown ninjas ambush you. Get rid of them to unlock the doors. Go into the sliding door opposite the secret door you entered from. You find yourself in a narrow hallway. Go check out the statue in the small room at the top of your screen. It's missing something. On your way out of the room, grab one Elixir of Spiritual Life on the shelves, and another Elixir of Spiritual Life at the base of the doorway, opposite the statue. Swivel the camera around to get a better view of the latter if you need to.

Go back past the door you came in, to a blind corner, where you'll be ambushed by three brown ninjas. Clear them out, then enter the door at the top of the stairs. You're in what appears to be a training room. Take out all the ninjas here, and open the chest in between the floor lamps for a Lives of the Thousand Gods. Go into your menu and use this item immediately as it extends your life bar. Check out the alcove where a sword stand rests on the floor. Hack the wall scroll behind it to reveal a secret opening. Go in.

Chapter 1 - cont.

Watch out for the trap door here, and hack the wall scroll behind it to find a doorway.

This room will be your first encounter with the tougher white ninjas, who employ longer attack combos than the brown ninjas and are tougher to beat. There are a lot of ninjas that spawn in, so be mindful of your health bar. You can clear the ninjas out, but everytime you re-enter this room, they'll come back. Be careful of the discolored spot on the ground on the elevated part of the room. It's a trap door that you'll need to fall down, but you don't want to do it yet. Find the wall scroll behind the trap door and hack it to reveal another secret opening. Go in and you'll see your first save point on the right. Save your game.

Go back into the endless ninja-room and drop down that trap door. You'll end up in the underground storehouse, next to a torchiere and a bunch of jars. Break those jars and you'll find a chest behind them with a Great Spirit Elixir. Start making your way out of the cave. You'll run into some bats, but you can take these out easily with your shuriken. On your way out you'll see a chest on the left side with the Fangs of the Samurai. These belong in that statue you saw earlier. Break the torchieres blocking the entrance to the cave and get back up.

Don't miss this chest on your way back down.

You'll end up on a wooden walkway. Make your way along it until you reach a blind corner where, you guessed it, you get jumped by a couple of ninjas. Take these guys out and enter the doorway at the end of the walkway. Before hopping down the hole, look to your left and open the chest. You'll get a Talisman of Rebirth. Hop down the hole and you'll end up in that familiar training room, just before the room full of endless ninjas. Backtrack away from there, and find the statue holding the key. Put the fangs back in the statue to receive the Key of Courage.

Now head back toward the save point. You don't have to fight all the ninjas in that room if you don't want to. You can just run through and into the other hole, but try not to fall into the trapdoor again. Save your game again -- you're heading toward the boss. Hopefully you still have a couple Elixirs of Spiritual Life left, or at the very least, your Great Spirit Elixir and the Talisman before you head up there.

Run up the stairs to an outdoor walkway. Eliminate the two white ninjas and continue on up to the inner sanctum. Open the door with your key, and enter the foyer. You'll have to take out six of those white ninjas before fighting the boss.

Use the walls against Murai.

Boss Fight: Murai

Murai wields nunchaku. Fighting him toe to toe is a bad idea, as he can block most of your combos, and will punish you with his own. He's also got a nasty throw where he pins you on the ground and smacks you with his nunchaku. The key to beating Murai is using Ryu's wall attacks. Run up the wall, jump, then attack to try to bring Ryu's powerful downward slashes upon Murai. Run away after each hit and set up your next attack. The jar in the back of the room contains an Elixir of Spiritual Life, so if you get a chance to lure Murai near the door, you can wall run back there and snag it. The battle against Murai ends automatically once his health is reduced to about 15 percent.

Chapter 2: The Hayabusa Ninja Village

Touch the altar to get your first ninpo.

You can talk to Murai if you like, and he'll give you a couple pointers about fighting. Once you're done with that, exit the Ninja Fortress. Run all the way back the way you entered (the endless ninja room won't spawn any ninjas this time around), jump down the hole and back out to the canyon. But instead of running up along the left wall of the canyon, stay on the low path to the right. It eventually winds around to a small altar, where you'll receive the ninpo Art of the Fire Wheels. Go down the elevator.

Mountain Path

Run out and around the path. There's a ledge in front of you with a chest. Wall run along the left and leap off at the end of your run to reach the ledge. Open the chest for an Elixir of the Devil Way. Walk down toward the forest, where you'll be jumped by a trio of samurai. These enemies are much more adept at blocking than the ninjas from before. Mix in some more aerial attacks. Keep making your way down a path, until you slide down an incline. If you jump just before you reach the end you can vault over a series of tree branches. If you miss, you'll fall in a small pond.

Run across the surface of the water to get a very important item.

It doesn't make much difference either way--you'll end up having to fight more samurai in a clearing, along with a fireball-throwing samurai who floats around and teleports. Sometimes he'll teleport next to you and attack with a pair of sai. Block this combo, then unleash your own quick combo to kill him. Go up the ladder of the watch tower and open the chest to receive a Map of Hayabusa Village. Keep running down the path and jump across the broken bridge into the river.

Pull yourself up on the opposite landing, and turn around to see a small alcove on the opposite bank, amidst the broken pilings. Get a running start, than tap A quickly to run across the surface of the water. Open the chest for a Life of the Gods. Go back across the river and jump up to find a save point. Save your game. Run up the stairs to enter Hayabusa Village.

Hayabusa Village

The statue's missing head is behind this dead ninja at the end of the street.

Make your way to the left, around a building and find a dead ninja. Search him for an Elixir of Spiritual Life. Go back to the gate, and notice the row of statues next to it. One of the statue heads is missing. Run up the right side to a small shack and example the large stone. After that you'll get attacked by more samurai. Kill them all, then make your way down the center of town. Just past another ninja body, you should find a statue head. Go back to the row of statues and place it back on its body to receive a Life of the Gods.

Chapter 2 - cont.

Run up these ledges to get inside the building.

Near the center of the row of buildings you should find a wall with a low ledge that you can run up on. Run up a couple of ledges and into an open window. Drop down the hole into an armory. Grab the Elixir of Spiritual Life and Elixir of the Devil Way on the shelves, then pick up the bow on the ground next to the door. Before leaving, examine the statue of the old man on the back wall of the room. This is your first chance to use Muramasa's shop. You should have earned enough essence by now to buy the Art of the Inferno ninpo. Do so now, and spend some extra on Elixirs of Spiritual Life if you think you'll need it. This is the last opportunity for you to stock up before the boss.

Go outside and you'll be attacked by more samurai. Take them out. One of the dead ninja bodies outside has arrows you can take. Make your way around the alley and into a round courtyard, where you'll take on some mounted samurai. One is armed with a bow, and rides around in circles, firing arrows. The other is armed with a pike and is a much bigger threat. If you're careless, you can get skewered and slammed around by him. You'll face a total of four horsemen, but never more than two at a time.

Ignore the bow-armed horseman for now and concentrate on the one with the pike. Try to keep the camera facing the pikeman; as he charges you, hold down the Y button and charge up and ultimate attack. Let loose as the horseman gets closer and you'll slice through the horse, warping behind it. Keep combo attacking there. Repeat the process a couple of times and eventually the horseman will be thrown from his mount, and you can easily defeat the footsoldier. Another pike-armed horseman will arrive. Kill him the same way, and finally another bow-armed rider will join the first. They're riding around you in a circuit, so you can attempt to use the same technique, or you can let loose with your Art of the Inferno ninpo attack. The fireball will instantly throw the riders from their mounts.

Jump over the debris that isn't flaming anymore and find the save point on the other side. Save your game here, because the boss fight is next. You can explore the cemetery up the slope to your left, but there isn't all that much to do up there. Go to the right and you'll find another dead ninja with a Great Spirit Elixir. Walk out onto the bridge to start the boss fight.

Boss Fight: Mounted Samurai

Charge up your ultimate attack and strike just as the horseman approaches you.

The armor-clad horseman is accompanied by a number of magic-wielding samurai. If you kill the magic users, they'll just respawn, so don't waste too much time on them. However, know that they'll drop life-restoring blue essence if killed, so try taking some of these guys out if you need a life boost. As with the horseman before, you want to use your ultimate attacks as the horseman charges you. Jumping attacks are also effective. Try to avoid cornering yourself and be careful about running up behind your foe, as he will often whip about to face you, nailing you for big damage with his spear. In general, you cannot afford to stand still too long, as the magic samurai will nail you with fireballs. Timing is key. If you really want to get fancy, you can try killing a couple of the magic samurai first, but leave their essences floating. Charge up an ultimate attack, and the essences will strengthen it, allowing you to unleash a vicious combo on the rider. After you kill him, grab the technique scroll for counter attacks and exit the gate on the other side of the bridge.

Chapter 3: Skies of Vengeance

Living Quarters

You start off in a small room in the living quarters of a large airship. Save your game at the save point, and grab the Elixir of the Devil Way. Go out into the hall and into the room opposite the one you started in for an Elixir of Spiritual Life. Check the next room on the left for a chest that contains the airship map. Soldiers burst in after you grab it. The white clad soldiers are weaker than the dark-armored soldiers who wield the shields. Both are armed with pistols and swords, and both have nasty grapple moves that they use on you if you block too much. Kill them, get back into the hallway, and check the last room in the right for another Elixir of Spiritual Life. As you reach the end of the hallway, you'll get ambushed by more soldiers. Take them out, and grab the Wing Key, which you can use to open the nearby door.

Main Deck

Don't miss the galley room and its Life of the Gods item.

You'll find two spiral staircases leading down. The one on the right, or starboard side leads to the fore cabin, where you'll find a save point. The one on the left leads to a shop. Now might be a good time to buy an upgrade for your Dragon Sword, if you can afford the essence. Save your game if you like, then head past the staircases where you'll find a locked double door with rooms on either side. Head to the left first and enter the galley, where you'll find a chest with a Life of the Gods. Go back around toward the right and enter a small office. Go through the next door into the crew compartment for another battle. After you kill all the soldiers, head into the next door where you'll end up in a carpeted hallway. You can't go in the gray door at the stern, so go into the wooden door which leads to the captain's room. Grab the golden scarab by the window, take the map of Tairon by the desk, and then read the junior officer's log on the desk. It gives you a clue about how to get past the gray door out in the hall. Head down the elevator.

Fore Deck

Run around the consoles to another elevator on the starboard side. Go down again to reach the bridge room where you'll have another fight on your hands. Once everyone's dead, pick up the ID card in the center of the room, then enter the file room area in the back of the bridge. Open the chest inside for a Life of the Gods. Make your way back up the elevator and to the room in the foredeck where you found the second save point. Save your game there, then continue past it toward the middle cabin.

Middle Cabin and Aft

Use your bow against these enemies before moving across.

There are some arrows in a box to your left. Smash open the crates at the back for some essence, then wind the crank you find there to lower the bay door. Soldiers will jump in the room before you're done winding. Kill them, then continue lowering the door. There's only one way to the aft portion and that's by using the rope on the ceiling along the port side of the airship. Before you can use that though, switch to your bow and take out the two soldiers on the opposite end. Jump up onto the rope and move hand over hand down to the aft portion of the ship. Run around and take out one more soldier at the very rear. You can't enter the door there, but you should find a broken window at the starboard side you can jump into. Smash up the machinery inside until the dialog box pops up that says all the ship's locks are disabled. Go back to the Living Quarters.

Chapter 3 - cont.

Living Quarters

Get on this high stack of crates in order to reach the back of the room where the goodies are.

There was a door you couldn't open earlier in the living quarters that should be accessible now that you have the ID card. Enter it, and you'll find yourself in a room full of cargo crates. Jump over the low crates on the right side to reach the middle area. Go left and jump onto those crates until you make your way onto the high double stack of brown crates directly opposite the door. From there, jump to the high crates toward the back of the room. Once you're in back, you'll find a golden scarab on the floor, and two chests. One has an Elixir of the Devil Way, and the other has a Talisman of Rebirth. Exit the room and go back to the shop. If you didn't do so earlier, upgrade your sword to level two. Alternatively you could pick up an armlet, or just tank up on elixirs. Save your game in the Fore Cabin, as this will be your last chance to do so before the boss.

Remember that gray door near the captain's quarters you couldn't open earlier? It's open now. Go inside, head up the metal stairs, and take out the soldiers up there. Face back toward the stairs and notice the metal wall on the right. Run up it and fight the soldiers up there. See the big box on the left side? Climb on top of it. You should be able to run up the side of the wall and backflip up to a secret catwalk area that has a golden scarab. Jump back down, and run along the catwalk back towards the rear of the airship. You'll find a chest with a Great Spirit Elixir. Jump across the platforms to the next group of soldiers and take them out. Go all the way to the back and to the right and wall jump onto the stack of boxes. Use the wall of the airship to backflip onto a yet higher catwalk. Kill the two soldiers up there and find a small alcove with a ladder. Before climbing it, triangle jump up the hole into a walkway about halfway up the ladder. Walk around and flip the switch to unlock the hatch. Jump down and climb the ladder for the boss fight.

Boss Fight: Cyborg

Don't stand too close or he'll grab you.

The key to this boss is controlling your distance from him. You don't want to stand too far, or he shoots you repeatedly with his laser gun. You can try dodging these shots by rolling but it's tough to dodge them all. If you stand too close, the boss smacks you with his gun or, worse, picks you up, and shakes you, shocking you continuously with electricity before blasting you away with his gun. The trick is to maintain a medium distance, close enough to attack the boss with an ultimate attack, yet far enough that you can dodge if he tries a melee attack. Your ideal move is to charge up an ultimate, and slash through the boss, ending up behind him. Slash at him once or twice more, and then jump away before he swipes at you. The Art of the Inferno ninpo attack is also effective against him.

Chapter 4: Imperial City Infiltration

Jump down from the elevated area and start running down the path. Three soldiers will be waiting for you, so take them out on your way into the city. You'll stroll into the Twin Serpents Plaza. Notice the little fenced off area to your left. Find a chest inside containing a Great Spirit Elixir. There are two paths out of the plaza, aside from the one you entered from. The far side is blocked by a metal grate, so take the only open path available to you, where three more soldiers await. Take them out and go through the wooden door to enter the Military Gate area.

Examine that dead body for a new technique scroll.

Two turrets guard a large gate that you can't pass through yet. Don't worry, they won't shoot you. Examine the dead ninja to your left to get the guillotine throw technique scroll. This is a great move you can use to instantly kill a low-level enemy like the white soldiers. Run over to a second dead body next to the big gate and search it for some arrows. As you move away from the gate, some soldiers ambush you, including one armed with a grenade launcher. Close the gap on him and remain close so he can't use that weapon. Once you've taken them all out, the door with the orange gem can be opened. Go through it.

Take out the three soldiers waiting for you behind the door. There's a gated area to the right, but you don't have the skull key you need to open it yet. Walk straight down the pathway away from the door (don't go down the stairs to the left yet), and keep following the path as it curls to the right. You'll end up behind the metal gate to the Twin Serpents Plaza that you couldn't open earlier. Grab the stone tablet (top) fragment from the ground, open the gate, and place it in the tablet holder next to the serpents sculpture. Go back through the metal gate and back to the area you just came from. The three soldiers are back, so take them out and go down the stairs.

After you get the chest up top, don't waste time killing the soldiers here - they're just a nuisance.

You'll come to the top of another set of stairs -- two white soldiers are stationed at the top of platforms. You can reach the one by the stairs using a wall run or just take out both using your bow. Kill them both, then wall run along the right and above the stairs to reach the first platform. From there you can jump up to the wire and mantle over to the second platform. Open the chest here for a Lives of the Thousand Gods. Anytime after this that you visit the area, it's not really worth the effort to kill the soldiers. Jump down and go toward the right, to a door adorned with two yellow gems. Open it and you'll be in the clock tower plaza.

Clock Tower Plaza

The ninja body in this dead-end holds the nunchaku.

You'll see a door in front of you adorned with gems of varying colors. It leads to Pleasure Street, but you can't open it yet. Run past this door to the left and you'll end up at an intersection. To your left is a door adorned with three red gems. To the right is a dead end with a dead ninja. Search his body for the nunchaku. Run back up the way you came past the multi-colored door and go in the other direction this time. You'll come across Muramasa's shop. Enter and buy the izuna drop technique scroll and any elixirs you might need. You can also trade the few scarabs you've found for a Life of the Gods. If you still haven't upgraded your sword, do it now--you'll soon be facing black-clad ninjas who are very tough to defeat with just nunchaku or an unupgraded sword.

Exit the shop and head back toward the multi-colored door. You'll see a doorway framed in blue on the left. Enter it after taking out the soldiers that ambush you. Go inside and up the stairs, where more soldiers are waiting for you. Finish your ascent, and hang a left.

Chapter 4 - cont.

Three ninjas will jump you. These are much tougher ninjas than the ones you faced in Chapter 1. They take more abuse, they use combos, and most annoying of all, they use incendiary shuriken that explode for tons of damage. Stay in motion, and keep close to them so they're less inclined to throw these irritating weapons. Once you've killed the ninjas, search the area for an alcove containing a chest. You'll find a Spirit of the Devils inside. Use it now to expand your ki meter by one.

See the sparkles coming out of the fountain? Don't miss this golden scarab.

Head back toward Muramasa's shop, where you'll see a door adorned with five green jewels nearby. Flip the switch next to the door and open it. Walk through and notice the drinking fountain to your left. There's a golden scarab in it. Opposite the drinking fountain is a semi-enclosed courtyard. Walk around the perimeter and you'll find a locked gate. Continue walking around the building and you'll find a platform low enough to backflip to. Enter the enclosed area, where several ninja will ambush you. Take them out and find a chest nearby, containing essence of every color. Exit the metal gate, which will open for you from the inside.

Wall run across this gap and jump at the end of your run.

Go back out to the main street. Deeper into this area, there's a large open courtyard. There's not a whole lot to do in there, so just go up the short stairs to the left. Just past the blind corner you'll get ambushed by a couple of ninjas. Take them out, and go into the alcove to the left. You should be able to triangle jump up the narrow set of walls until you're on top of a building. Look around and you'll see a couple gaps in front of you. Jump across the first gap, and wall run past the second one. Keep walking through until you find a ninja's body with a diary. Just past that body is a golden scarab. You're now back in the clock tower plaza area. Keep moving along the pathway, until you find a chest with the Great Devil Elixir, and a switch that opens the multi-colored door. Jump down and enter the door to go to Pleasure Street.

Pleasure Street

It's a lot more brightly lit here. Run all the way to the end where you'll find Han's Bar. The bouncer won't let you in without a ticket. It's never explained to you why you can kill hundreds of ninjas and gun-armed soldiers, but a single burly bouncer stops Ryu cold. Anyway, to the right of Han's Bar, you'll find posters that tell you where to get your ticket, as well as a save point. Save your game and head back out.

It's tricky but if you can do three continuous wall runs here, you can jump to the ledge with the windmill shuriken. Use the blue markings as a guide.

A kunai scroll hints to you that the alley across from Han's Bar has a valuable weapon. If you run to the end of it you'll find another golden scarab. If you look up inside the alley, you'll see a low ledge that you can't run or backflip to. Go back out of the alley, and notice the blue streaks along the walls leading inside the alley. You need to wall run along the first one, jump to the second wall and hold down the A button for a moment to continue your wall run. Release the button to jump to the third wall, and then hold it down to continue running. You should be gaining in altitude with each leap to another wall. Finally at the end, leap to the ledge where you'll find the windmill shuriken and a flashy representation of a certain game console we all know and love. If you keep missing on the final jump, try pressing the Y button after your last jump to get that extra distance.

Go back to Muramasa's shop and talk to him for the bar ticket. Once he gives it to you, head back to Han's Bar. You'll get jumped by a few ninjas upon entering Pleasure Street, but this is the last fight of the level and there are no bosses. End the chapter by approaching Han's Bar.

Chapter 5: The City of Fiends

You start out on the roof of Han's Bar. Kick open the chest there for the Lily key, and save your game at the save point if you wish. Jump down the hole, or over the edge where you saw Rachel and the shady-looking spy jump. You'll find a chest on that platform that contains an Elixir of Spiritual Life. If you want to skip a bit of combat, you can hop down to street from there and be on your way. If you want to fight, make your way down through the building, picking up another Elixir of Spiritual Life along the way. At the ground floor of Han's, you'll find an Elixir of the Devil Way and a map of Dworku on the bar. Make your way back out to the clock tower plaza. You will probably want to stock up on elixirs at Muramasa's before you leave. You've got some tough ninja fights ahead of you and this is your last chance in the chapter to visit a shop.

Go back out the door with the two yellow jewels on it, to the area with the soldiers on top of the watch towers shooting you. Make your way around to the door with a lily on it, and open it. Be on your toes as soldiers are waiting just inside. Use the continuous wall run technique (the one you used to get the windmill shuriken) at the end of the pathway to get up on the ledge. Open the chest up there for an Elixir of Spiritual Life.

Continue along until you reach Moat Road. Ninjas will jump you at the end of the tunnel, so kill them and try to avoid getting drilled with the incendiary shurikens. Continue around to another set of tunnels, where you'll see a locked gate with a Pegasus on it. Keep moving and you'll finally run into the door with three red jewels. Go ahead and flip the switch to unlock it (but don't open it), and save your game at the nearby save station. Head up the stairs to the drawbridge square and take out all the soldiers.

Don't miss this golden scarab on that little ledge to the left. Wall run to the right, jump to the wall in front, then jump to the ledge.

Enter the door with the blue jewel on it. Several soldiers await you here. Kill them, then find a chest on a side platform with the Pegasus key. Opposite that is another platform. You can see a golden scarab from that platform. Wall run to the right, jump to the wall in front, and finally to the alcove on the left where the scarab is. Jump down to end up on Moat Road with the ninjas again. Take them out, then find the metal gate and unlock it with the Pegasus key. Flip the switch inside to lower the draw bridge to Dworku. Get back up to the bridge and cross.

Drawbridge Hill

To your right after you cross is a switch that raises the bridge again. There's no point in doing it though. Run along the path to the left until you reach an intersection where you're set upon by more ninjas. Take them out, and make use of the nearby save station. There's a golden scarab on the wall next to that save station.

Peek in the alcoves along the left - one has a golden scarab.

From the save station, take the winding path to the right. You're not missing out on anything interesting to the left. As you make your way down the path, pay attention to the alcoves along the left side. One of them holds a golden scarab. You'll also find a chest along the left side with an Elixir of Spiritual Life. Eventually you'll reach the monastery plaza, where a group of soldiers will jump you. Take them out.

The monastery gate won't open, so head down the pathway to the left of the gate. A group of four ninjas will jump you, which is a relatively tough encounter, so don't be afraid to use an elixir if you need to. Fight them off as best you can, then head into the narrow alley on the left. Open the chest there for a Great Spirit Elixir. Leave the alley, and three more ninjas will attack. Take them out and continue along the path until you reach the monastery inner clearing. Hopefully you've got some elixirs saved up because you're about to fight some mini-bosses and the chapter boss. Run to the end to trigger a short fight with some soldiers. After you kill a couple of them a short cutscene will play.

Three fiends are now attacking you. They move relatively slowly, so try to stay away from their front side. Use aerial attacks, or charged up ultimate attacks for best effect. You may even consider using the Art of the Inferno fireball to thin out their numbers. One hit from that and they should go down. Another cutscene will play after you take down all the fiends.

Boss Fight: Tentacle Fiend

Stay close to avoid the orange goo.

It would be a grave breach of the ninja code to allow a beautiful woman like Rachel to die in such a horrible manner. You'll have to take out this hydra-like fiend to save her. You can't do much damage to it while its eyes are closed. The key is taking out the two main tentacles first. Use aerial attacks to slice off the two tentacles, which will cause the fiend to open its eyes. Once they're open, use combo slices, charged attacks, or aerial attacks to whittle down the fiend's health as much as possible--attack as rapidly as you can, because there's not much the fiend can do to hurt you at this time. After a few seconds, the tentacles will grow back and you'll need to start again. When you've taken off about half the fiend's health, it'll start spitting out some very damaging orange goo. Try to avoid the goo by staying relatively close to the monster, and continue pruning tentacles. Hitting the fiend with a fireball while its eyes are open is particularly effective as well.

Chapter 6: The Monastery

Monastery Annex

You'll start this level in the courtyard of the monastery. Save your game, then open the two nearby chests for a Great Spirit Elixir and a Life of the Gods. Go into the doorway, and make your way up the stairs. You'll find a chest with an Elixir of Spiritual Life along the way. Walk across an outdoor bridge, but watch out for the bats. You'll find yourself in another stairwell at the end. Hop down and tank up on elixirs at the shop - this will be the last shop you see for quite a while. If for some strange reason, you still haven't upgraded your sword to level two, do it now!

These floating black clouds indicate a fiend is moving underground at that spot.

Make your way down the stairs and outside, where you'll find a chest with an Elixir of the Devil Way. You'll meet up with the orange fiends for the first time. These enemies are quick, and possess huge claws for hands. Pay close attention as they can submerge underground and pop up--you'll know their position by the ominous black cloud floating over the surface. After killing them, search the nearby ninja's body for the map of the monastery, save at the nearby save point, and head inside.

Altar Hall

Make your way up either staircase, and at the top of the stairs, turn sharply toward the middle. There's a chest between the staircases at the top, with an Elixir of Spiritual Life inside. You're now in the Altar Hall. As you walk toward the altar, the alcove to the left contains an Elixir of the Devil Way. Approach the altar to start a fight with some fiends. The caped figures flanking the altar are actually reaper fiends. Use aerial attacks to take them down, but beware their long sickles and their spell attacks. You can anticipate the spell attacks by getting out of the circular targets that appear on the floor seconds before the spell hits. Once you're done there, enter the door in the right alcove and go into the archive room.


There's a third level to the archive that you must back flip to.

More fiends attack here. Take them all out, using the walls to your advantage. Once they're dead, the upper level opens up. You can examine the bookcases for some background story. The ones with blue books contain tomes describing the history of Vigoor, among other things. There are five books in all on the upper and lower levels. On the upper level, start breaking open some display cases for goodies. You'll find another piece of the stone tablet (right), a golden scarab, incendiary shuriken, and an Elixir of Spiritual Life. There's a third level to the archive. Run to the back corner of the second level, away from the museum area. If you look up you'll see a golden scarab. Backflip up there and grab the scarab, then move around the walkway until you see a cracked wall. Throw one of your incendiary shuriken into the wall to open it. Walk through and take out some more fiends, then go through the door.

Top of the Altar Hall

Aim carefully, and you should be able to jump to the fenced-off areas.

You're high above the altar hall of the monastery. Walk slowly over to the right and you'll spot a chest down at the end of the thick beam. Hop carefully down on to the beam and open the chest for a Great Spirit Elixir. Go back to where you started, on the spot above the beam. If you look over to the right, you'll see another chest sitting in a fenced area. You should be able to leap to that area and get the Elixir of Spiritual Life. Jump back over to the beam, and hop back up to the original platform. Around the arc and over to the left you'll find a similar set up. There's a chest with a Great Devil Elixir on the left beam, and a golden scarab in the fenced off area. Hop back up on the original platform and go in the nearby door.

Monk's Room

Walk over to the desk on the left, and read the diary for a clue on how to open the safe. The pedestal on the right of the desk has a statuette of Raptor, Deity of Sentiment. Walk over to the safe and enter the code. It's counter-clockwise to the 2, clockwise to the 7, clockwise to the 1, counter-clockwise to the 2. Grab the Book of Eons, then fight the fiends that spawn in the room. Exit the same door you came in from, and jump down to the ground floor of the Altar Hall -- don't worry as you won't take any damage. Fight the fiends here, and then place the Book of Eons on the altar to open up the secret passage. Hop down it.

Underneath the Altar

Get rid of the bats, and open the nearby chest for a map of the underground cemetery. Search the dead ninja's body to replenish your incendiary shuriken, and then save your game at the save point. Grab the nearby golden scarab, then go through the metal gate into the corridor of doom.

Corridor of Doom

Harrison Ford never looked this good running away from a giant boulder.

You'll see a large boulder on one side and a cracked wall on the other. Use an incendiary shuriken to blow open the wall, which, predictably, begins an Indiana Jones boulder sequence. Run towards the screen, away from the rolling boulder. You'll face four spike traps - wall run over top of the first two, and then the next two you can just run to the right of the screen to avoid. Three falling pillars are up next. Dodge left, then right, then left. Stay to the left, and hop over the next spike trap. Immediately weave to the right and run past another spike trap. Wall run past two more spike traps and you're in the clear. Don't worry if you die -- you'll start back at the wall and have a chance to try again without reloading a save game. Once you're through, you'll end up in the "encontra babel specus." Vault over to the platform, grab the Great Spirit Elixir out of the chest, and save your game at the station.

Chapter 6 - cont.

Continue carefully down the spiraling room, being mindful not to fall all the way down to the bottom. You'll notice a large dinosaur-like fossil. Don't worry about him. Yet. Eventually you'll end up on a platform with some fiends and an altar. Walk into a metal gate that allows you to continue your descent. You're now in a room full of red, wasp-like enemies. You can use aerial attacks to take these out, but just stay in motion. If you allow them to surround you, their stingers can hurt you dearly. There's a chest on a platform in this room that contains a Life of the Gods, as well as an alcove tucked away in the side that has a golden scarab. If you fell to the bottom and missed these, don't worry. You'll be returning to this room later and can grab them on the way back up. Go down the steps to another save point. You'll see you're now below the big fossil. Save your game here, as you'll be in for some tough fights soon.

Sealed Floor Plate

Don't miss this golden scarab on the way in.

Jump or run down to the bottom of the chamber and take out the fiends there. You'll see three massive chains connecting to a plug on the floor. You can't do much about these, so run into the nearby corridor. As you round the first curve near the entrance to the corridor, take notice of a golden scarab in one of the recessed portions of the wall. Whip out your shurikens to take out some bats, and hop down a narrow hole to enter the Tomb of the Eons.

Tomb of the Eons

More bats await you as you drop down. Take them out and keep going. You'll run into a chest with an Elixir of Spiritual Life. Run into the circular chamber with a switch in the middle. Execute a jumping, downward strike on the switch to activate the elevator. As you go down, you'll be jumped by more orange fiends. Take them out, and when the elevator reaches the bottom, enter the stone door in the side. The room you end up in has a chest with the Vigoorian flail. Go through the doorway at the end to enter the Ritual Room.

Ritual Room

If you get pinned, mash the buttons to kick the zombies off of you.

More wasp-like enemies await here. Again, use aerial attacks, and stay in motion to avoid their stingers. Once you're done taking them out, a cutscene plays, and large zombies spawn in the room with massive weaponry. These zombies are extremely slow, but powerful and dangerous if you get surrounded. Take out the ones with bows first, as they're the most annoying. Use long combo strings to eliminate the rest, as well as aerial and wall attacks. Sometimes a zombie will pin you to the floor and start eating at you. Mash the Y button to kick them off and minimize the damage. You can also use aerial slashes to lop off their heads, which keeps them from tackling you. If you find three or four of them bunched up, you can use your Art of the Inferno ninpo and fry them all at once. Also be aware that you can block swipes from their massive weapons, even though it may not seem like it. When you've finally killed them all you can grab the holy grail and leave the room.


More zombies await on your way out. You can just run by these guys and avoid fighting, but they're really not that difficult to fight once you get used to them, and they give you tons of essence. Kill them all and hop back on the elevator. Hit the switch to start on your way up, and more zombies pop in. Kill this batch, then hit the switch again to continue your ascent. Make your way back to the room with the massive plug in the floor connected to the chains where you'll find yet more zombies. Clear these out and ascend up the spiral.

The tricky thing is that there are three bow-armed zombies on platforms on the way up. If you allow these guys to zero in on you, they'll shoot you off the platform and back to the floor, which is very annoying. If you're good with the bow in first person, you can kill them from a distance first. You can also attempt to just run and jump by them without engaging. Try to avoid falling off the platforms as the zombie bowmen respawn if you do. Save at the save-point at the top when you get there. This is your last chance to save before the boss.

Jump back into that side area where you first met the wasp enemies. The room is now filled with bats. You'll need to make your way back up through this room. Start by triangle jumping into the alcove where you got the golden scarab. Leap up to the higher pillar just outside of it, and then to a platform jutting from the wall. From there, you'll need to wall run along the right and jump to the platform with the chest (where you got a Life of the Gods earlier). Jump to the next highest platform, pressing Y at the apex of your jump to get that extra distance. Finally leap to the opening in the wall and make your way up. Open the metal gate and place the grail in the altar to start the boss fight.

Boss Fight: Giant Fossil

Jump over the tail swipes.

This bony dinosaur is a big pain. He'll always have one foot planted on the platform in front of you. That foot is the weak point that you'll need to attack. Use slashing combos and charged attacks to do the most damage; don't bother with ninpo as the fossil will just pick up his foot and dodge the fireball. Your threats include a hail of bones, which are tough to avoid, but are more of a nuisance than a true threat. When the fossil picks up his foot, he'll swipe at you with his tail -- this is the attack you'll really need to avoid. Hop out of the way as soon as you see that tail coming around, and be prepared to jump again for the return swing. As the fossil takes more damage, he'll mix things up, by putting the foot down and swiping at you with it, and also by biting at you. Both of these do grievous damage, so be mindful and be prepared to jump out of the way. If you can avoid the tail and foot swipes and hack efficiently at the fossil's feet as he puts them down, you should be able to get through with a minimum of elixir use.

Chapter 7: Hidden Underground

Don't make the mistake of falling down the hole. If you do that before you save, you'll have to re-do the last boss fight. Grab the Lives of the Thousand Gods sitting behind you, and descend back down to the save station you previously saved from. Save your game there, and from that save point, you can jump down to the floor, where the fossil bones crashed down to. Look around the walls of this area and you'll find a golden scarab. Exit the coffin chamber via the stone doorway.

You're now in a hallway full of zombie bowmen. Dispatch them, and continue onward. You'll end up in a small room with a shop kiosk. You can now max out your dragon sword to level 3. Do it, and you may have enough leftover to max out your Vigoorian flail also. Buy elixirs if you wish, with whatever change you have left.

Go up the stairs and into another small room with a chest and a save-point. You receive a map of the hidden underground. Save your game again, and enter the next room but don't go out on the suspension bridge yet. To your right is a golden scarab and to your left is a chest with a Life of the Gods. Now walk out onto the bridge to start a short cutscene. Eliminate the fiends and zombies after the bridge collapses. There are three doors here. One that's locked, one with a red square on it, and one with a blue square. Enter the blue door first.

Chamber of the Blue Eye

Stand in such a way next to the pillar that you're shielded from one archer as you fire on the other.

Kill the bowman in front of you. There are two more bowmen, high on the upper platform. Grab more arrows from the nearby dead ninja if you need them, then run down to the lower level and hide behind a broken pillar. Use your bow to take out the bowmen on the opposite side, by going into first-person aiming. They'll drill you a couple of times, but you can shield yourself from one of them if you position yourself properly behind a pillar. After you take out the two archers, run all the way to the far end of the chamber, underneath the high platform. Look behind the left column for a golden scarab. The chest on the bottom of the room nearer to the door contains a Great Spirit Elixir.

Now run back up and stand next to the dead ninja. Notice the shimmering yellow sun, high up on the wall opposite the door. Shoot that with an arrow and a blue bridge of light will appear across the room. You can now run across the room, dodging the pendulums as you go. This is easier said than done, as you have a time limit, but as long as you can get through the pendulums cleanly, there's not a huge rush. Jump the gap in the middle, and at the very end, you'll need to wall run the last bit to get to the high platform. Push the giant blue button on the platform to partially unlock the door outside. Replenish arrows from the dead ninja, then head to the door with the red square on it.

Chamber of the Red Eye

Kill the bowmen with your own bow as you did in the other room. Aim carefully this time -- if you need more arrows, run back to the room with the dead ninja, but these bowmen will respawn. The chest at the bottom of the room has an Elixir of the Devil Way. The chest near the door has a Great Spirit Elixir. With the archers dead, you can make your way across the platform carefully, jumping over the spike traps. Push the giant red button at the end to finish unlocking the door. Enter the newly unlocked door and you'll meet an old friend

Chapter 7 - cont.

Mini-boss: Tentacle Fiend

Triangle jump all the way up this narrow crevice after beating the tentacle fiend.

Remember this guy? Use the same method you used at the end of Chapter 5. Slice off his tentacles, and hack away at the body when the eyes are open. Stay close to the beast to avoid the orange goo. The hacked tentacles leave health essence if you need it. After you slay the fiend, you'll get a Lives of the Thousand Gods, and a pillar slides into place outside. Leave the room and kill the fiends and zombies again if you wish. Then go to the corner directly to the left of the red-blue door and triangle jump all the way up to the top. Grab the Jewel of the Demon Seal on the throne, and leave out the doorway to the right. Save your game at the save station in the next room.

The Great Corridor

More zombie archers await down the slope. Once you get there, you'll find other zombie warriors. You can skip this fight if you want and leave the room out the other side, but don't forget to search the dead ninja next to the exit. He's holding the Art of the Ice Storm ninpo. Walk down another slope to a small room with a sarcophagus and a locked metal gate.

The Chamber of Everlasting Sleep

After hitting the floor switch, wall run over on the opposite wall to get to the sarcophagus.

When you reach the ground, the sarcophagus raises up on a platform. Walk back up the stairs, then look to your left behind the columns. There's a switch there. Stand on it to activate it. Don't walk down the stairs. Walk over to the other side of the staircase and then wall run over to the platform next to the sarcophagus. Grab the Wolf, Deity of Wisdom statuette, and the skull key from the tomb. There's another scarab, way up high in the room if you look, but you can't get it. Don't worry, you'll be back here later. Unlock the door and enter the hallway. Whip out your shuriken and take out the bats in this corridor. As you make your way down, a cutscene plays and the whole place fills up with water. When you regain control, swim down to the floor and grab the golden scarab. There's a tunnel nearby. You can swim down the tunnel a ways, and save at the save station in the room you end up in. Once you're finished, swim over to the elevator, open the door and swim in. You'll be taken back up to the monk's room of the monastery.

Monk's Room

Kill the ninjas that ambush you, then examine the diary again. Apparently these monks aren't very bright, because they keep writing down the combination to the safe where anyone can find it. Go to the safe, and go clockwise to the 1, counter-clockwise to the 4, clockwise to the 1, and counter-clockwise to the 0. You'll get a Life of the Gods, which should extend your health bar by now. Leave the monk's room and jump all the way down to the floor of the monastery. Approach the altar for the boss fight.

Boss Fight: Alma

Pounce on Alma when she tumbles to the ground.

Alma is a tough boss. She can dodge many of your lunges, and will attack you in a number of ways - one is with a swooping dive. You can simply jump over this dive, or you can meet it with your own aerial strike and damage her. She's got a couple of ranged attacks as well, tossing large stones at you, or firing winding pink fireballs at you. You can actually block those pink fireballs and take minimal damage. The nastiest attack in Alma's repertoire is a throw move, where you catches you up in a magical ball, stabs you in the gut, and kicks you to the floor. This takes off about half of your life bar. This move is preceded by a pink wall of light. If you see one of those forming up near Alma, run or jump away quickly to avoid getting caught up. To attack Alma, just keep trying aerial attacks (jumping toward her + Y button is your best bet) -- when you can connect, Alma will be stunned momentarily, falling to the ground, and kneeling on the floor. Take full advantage of these opportunities, and hit her with a slashing combo.

Chapter 8: Tairon Under Alert

Monastery area

Rachel's war hammer lies amidst the ruins of the Dworku monastery.

You'll begin the level at the save point next to the ruins of the monastery. Run inside the monastery, and search the rubble along the left wall to find Rachel's war hammer on the ground. It's a little more than halfway to the back of the monastery, before you reach the altar. Exit the monastery gates to the plaza, and you'll fight some soldiers. These aren't the pansy, pistol-armed soldiers you faced in chapters three through five. These tough guys are armed with assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades! The assault rifles fire a constant stream of bullets which can eat away at your health rapidly, and the RPG-toting troopers pack a nasty wallop. If you stand too close to the rifle-armed soldiers, they can stab with their bayonets. The key to fighting these soldiers is to close the distance rapidly and strike as quickly as you can. Don't waste time trying to rack up big combos--just kill quickly and move on to the next victim.

Kill all the soldiers in the monastery plaza, and when the gates open, make your way back to the drawbridge. Lower the bridge by hitting the switch nearby and you'll find two armored personnel carriers parked on the other side along with more tough soldiers. The area around the drawbridge is rough. The RPG troops will fire their rockets in close quarters, and the machine gun turrets on the APCs are nasty. You may want to consider just running and jumping through there, and making a quick exit via the door with the blue jewels on it. If you do fight, you may want to make use of your bow and any remaining arrows to pick off troops from afar before you make your advance.

Backflip up the wall twice to reach the top platform, in the back of the skull gate area.

Tairon alleys

Once you've made your escape through the blue jeweled door, you'll face up with another tough band of troops. You can skip this fight by hopping off the side and down to the moat road, or you can fight through to the cracked wall. If you have incendiary shuriken left, open it up and grab the Great Spirit Elixir from the other side. Make your way to the corridor where the skull gate is, just outside the military gate area. You should see it on your map marked as a yellow door to the southwest of the military gate. Kill the soldiers there, then enter the skull gate. Pick up the golden scarab to your right as you enter, and grab the Elixir of Spiritual Life in the chest to your left. You can also do some shopping at Muramasa's kiosk. By now you should have given Muramasa 20 scarabs, so he'll hand over the Dabilahro sword, which looks like it may have been wielded once by Cloud Strife.

From the top platform, you can wall run to the golden scarab.

Go to the back of this area and notice the two platforms above your head. You can use the opposite wall and do two successive wall run-backflips to get to the top level. Before you go inside though, look to your left from the top platform. There's a golden scarab in that niche! If you aim diagonally to the left, you should be able to wall run and jump to that scarab and get it. Get back to the top platform, and go inside the building. You'll find a window looking out across the military gate, and the strongbow on the wall. Grab the bow, and go out to the military gate area.

Military Gate

You'll be attacked by the two gun turrets. Whip out your bow, go into first-person aiming, and shoot the gunners off the turrets. You don't need to aim perfectly at the head. If your arrow goes through the turret it still counts as a hit. Listen for the sound of arrow piercing flesh and you know you've scored a hit. If you need more arrows, pull some off the dead ninja body next to the fence. Once they're dead, a helicopter gunship will show up. Immediately run to the fence area next to the dead ninja with arrows, and hide in the back corner. You can't take down this helicopter yet, so just hold down your block button and deflect the machine gun fire. The gunship shouldn't be able to fire missiles at you from this position. Eventually the chopper will leave.

Hit the small trigger in the back of the control tower to open the gate.

Once it's gone you have one more threat. Look at the top row of windows, opposite the military gate. You should find the broken window from earlier. An RPG soldier will eventually start shooting at you from there, so aim your bow at the window and take him out. Once he's dead, the doors will unlock. Fill up with arrows first, then make your way back to the skull gate area, and jump up the platforms again. Go to the window, and you'll be able to shoot from it with your bow. Aim at the center window of the control tower and break it with an arrow. You'll see a small, circular trigger in the back wall of the control tower. Hit that switch to open the gate. On your way back to the gate, tank up on elixirs as much as possible at Muramasa's kiosk, then go through the gate to end the chapter.

Chapter 9: The Military Supply Base

There's a golden scarab to the left, just as you exit the tunnel.

Save your game at the nearby save point, then walk down the road into the base. Go through the metal door at the end and kill the soldiers waiting for you inside. Continue through the tunnel. At the very end of the tunnel, look sharply to your left and you'll find a golden scarab. From just outside the tunnel you should be able to take out the turret of the APC with your strongbow, as well as the gunner on the right gun tower. Walk out a little farther and shoot down the gunner on the left tower, but look out for incoming RPGs. Once the gunners are down, the warehouse key should appear at the base of the left gun tower. You can continue killing the soldiers here, or just go inside the warehouse. Take note of the metal box full of explosive arrows next to the door--you can use these against the soldiers too.


Look directly to your left for a chest containing an Elixir of Spiritual Life. Make your way up the stairs near the chest. You'll find another chest with a bunch of essence. Walk across the catwalk to the back of the warehouse. As you do, helicopters armed with, as Dr. Evil would say, FREAKIN' LASER BEAMS, begin flying into the room. Keep running to the back of the warehouse along that catwalk, dodging the lasers, until you reach another set of stairs. Don't go up those stairs yet--walk around them and find the box full of APFSDS cores. Stand here and shoot down the helicopters, using the APFSDS cores. Replenish as necessary from the box. If you get shot off the platform, just run back up to it and continue shooting down helicopters until no more spawn in. If you're good at shooting from first person, that's probably the most efficient way to do it.

This button activates the second moving platform.

When no more helicopters come in, continue up the stairs to the third level catwalk. Flip the switch at the top of the stairs to open the lights and activate power. Run all the way to the back of the room on the third level, and press the button that will activate the first moving platform. Jump down to the ground level. There are two wooden crates between the rows of trains that you can smash open. One has an Elixir of the Devil Way, and the other has a valuable Life of the Gods. Don't miss these! On a concrete platform next to the last row of trains, near the shutter switch, you'll find another button, to activate the second moving platform. Now run back up the stairs to the platform next to the box of APFSDS cores.

There's a golden scarab on top of the control room.

From there, jump to the first moving platform. After it moves toward the center, jump onto the nearby traincar. Jump across the aisle to the next row of traincars, using Y to extend your jumping distance, if necessary. Before jumping to the next moving platform, look around. You should see another golden scarab on top of a traincar. Long jump over to it, grab it, then jump back to the middle traincar. Hop onto the second moving platform, and finally jump over to the large platform with the chest on it. Open the chest for a Great Spirit Elixir. Run across the catwalk and up the stairs, and find another chest with an Elixir of Spiritual Life. Run back across the catwalk toward the control room, but before opening the door, wall run up and pull yourself onto the roof of the control room. It's another golden scarab! Now hop down to the catwalk and enter the control room. Take the shutter control card key and the map of the military supply base. Fill up on APFSDS cores before leaving, then jump down to the ground level next to the large metal doors and use the card key on the machine with the red light on it.

Locomotive Turntable

There's an open gate to your left that you can run into immediately to save your game. The chest next to the save point has an Elixir of Spiritual Life. Kill all of the soldiers in this area to unlock the doors, then save your game again, as this is your last chance before a couple of boss fights. Exit this area to start the first boss fight.

Chapter 9 - cont.

Boss Fight: Two Tanks

A short cutscene plays and you're facing off with a tank! You can damage it either with your explosive arrows, or APFSDS cores, but the latter is much more effective. If you run out of either, there are boxes on the ground that will re-arm you. The wooden box has the APFSDS cores, and the metal box has the explosive arrows.

Use your APFSDS cores to great effect against the tanks.

The machine gunner on top of the tank can be annoying, so if you're good at aiming and firing the bow in first person, shoot him off the turret, and you'll have a few seconds to fire at the tank before another gunner spawns in. If you're not great at first person aiming, don't bother trying to peg the gunner - if you have enough elixirs, you can get by without doing so. You don't have to go into first person to shoot at the tank, so you can run around and fire the bow in third person. The main thing you need to do is avoid the main cannon shot, which hurts the most. When you see the tank's turret wheeling around to get a bead on you, begin jumping around to dodge the shot. The tank won't fire its main cannon again for a few seconds, so if you want to aim for the machine-gunner, you want to do it right after dodging the main cannon. Also try to avoid standing too close to the tank, as it will attempt to run you over.

After you kill the first tank, another one immediately spawns in. The moment you regain control of Ryu, jump to one side, as the second tank always starts off with a main cannon shot. Use the same tactics to take out the second tank. When you're done, open the chest next to the elevator for a Great Spirit Elixir, then go up the elevator. Turn right at the top and save at the save station. Go up the stairs, and take out the two RPG soldiers, which will begin the next boss fight. Take note of the boxes on both ends of the bridge that have APFSDS cores.

Boss Fight: Helicopter Gunship

When the chopper flies in close, let loose with the APFSDS cores.

You'll need to use your bow to take out the gunship. The gunship will fire on you with machine guns and packs of missiles. When you see the missiles on the way, run to the side and jump to avoid them. Continue firing on the helicopter with the APFSDS cores, and try to take full advantage of the times it's sitting still and flying in close, underneath the bridge. Once you've got a bead on the chopper, fire rapidly, replenishing your ammo as necessary from the boxes on either end of the bridge.

After the gunship is down, continue across the overpass. You'll find a chest at the other end with an Elixir of Spiritual Life, as well as another shop kiosk. Take note of an area along the wall near here where you can triangle jump to the top. Do so, and you'll find a golden scarab on the ground, near where you land. Grab it and go through the door to the rooftop.


Aim for the white dishes atop the communications tower.

Take out the soldiers on the rooftop. Now, switch to your explosive arrows and fire up at the communications tower, aiming at the nine white discs. RPG soldiers fire back at you, but don't bother shooting at them, as more will just come in. Just squeeze off one or two quick shots, then dodge out of the way of the incoming RPGs by rolling. If you're good, you can also shoot the RPGs out of midair with your bow. When you run out of explosive arrows, tank up from the nearby box and continue shooting. After all nine dishes are down, the entire tower blows up. Fill up on explosive arrows before leaving the area.

Outside the next door, two laser helicopters hover menacingly nearby. Take them out with your explosive arrows, then wall run across the gap. Stop here and shoot two more helicopters before continuing on. Keep going down the stairs and enter a narrow room. There are three RPG soldiers in this narrow space, so unleash an Art of the Inferno ninpo to kill them quickly. Open the chest at the other end for an Elixir of the Devil Way, and exit the room. Walk down the stairs and into an elevator. Go down, and exit the elevator. Enter the next room and kill three assault rifle soldiers. Open the chest at the bottom of the stairs for a Life of the Gods. Unfortunately the door is locked. Backtrack up to the room where you took out the RPG soldiers. Kill them one more time, and pick up the control room key. Make your way down again and open the locked door. Flip the switch in the control room to end the chapter.

Chapter 10: The Aquaduct

We'll excuse Tecmo's blatant typo in the name of this mission (it should be aqueduct), because this is one of the more interesting and challenging chapters in the game. After the train crashes in the Dworku area, you'll regain control of Ryu. Open the chest to your left and get the Life of the Gods. You can also fill up on some explosive arrows at the box.

Exit the door and head to your left, toward the manhole cover. The scripting in this part of the game seems a little screwy, so you may have to re-enter and exit the door a couple of times for the short cutscene to trigger. Eventually, when you approach the manhole cover, a bunch of pink fiends with glowing blue heads will pop out of the manhole. These guys are tough, quick, and have some pretty nasty combo strikes and throws, so don't take them lightly. Kill them, then jump down the manhole. Dispatch the bats, and save at the nearby station.

Aquaduct B1

Go through the metal door here, and you'll end up in a wide duct with a bunch of those pink fiends. Kill them, and make your way down the duct to the next door. You're now in a narrow stairwell with more fiends. Take them out, and continue down the stairs.

Aquaduct B2

Get the map from this poor guy.

Hang a right at the bottom of the stairs and get the map of the aquaduct from the dead ninja. If you continue in that direction, you'll end up at a door you can't open yet. Go back in the other direction, past a doorway on the right and all the way to a metal door at the end of this hall. Open it and you'll end up in another hallway more pink fiends. The fiends in this room will always respawn, so you can skip the fight if you like. On left end of this hall (as you enter it) is a double door with insect symbols on it that you can't open yet. On the other side is another metal door. Go in that door.

Up the stairs and to the left you'll find a shop kiosk. If you're low on elixirs, now's a good time to fill up, and get other shopping done. Grab the chest to the left of the shop kiosk for a Great Spirit Elixir. Go to the right, past the shop kiosk and into the Blue Water Reservoir. Look into the bottom of a pool, and dive in for a golden scarab. There's not much else to do here for now, so go back out to the hall with the respawning fiends, and then over to the hall with the dead ninja who had the map. Make your way back up this hall, then duck into the little side hall, where you can drop down to the B3 level

Aquaduct B3

Walk down the stairs and into the shallow water, where you'll face off with just a few fiends. If you walk straight ahead from the stairs, and slightly to the left you'll find a save station. Save your game, then open the nearby chest for a Great Spirit Elixir. Go back toward the stairs by which you entered this floor, and around to the left, where you'll see a narrow elevator.

Vanquish these bugs twice and you'll get some nice rewards.

Go down it, and grab the chest with the Jewel of the Demon Sealinside. This will lock you in the room with a bunch of bug-like creatures. By themselves, these bugs are not much of a threat, but they'll attack you eight or more at a time, and you'll have to kill seemingly dozens before you're allowed to leave. Remember to block, and always stay in motion. Constant lunge attacks work well, and if you're feeling overwhelmed, you can let loose an inferno ninpo to clear the room out. If one of them latches on to you, mash the buttons to throw it off. Don't be afraid to use a few elixirs. You're earning a good deal of essence in here, and you can always buy back what you use up. When you've cleared the room, the elevator will return and you can leave.

If you feel up to the task, you can re-enter the room and the bugs will be back. If you manage to clear the room a second time, another treasure chest will appear next to the first one, giving you a valuable Talisman of Rebirth. You've got some tough boss fights ahead, and having this item will be rather helpful.

When you're done exterminating pests, save your game at the save station again, then go through the double stone doors right next to the save station to enter the Hall of Balance.

Hall of Balance

From the entryway, go to the left side of the room and step on the stone platform that's just above the surface of the water. You can run up that wall and grasp onto a ledge. Mantle over to the right and pull yourself up. Open the chest for the Insect Key. Jump down and go back out the same door you entered.

Aquaduct B3

Do a continuous wall run from the left wall to the front wall to get back up the Aquaduct B2.

Save your game again, as you're heading toward a boss fight. Go back up the stairs to the pit where you dropped from level B2 to B3. stairs, how do you get back up? You're a ninja, so face directly away from the stairs, then wall run along the left, jump to the wall in front, and then you should be able to hop up on the high platform to get back to Aquaduct B2.

Aquaduct B2

Remember the double stone door with the insects on it, in the hallway with the respawning fiends? Your Insect Key will open that door, so go there now. If you need to restock on elixirs, go to Muramasa's. You may want to consider buying explosive arrows as well, as they work wonders in the upcoming boss fight.

Chapter 10 - cont.

Mini-boss: Electric Eel

This boss seems a lot more challenging than he really is. Once you learn his attack patterns, and the way he telegraphs his attacks, he's not really difficult at all. The first thing he'll do is shoot you with balls of lightning. You can tell this is going to happen when the eel's teeth open up and then his head bobs back quickly just before shooting. If you have good reflexes, you should be able to roll out of the way of those shots.

The eel's swipe maneuver is a cinch to dodge and counter, once you know the trick.

His next attack is when he whips his head across the platform -- this is the eel's most common means of attacking. He telegraphs this move by waggling his head back and forth and then flopping over. Try to stay positioned near the center (but not dead center) of the platform at all times when you're not dodging electricity. Once you see the head waggle, jump straight up in the air and press Y at the apex of your jump. You'll stay in the air long enough to dodge the eel's swipe, and come down with a stab just in time to damage the eel.

Another move the eel will do is stick his head directly in the water to electrify it. This should be of no consequence to you as you don't want to be in the water anyway. If you see him doing this, it's a great opportunity to drill him with arrows (of any type), or your windmill shuriken. In fact, you have a chance to shoot the eel at least once, every time he pokes his head out of the tunnel. Over the course of the fight, your ranged attacks will whittle away a significant amount of the eel's health. The eel's final attack is a quick grab maneuver where he gobbles you up off the platform and thrashes you around. This throw is devastating, taking off about half of your health bar. As long as you're not standing dead center from the tunnel entrance, you should be safe.

Don't rush past and miss this golden scarab, right after you beat the eel.

After the eel dies, jump in the water and grab the Art of the Inazuma. This ninpo will serve you well throughout the rest of the game, so give it a try when you're fighting multiple tough enemies. Walk just inside the short tunnel entrance, then turn 180 degrees. Run up the wall to the top. There's a golden scarab right above this little tunnel! Continue through these tunnels and you'll end up in the Hall of Balance, on the second level.

Hall of Balance

Hang a right just as you enter the hall, and open the chest for a bunch of essences. Work your way around the other side, open a chest with the red tablet of the stream, and pick up a golden scarab. If you continue up the hall, you'll find a chest with a Life of the Gods, and fiends up the hallway, guarding a door that you can't open yet. Go back to the Hall of Balance and jump down to the lower level. Exit the double doors and save your game at the save station if you wish. Check your map and head over to the Red Water Reservoir, up the slope and to the right.

Red Water Reservoir

Grab this scarab next to the floor grating.

Check your map and head over to the red water reservoir. Kill the pink fiends inside, then go to the end of the room and triangle jump up to the top level. On one side, you'll find a metal floor grating -- around it you can get a golden scarab, and a Great Spirit Elixir. Place the red tablet of the stream into the pedestal, which will drain the water and cause some fiends to spawn in. Take them out. Make your way to the other side of the top level, and you'll find a chest with a valuable Spirit of the Devils. Jump down and make your way to level B2, using the continuous wall run trick you did earlier.

Aqueduct B2

Hang a left into the hallway, past the dead ninja who had the map. You can open the door at the end of this hallway now that the water's been drained out. Go inside and grab the statue of the water spirit. Go back to level B3. If you're low in elixirs, fill'er up at Muramasa's because you're heading toward another mini-boss fight. Tank up on arrows also.

Aqueduct B3

Save your game at the save station, then check your map. Notice the hallway on the map, sitting between the Hall of Balance and the Red Water Reservoir? That's where you need to go. Head towards the Red Water Reservoir, but hang a right just as the shallow water gives way to dry land. Pick up the diary from the dead ninja for storytime, then place your statue of the water spirit on the door to open it. Go in and hop down the hole to the underground waterway.

Underground Waterway

This little scarab is tucked away in a little near the entrance to this area.

Make your way forward several steps, and keep glancing at the ground to your left. You should find a golden scarab on the ground, tucked away from casual sight. Now make your way down the tunnel toward the aptly named "worm cavern" on your map for a mini-boss fight.

Mini-boss: Two Electric Eels

Since you had so much fun dealing with one eel, you get to play with two now. The same principles you used in the first fight still apply. Though the eels will sometimes act in unison, they'll often alternate attacks, so it's really a lot like fighting one eel with a double life bar. Roll out of the way of lightning balls, attack with the bow and windmill shuriken constantly, and use the jumping downward stab to counter when they go to the swipe attack. Having a Talisman of Rebirth to fall back on doesn't hurt either, so hopefully you saved the one you got earlier by defeating the second wave of bugs in Aquaduct B3.

Chapter 10 - cont.

Underground Waterway - cont.

This chest holds the blue tablet of the stream.

Go into the two side caves after you defeat the twin eels. On the right you'll find a chest with a Life of the Gods. On the left you'll find a golden scarab. Make your way deeper into the caverns, picking up a Great Spirit Elixir in a chest before reaching the stairstep cavern. You'll get ambushed there by some pink fiends. Dispatch them and make your way up the "stairs." At the top you'll find a chest with a Great Devil Elixir. Run along the top of this area to find a door with a chest next to it. Open the chest for an Elixir of Spiritual Life, then enter the door. You'll end up in a large cavern full of bats. Search the dead ninja here for a diary, and continue on. Eventually you'll reach a room full of the large red wasp creatures you encountered in chapter 6. Take these out, and get the chest on the altar for the blue tablet of the stream.

You know where to go now - the Blue Water Reservoir. Backtrack down the stairstep cavern, but don't go out through the worm caves. Go the other way and you can create a little shortcut. You'll encounter a room full of fiends, a dead ninja with incendiary shuriken, and another chest with an Elixir of Spiritual Life. Use the incendiary shuriken to blow open the wall with the yellow fissures in it. You should be close to the deep hole you used to drop into these caves. Fire a few shuriken up the well to clear the bats out, then triangle jump all the way to the top to get to Aquaduct B3. Go back to Muramasa's, which is right by the Blue Water Reservoir. Do some shopping now and fill up on elixirs, as the final boss fight for this chapter is drawing near.

Blue Water Reservoir

Place the tablet into the pedestal, which drains all the water out to the Hall of Balance. The room in the back of the Hall is now unlocked. You can jump down into the empty reservoir for a shortcut there. Open the door, fight through all the fiends and walk out to the Hall of Balance. Jump down, go out the door near the waterfall, to the save station and save your game. Now re-enter the Hall, and go through the back stone door, which is unlocked.

Peristyle Passage

Get up nice and high before you strike.

You're in some kind of ceremonial chamber with very high ceilings, tall statues, and...dozens of pink fiends. They only come at you three or four at a time, but put in the effort to kill all the fiends in this room. They seem to respawn endlessly. Don't be afraid to use a couple of elixirs and call upon your ninpo to assist in the fight. After you kill all the fiends in here a chest will spawn at the base of the statue at the end of the chamber. Open it for a Lives of the Thousand Gods. Go to the statue behind the chest and take notice of the red switch at its feet. Triangle jump near the top of the statue and come down on the switch with a downward strike to activate it. This will unlock the door nearby. Before you leave this area, use first person view and look up at the pillars. Notice that the top of one of the pillars is broken, near the entrance way. Triangle jump between the pillars to that broken top and find a golden scarab. Now exit through the unlocked door. You can run past the bats, or take them out for easy money. Go through the next door.

Underground Sanctuary

Begin your continuous wall run on this wall and you'll make it to the top easily.

Take out the fiends on this level, then run into the small room on the left. Grab arrows from the dead ninja inside and the golden scarab on the mound. If you look up, you see you have to get to the platform up above. Use a continuous wall run to go all the way around the room. You should be able to gain enough altitude to reach the platform after you make one circuit. From the platform above, look across and see the glowing red mark. Shoot it with your bow to bring down a section of wall on the left. Wall run along that and jump across to the other side.

Go up the stairs and go across the thin walkway to your right. Get the Great Spirit Elixir from that chest. Go to the other side of the room and walk along the thing strip of floor along the wall. You'll reach a gap where there's a tree root sticking out. Jump diagonally to the left to reach that tree root, and you can vault to the other side of the room. Pull the sword out of the stone, King Arthur. Before jumping down, take a peek behind the pillar to the left of the sword stone for a golden scarab. Hop down and place the sword in the appropriate spot on the floor to start the boss fight.

Boss Fight: Giant Fossil Bird

Send fossil Tweety to his doom by ripping up his head when he bows.

After taking on the eels, this boss should be a piece of cake. If you're standing far away from the bird, it'll attack with a laser beam that erupts into a wall of flame along the path traced by the bird. If it traces a horizontal path, jump forward or backward immediately to avoid the flames. If the laser goes vertically, jump to one side. The bird's weak point is its head. Get up close to the bird and use aerial strikes and lunges on its legs--these do minimal damage, but every now and then, the bird will fall over and rest its head momentarily on the ground. Go up to the head and strike it repeatedly while you have the chance.

Sometimes the bird will stomp up and down in place. Jump out of the way as it lands. It will also wave its wings to create a shockwave, which you can dodge by jumping out of the way. When the bird flies to the other side of the room, simply follow it over there and keep striking at it, taking advantage of the times it brings its head to the ground. For the times it flies up to the platforms and perches, usually a good spot to stand is underneath those platforms, but you can still get hit sometimes with a shockwave.

Chapter 11: The Path to Zarkhan

Like shooting fish in a barrel. Or a moat anyway.

Ninjas aren't nearly as graceful in the water as they are on land or in the air. Too bad for you, you're going to be doing a lot of swimming in this level. Save your game at the save point on this platform. Open the two chests for a map of the moat and a Great Spirit Elixir. If you have any arrows left, you may want to shoot the two giant fish swimming in this pool of water before jumping in. Two arrows each should do the trick. Dive in the water off the right side of the platform and grab the golden scarab you see under the broken metal grate. Swim under that grate and open the chest there for the gold medallion.

If you're having trouble figuring out how to swim, try the following tips. Press up on the stick and A to ascend to the surface. Press down on the stick and A to dive deeper. Once you're at a depth you want to be at, just press left and right on the analog stick to point in the direction you want to go. Press A to swim forward, and maintain your depth. If you do nothing you will very slowly float to the surface. You can still attack with your sword underwater, but it's awkward. Best to wait for the spear gun. Don't forget to take breaths every now and then, as your oxygen is limited, for the moment.

Swim back to the area where you jumped off the platform. On the other side you should find a round pipe opening. Swim through it until you reach an area with some bubbles. If you descend in this small room a bit, you'll find a dead ninja body with a clue. It's a combination to a lock - 0971. Remember that code.

0971 is the magic number!

Continue swimming along the pipe and you'll end up in another pool with some giant fish and annoying laser helicopters. The laser helicopters are actually the bigger threat, so swim up to them and take a swipe at them with your sword. Ignore the fish and find the square stone opening on the other side of this pool. Go through it and you'll find the locked door that you need to open with the combination. You can't see the numbers though. Hang a right from there, and you'll end up in a small pool. Look for the ninja body at the bottom of the pool and get the owl's eye. Now you can see in dark areas.

Swim back to the door with the combination lock on it and enter 0971. Go through the now-open door. You'll end up in an alcove with a shop kiosk and a dead ninja. Search the body for the spear gun. Do some shopping if you wish, then continue swimming through the narrow passageways to the next area. More annoying laser helicopters here. Take them out, then pull yourself up on the platform and grab the golden scarab.

Pluck up this golden scarab, minding its own business in a quiet corner of the large pool adjacent to the sunken ship area.

Dive down and find the square stone opening, with the broken metal grating. Swim through that opening to reach a cavern with a save point and some bats. Save your game if you wish, then open the two chests nearby for a Great Spirit Elixir and a Life of the Gods. Dive back in the water and go through the round, gray stone opening you find. You'll reach another alcove with a locked door and a square opening. Go through that square tunnel and you'll end up in a large area with some giant fish. Whip out your spear gun and skewer them, then hang a right from the tunnel opening and find a golden scarab in the corner.

Sunken Ship

Swim back in the other direction and you'll see the sunken ship is off to your right. Swim underneath the broken grating to get in that area, which is guarded by more annoying laser helicopters. Swim into the hole on the back of the ship to get a hand crank. Go back out and take a breath. Pull yourself up on the deck of the ship and take out the helicopters with your bow. Approach the winch, and use your hand crank on it. This opens up a second level in the sunken ship. Swim back into the hole in the back of the ship and go all the way to the back. Ascend a bit to the next level of the ship, and you'll find a golden scarab and the oxygen cylinder. Now you don't have to take breaths--you can stay underwater indefinitely.

Chapter 11 - cont.

After getting the oxygen cylinder, enter this maze-like area through the opening on the left.

Exit the sunken ship area through the broken grating, and notice the long, low rows of bars across from you, that look somewhat like a jail. You can enter this maze-like structure and swim up and down these aisles safely now. Enter through the opening on the left side. Swim up and down these aisles, and open up chests for a Life of the Gods, and the silver medallion. Go back to the save point where the bats were, and save your game.

Walk into the cave on the other side of the platform from the save station, and take out the red wasp-like enemies you find there. Insert your medallions into the appropriate spots on the altar, which will open the door to the fissure. Swim over there. There isn't any interesting treasure here, so just swim to that bubbling fissure in the ground and descend into it.

Hidden Underground

Check your map--when you're in the Chamber of Everlasting Sleep, swim to the top of the room for this scarab.

You're back in the Hidden Underground, in the coffin chamber where the fossil dragon crashed after you defeated it in chapter 6. There's only one path through here, and that's via a ragged tunnel in the bottom of this chamber. Swim through it, and you end up in the hallway where you picked up the Art of the Ice Storm. Descend down the hallway to the Chamber of Everlasting Sleep, where you had to deal with the floor switch and the moving platforms. Swim all the way to the top of this chamber to get a golden scarab. Swim back down and go through the metal gate.

Take a long swim through the cave until you end up in the same room you were in chapter 7, with the elevator to the monk's room in the monastery. There are fish in this area now, so shoot them with your spear gun before proceeding fully into the room. Go in the elevator and take a ride to the top again.

Kill the ninjas that jump you in the monk's room and look at the diary on the floor. These men may be pious, but they sure are slow at learning. They've stashed another treasure in the safe. Go to it and enter the code from the diary. Clockwise to the 1, clockwise to the 2, counter-clockwise back to the 2, and clockwise to the 3. The safe opens for a Jewel of the Demon Seal. Go back down the elevator and swim into the brick tunnel nearby that leads into the floor. You'll end up at a save point next to an elevator. Save your game, as the showdown with Doku is about to begin.

Boss Fight: Doku

This is exactly the grab you want to avoid, as Doku steals health from you and vampirically heals himself.

Hit and run tactics are the key to fighting Doku. Try wall attacks, and your aerial lunge move. If you connect cleanly, take one or two more cheap swipes and then jump away. Don't try to unleash your full combos on him. Chances are, he's going to block all your strikes and do a very nasty grab move where he picks you up in one hand, runs you through with his sword, and vampirically heals himself. If you do get caught up in this grapple, pound the buttons quickly to release, so he doesn't suck too much life out of you. It's imperative that you avoid getting grabbed by Doku because of the healing factor. You can only take health away from him in a nickel and dime fashion, so seeing some of your work undone can be very discouraging, on top of the damage you take.

Doku's other major moves include a combo strike attack, which is accentuated by a red glow around his sword, Kitetsu, and Doku himself and he uncorks several strikes in quick succession. If you see him begin to unleash this angry maneuver, jump away quickly and open up some distance. Then capitalize on his whiffs by counter-attacking with an aerial swoop of your own. If you stand too far away from Doku, he'll also throw his sword at you, which can do a significant amount of damage. Again, if you can roll out of the way and make him miss his toss, he's vulnerable, so pounce on him. You can also block the sword toss.

Pound the buttons when you end up sword-locked with Doku.

The other attacks are minor. Single strikes with his sword you can block or roll away from. He'll also pound his sword into the ground for a shockwave attack that you can jump over. You might also watch out for his breath attack where he removes his mask and breathes a cone of icy air. This is easy to dodge; get behind him and try to stab him in the back. Finally, if you end up sword locked with Doku, pound the button and knock him off balance. If you win the sword clash, you'll have a brief chance to land a few clean hits.

Don't forget, your strategy should be to go slow and steady, and be satisfied taking off bits and pieces of Doku's health. You won't land any long combos on him, so don't try to do so.

Chapter 12 - The Caverns

Note the golden scarab behind the pillar here.

Grab Kitetsu, which is sitting on the ground near you. Head into the room opposite the elevator you arrived in, and look behind a pillar to your left. There's a golden scarab on the ground. You're about to begin a switch puzzle, so take note. We'll label the switches A, B, C, and so on as we flip them, so read carefully to keep everything straight.

The Arena Switch Puzzle

1. Inside the room with the pillars and the golden scarab, flip the switch to the down position. We'll call this switch A. Doing this lowers several platforms in the arena, and you'll have access to two additional switches.

Watch carefully to see how to use the switches

2. Go to the doorway of the room and face out into the arena. Ahead and to your left is a platform near the ground that you can jump on. There's a switch here that we'll call switch B. Flip it to the down position.

3. Now run across the arena to the opposite side, where you'll find another platform near the ground with a switch near it (switch C). Jump on and flip switch C to the down position.

4. Look to your right, and wall run to the next platform. From here you can see another platform with a switch on it (switch D), that is higher up.

Wall run around the corner to reach the higher platform with the switch

5. Do a continuous wall run around the corner to reach that higher platform, and turn switch D to the down position.

6. To your right is a ledge with a chest. Do a simple jump to it and open the chest for a Great Spirit Elixir.

7. Just beyond the chest is yet another platform with a switch near it (switch E). Jump over and flip switch E to the down position.

8. Now here's where it starts to get a little tricky. Backtrack to switch D and flip it back to the UP position. Doing this will remove the platform from switch E, making E inaccessible.

9. Jump down, and run to the opposite corner. Jump onto the platform that has switch B, but do NOT flip it back up.

10. Do a continuous wall run around the corner to the next platform. From here you should be able to run up the wall and get on top of the narrow ledge above the doorway to the elevator. You'll find a golden scarab on this ledge.

11. Drop back down to the previous platform.

This is the trickiest wall run in the sequence.

12. Face the corner of the arena from this platform and do a continuous wall run around the corner. You'll start along the right wall, jump once to the wall in front, and jump once more to finish the wall run along the side of the abutment jutting from the wall. You'll be able to run directly onto this very high platform without a third jump.

13. You're now standing on a very high platform. Look out toward one side of the arena and you'll see another platform, slightly lower in elevation, and right next to the grandstands. Jump to it.

Once you're on the center platform, jump into the stands like a Green Bay Packer.

14. From this center platform, jump into the grandstands and open the two chests for a Great Devil Elixir and a Life of the Gods.

15. Notice another floating platform in the air, near the chest that had the Life of the Gods. Jump to it from the grandstand. Jump again to the high walkway running along the perimeter of the arena.

16. Flip the switch on this walkway to raise some platforms in the room that had switch A.

17. Keep walking past the switch up here for another chest with a Life of the Gods and another golden scarab. Now just jump down and go in the room with the original switch and run up the walls to continue.

Chapter 12 - cont.

After you've pulled yourself up out of the arena, you find yourself on a path toward Zarkhan and Tairon. Just before you reach the gates to both, you'll stumble across a chest on the right that has a Great Spirit Elixir. Once you reach both gates, you'll be ambushed by pink and orange fiends. They'll respawn over and over again, but if you can spare the elixirs and skills for a long fight, it's worth exterminating all of them. After knocking off a couple dozen or so, a chest will appear at the foot of the long stairway to Zarkhan. Open it for a valuable Lives of the Thousand Gods.

You can search the ninja body to the left of the gate to Tairon for a diary. If you are antsy and want to save your game, continue along the pathway between the stairs and the gate, jump over a fallen tree and you'll find a save station. Search the ninja body here for the map of Zarkhan. Notice the three statue heads nearby. Pull out your war hammer and smash them. The one on the left hides a Life of the Gods. The one on the right holds a golden scarab. Now make your way back to the area you fought all the fiends. Go through the gate to Tairon and cross the Great Bridge.

Take your war hammer to this doorway and smash it open.

You're in the Great Bridge Square, an area you may remember from chapter 4. Keep running ahead toward the door with the five green jewels on it. Before you get to it, hang a left into an alley where some fiend soldiers will spawn. These guys are faster, tougher, and even nastier than the pink fiends. Don't take them lightly as you engage them. Look around this area for a doorway that is cracked with glowing purple fissures. Whip out your war hammer and smash open the doorway. Open the chest inside for an Elixir of Spiritual Life. Do a continuous wall run from the left side of the room to get up on the balcony on the right. From there, you can wall run to the other balcony, which has a chest with a Life of the Gods. Leave this area, go through the door with five green jewels and enter Muramasa's shop for a cutscene. Do some shopping, making sure you fill up on elixirs and arrows of all types, then head back to the save point where you smashed open the statue heads.

Zarkhan Falls

Save your game again and continue along the path. Dive into the pond, and grab the golden scarab at the bottom, and open the chest near the tree root for a Life of the Gods. Pull yourself up on the strip of land and open the chest for a Great Spirit Elixir. Go into the cave behind the waterfall, and smash open the cracked wall with your war hammer.

Ice Cavern

Watch out for the icy breath of these fiends.

Continue through, dropping into a cavern with some bats. Search the ninja body here for a map of the caverns. Jump in the water, swim underneath and pop up on the other side. Walk onward and slide into the Ice Cavern. You'll be stuck in a small area fighting pink fiends and some dinosaur-like ice fiends similar to the ones you fought at the end of Chapter 5. Avoid their ice breath, rolls, and especially their head biting throw. Consider using some ninpo in this area to assist in the fight. Once you're done, backflip up to the platform with the chest and open it for a Great Spirit Elixir. Jump up and walk down the pathway. Jump across the gap to reach a save station next to a door. Save your game here.

Smash through this thin ice wall with your weapon.

From there, drop down into the rift and make your way deeper into the caverns. Some pink fiends will spawn in. Dispatch them and continue along until you reach a short wall you can climb over. You'll eventually reach a dead end that looks like a frosted window. Smash through it with any weapon to open the way and go through.

Make your way to the right, dispatching more pink fiends. Climb up the wall and you'll see ice bars blocking your path ahead to the ruins. Turn sharply to the right and you'll be in a small alcove with a thin layer of ice on the floor. Use a downward strike to break through it and drop down.

More pink fiends; you know what to do with them. Climb up the stair stepped portion and you'll end up in the ruins of a foundry. On one side is a mold for a round thing that looks like a gear. On the other side is the pentagonal Shield of Vigoor. Didn't you see a door next to the save point with a pentagonal depression? Backtrack there and insert the shield to unlock the door. Go through.

Magma Cavern

As you enter the magma cavern, some nasty fire-breathing fiends pop up out of the lava in front of you. These guys can be a real pain. Thankfully you bought lots of arrows at Muramasa's shop in Tairon (didn't you?). The easiest way to kill them is to hit them with arrows. Five regular arrows, or three to four hits from the explosive or APFSDS types will kill these fiends. Snipe them, then walk forward and grab the stone tablet fragment (left) in front of you. Turn to your right and you'll see a piece of iron ore sitting off to the side next to the wall.

Slip past this nozzle when you have an opportunity.

Proceed down the lava-filled hallway. Use the Y button to lengthen your jumps if you need to. As you round the bend to the right, jump on to the thin strip of land next to the wall and pick up another bit of iron ore. Turn around and notice a classic steam trap/puzzle. Make your way carefully down the ramp and run up the left wall to grasp the ledge. Mantle to the right -- once you're hanging on the ledge, you only have to worry about one steam nozzle. Go past when it's safe (the window of opportunity is kind of short). When you reach the other side, there's a hallway down and to your left and a ramp ahead of you.

Chapter 12 - cont.

Drop down into the hallway to the left to battle more fiends. You can immediately run back up the ledge and pick them off with your bow from up high. Or you can fight them the old fashioned way. If you do the latter, make use of wall attacks and ninpo. The lightning ninpo works pretty well. When you're done killing off the fiends here, continue on until you reach the magma lake. Two more fire fiends pop up in the lake. Whip out your bow and shoot them down.

You can play with the floor switch here by using a downward strike. Some walkways will pop out of the lava. To get across safely, you need to jump on to the first bit of land, walk forward, jump to the bar in the middle of lake, and then vault to the next bit of land. These little islands don't stay up permanently though so don't dawdle. But before you make your way across, backtrack to the junction next to the steam trap. Go out toward the ramp that juts out over the lake. Jump across to the platform with the door that has a face on it. Look on either side of that door and grab both pieces of iron ore.

You can wall run along here to get access to another alcove.

Turn around and face the lake again. On your right is the platform where you sniped the fiends from. On the left is a platform you haven't explored yet. Jump toward that platform. You'll land in the lava and take a spot of damage, but you should be able to reach safe land in one more hop, so no big deal. There's a Muramasa shop kiosk here, so fill up again on elixirs and arrows.

Notice the wall extending diagonally out into the lake, near the kiosk? Wall run along it and into an alcove. You'll fight more fire fiends here. Use arrows and/or ninpo to eliminate the fiends. Once they're dead, grab the bit of iron ore in the back, then take notice of the short column surrounded by a moat of lava in the corner. You can jump toward this platform and run up it to get on top. Go through the door and you'll find yourself staring at a giant see-saw.

Use the see-saw to help you up to the high doorways.

Jump on the see-saw and allow the far end to rise up high. Run forward, jump toward the wall in front and you can vault into the opening. Stop and turn around and look back at the see-saw. There's a high doorway on the other side. Jump on the see-saw and pull the same trick going in the other direction. You'll find another piece of iron ore here and a chest full of essences. Do the see-saw trick and go back the other way to the cave full of bats. Continue through and you find yourself at the other end of the foundry ruins. Walk to the back, where there's a big vat of molten metal. Drop in four pieces of iron ore and a cutscene will play to show that you've cast a mold. The ice bars on the other side also melt.

From the vat, turn 180 degrees and look down. There's a platform with a golden scarab on it. Drop to it and grab it, then run up the wall to get back to the doorway. You need to backtrack to the foundry ruins where you grabbed the Shield of Vigoor, but tank up again on elixirs and arrows from Muramasa's first if you need to.

Ice Cavern

Make your way to the foundry ruins where you got the Shield of Vigoor. Pick up the Cog of Vigoor out of the mold. Look to your left - the ice bars have melted away, giving you access to another save station. Save here, then look to your right and grab a golden scarab on the floor. Walk past that point and find another hole in the ground covered by a thin layer of ice. Break through to start a mini-boss fight.

Mini-boss: Giant Mole

When the mole misses his grab, he looks like this - unload on him when you see him in this position.

Don't be fooled by his massive size. This guy is a pushover. The main attack you have to watch out for is his grab move, which he telegraphs by raising his hands high up into the air. When you see that happen, get out from in front of him because he will slap his hands together to pick you up. When he whiffs, punish him with some combos. Another common attack he'll use is when he pounds the ground with both hands like Donkey Kong. This will raise shards of ice underneath you, which you can dodge by jumping, or simply block. As soon as he's done pounding, he's vulnerable, so hit him with a flying slash. He's also got a breath attack that isn't used very often - a cone of cold from his mouth. Otherwise, just dodge his swipes and keep doing your flying slashes; punish him with combos when he whiffs on an attack.

Get yourself in this position to drop to the chest.

After you've killed the mole, grab the Eye of Ice from the ground and exit the door. Triangle jump up the pillars in the next room, but notice you pass a chest on the way up. To get to that chest, walk off the edge in between the two pillars so that you're hanging by your hands. Then simply drop down. Ryu will catch the edge of the ledge where the chest is, and you can pull yourself up to it. The chest holds a Jewel of the Demon Seal. Triangle jump out and you'll end up in a familiar hallway.

Chapter 12 - cont.

Magma Caverns

Make your way back to the Magma Caverns, to the island in the magma lake where Muramasa's kiosk is. Fill up on arrows of all types if you need them. On this same island is a door where you can place the Cog of Vigoor. Enter the door to the Path of Flame

Path of Flame

Don't miss this scarab.

Grab the Great Spirit Elixir by opening the chest in this room. Save your game at the save point if you wish. These hallways are guarded by statues that spit flame at intervals, so time your moves carefully. After passing the first flamethrower statue, you'll reach an intersection with a flame statue to your right, and a golden scarab to your left. Grab the beetle and continue on. You'll reach a room with a door and a chest. Open the chest for a Great Devil Elixir and open the door for a mini-boss fight.

Mini-boss: Fire Eel

You've seen this guy's electric cousins already. He's got the same M.O, with one twist. He shoots a ring of fire at you instead of an electric ball. These shots can't be dodged with a roll, so you must jump laterally when he cocks his head for the shot. Otherwise, the strategy is the same as before. Shoot him with arrows and windmill shuriken when you can, and stay out of the dead center of the room to avoid his throw. When he flops his head over to do his swipe attack, jump straight up in the air and press Y to stab down on him.

If you jump from here and then press Y to extend your leap, you can get across.

After the eel is dead, jump across for the Eye of Flame. Walk into the next area and find the chest with a Life of the Gods to your right. Now, you have to do an annoying platform puzzle to get across. You have to execute a downward stab on the floor switch, jump ahead twice to get on the big bit of land, then bear left. Jump toward the bar, and on your first swing, vault over to the other side, and jump across the gap. If you waste any time at all, the fire will block the final gap and you'll have to start over. Alternatively, instead of running left and jumping to the bar from the second second platform, you can bear right and jump across, pressing Y at the apex of your jump to extend the leap. If you do it right, you will land cleanly and you'll have time to wall run or jump the final gap. The problem with the latter method is that if you mess up, you splash down into the lava.

Keep going to end up at the magma lake. Fill up on elixirs again at Muramasa's because the final boss fight is coming up. Make your way up to the platform that has the door with the face on it. Now that you have the Eye of Ice and the Eye of Flame, you can enter. Walk through and grab the Devil, Deity of Immortality statue in front of you to begin the boss battle.

Boss Fight: Flame Dragon

This dragon's weak point is his head. At various points, he'll stick his head across the stone, within your reach, so strike it with aerial attacks--take full advantage of the opportunities when the dragon puts his head within reach. He'll shoot fireballs at you which you can easily dodge with a jump, and occasionally raise the side platforms to the second level. You can fight from there as well; it doesn't make too much of a difference. Another common attack is a stream of flame where he sticks his head out low and runs it across the platform. Run away from the head, or jump over the stream. Also watch out when the dragon flaps his wings - this sends a wall of flame at you that you can't really dodge, but you can try blocking to reduce the damage.

This dragon's bite is worse than his bark.

The main attack you have to worry is the bite maneuver which does massive damage. If you get caught up in the dragon's mouth, mash the buttons to escape the chomping as quickly as possible. Ideally you can make the dragon miss his bite, which leaves his head very vulnerable. Punish him as much as you can when he catches air on the bite.

After the dragon dies, run across his neck and grab the Lives of the Thousand Gods on his body. Run across, over his tail and through the next door to end the chapter.

Chapter 13 - The Fiendish Awakening

You're almost there! Keep up your continuous wall-run around the room to spiral up and out.

Continue along the cave of bats, and pick up the complete map of the Vigoorian Underground and a diary from the dead ninja. You'll eventually reach a room with a save station and a bunch of the red wasp monsters. There's also a chest behind the save station with a Life of the Gods. Though it's a pain, be sure to kill all the wasps. When you do, a chest will appear at the top of the room containing a Talisman of Rebirth. Getting to the top of the room will require a long, continuous wall run. You'll make several circuits around the room as you spiral upward. Go through the door, and you'll end up in the underground waterway, near where you found the stone tablet for the blue water reservoir in chapter 10.

Make your way out of here, up through the aqueduct, and all the way back to Dworku, near where the train crashed. You should then go to the drawbridge back to Tairon, saving at the various save stations along the way, if you wish. Across the bridge, in the drawbridge square, you'll run into three zombie troops. They behave much like the large zombies you fought in the tombs of chapter 6. These zombies can sustain a lot of damage, but you should take the time to defeat them all. If you do, a chest will appear here that contains another precious Talisman of Rebirth.


Your next objective is the fountain at the Twin Serpents Plaza. Along the way you can stop at Muramasa's for some shopping. When you get to the plaza, you must reassemble the pieces of the stone tablet that you've collected throughout the game. Go there, and put the tablet together on the pedestal next to the serpents sculpture. A short cutscene will play. Remember all those stone circles you've been seeing around the game? These now function as warp points. You get automatically warped to Hayabusa Village. Before you do anything here, you have a choice.

Before doing your business in Hayabusa Village, return to this warp circle in Tairon for a challenging side mission.

If you're up for a tough fiend extermination mission, return to Tairon through the warp point. Check your map and notice the other warp circle in Tairon, which is marked by a fuzzy bluish circle. It's in the northwest part of Tairon, past Muramasa's shop, through the door with the five green jewels, and on your right in the open building. Using that warp circle will take you to the fiend realm, where you'll have to take on dozens of pink fiends, and the larger dark fiends who have pincer claws on their hands. This is a challenging extermination battle, as the waves of fiends never seem to end, but if you can make it through, you'll earn a Lives of the Thousand Gods. Use your lightning ninpo to help you through. By this point in the game, your life bar is already pretty long, so the value of that extra bit of life isn't that great, but if you're up for a challenging side mission, this one is worthwhile. Go back to the Twin Serpents Plaza and warp to Hayabusa Village.

Hayabusa Village

Break this rock with your war hammer for a nice treasure.

Remember that large stone with the white crack in it that you couldn't break before? Smash it with your war hammer now for a Jewel of the Demon Seal. Climb up into the building with the shop kiosk and do some shopping for elixirs here if you need them. Head toward the graveyard. As you walk through it, a cutscene will play and your sword will be transformed into the True Dragon Sword. Climb up the last set of stairs in the graveyard and warp to the next area using the warp point.

You're in an area with two warp circles. Walk to the next one and use it. You'll end up in a room adjacent to the Magma Cavern, near yet another warp circle. You may want to exit the Magma Cavern to the ice cavern and save your game, as you're about to begin the boss fight. When you're ready, warp one last time, and walk across the field to begin the boss fight.

Chapter 13 - cont

Boss Fight: Alma, again

Alma has turned into a very ugly cross between a cobra and a centipede. Her hood is totally armored, while her weak point is the tail portion where all her legs are. Your goal is to try and get around behind her, where you can attack her soft hindquarters. In general it's easier to do this when she's running around on the ground, as opposed to floating about, as she's much more agile in the air. Unleash quick slashes whenever you can get a clean look at the hindquarters.

If you're a good shot with the bow, you can attempt to whittle some health away by firing at the soft spots, but you'll need to be mindful of pink fireballs that she'll toss back at you. You'll certainly want to avoid standing right in front of Alma for prolonged periods because she's got some nasty slashing attacks, as well as a grab move where she picks you up with her legs and body slams you to the ground for massive damage.


Use your fireball ninpo here to ignite the torches.

After Alma is defeated, you find yourself standing at the base of a large pyramid. Smash open the cracked wall with your war hammer and step inside. Go through the door and down the stairs. There are three doors at the base of the stairs. The one in front of you is "held shut by a mysterious force." The door to the right, marked on the floor with a droplet of water, is also locked, so go left. Go around the corner and get the map of the pyramid from the dead ninja. Go past the doorway on the left all the way to the bottom of the stairs. You'll see an altar with two unlit torches here, but if you look in the mirror, the torches are lit. Use your fireball ninpo to ignite the torches, and a Jewel of the Demon Seal will appear on the altar.

Go back up the stairs, and enter the door on the side you bypassed just a moment ago. Open the chest in this room for a Great Spirit Elixir. Get the tablet of water out of the wall, from the space above the flame symbol. Put it into the adjacent spot on the wall, above the water drop symbol. This will open all doors marked by water, and cause a crescent moon to appear on the door you ran into earlier. Bugs will spawn into the room as the exits seal off. Eliminate all the bugs.

Blue tablet goes above the water droplet, orange tablet above the flame.

Exit the open doorway, to the right of the flame symbol. Go back to the original junction of three doors, and you find that the doorway marked by the water symbol is now open. Go around the bend and into the open door on your right. Grab the Life of the Gods out of the chest, and then pull the tablet of flame out of the wall. Turn to your left, and go back into the room that had the flame symbol on the wall and put the tablet of flame in it. Bugs spawn in the room again, so exterminate them as before.

Go back across the hallway to the room with the tablet of leaves. Pull it out of the wall, but don't place it above the plant symbol yet. The door behind you opens, revealing the statue of Serpent, Deity of Creation. Grab it, then place the tablet of leaves into the wall above the leaf symbol to end the chapter.

Chapter 14: Vengeful Spirit

You're still not out of the pyramid. You'll need to get over to the door with the glowing moon on it, and exit. This will put you just outside the labyrinth. Begin running down the walkway, taking notice of the torches that light up as you go. You won't get a map for this chapter, so the torches are there to help you remember where you've been.

Hang a left after the brief cutscene of Doku's ghost and head into the building. You can save your game at the save station and do some shopping at the nearby kiosk. Also grab the Great Spirit Elixir out of the chest. Go deeper into the building and use the warp circle to enter the fiend realm. You'll fight several pink fiends in an arena-like structure. Get the Griffon Key out of the chest, and warp back. Leave the building, run back up the pathway, and use the key to unlock the gate to the labyrinth.


Here's the map of the labyrinth that you're not supposed to get until after the chapter. Key areas marked with numbers.

Walk straight up the stairs and to the right. You'll see a short cutscene that warns you of the ghost piranha. These guys are nasty, nasty creatures. They swarm on you and drain your health quickly if you don't throw them off. If you get surrounded, you can use lightning ninpo to fry them. The best way to travel through a piranha-infested area is to jump forward and press X, over and over again. You'll do a spiral slicing maneuver that kills the fish in the air, and as you land, the piranha won't be able to latch on to you either. Hop again quickly in the direction you want. In a piranha-infested area, this hopping method is the only safe way to travel.

1. Take a slight detour to the left in the first area with piranhas for a Life of the Gods. Once you have that, continue along the pathway, and get to the short stairwell at the end to escape the piranhas.

2. Hang a right at the top of the stairs to go up another short flight of stairs. Make another right, and you'll be at a dead end, with a ninja body that has a diary.

3. Go back the other way and you'll be at another dead end, with a chest that contains a Great Devil Elixir.

You're done in this area. From the torch at the top of the stairs, walk straight ahead and you'll see another short cutscene of Doku's ghost entering a doorway. Run past that doorway, and go all the way around to the left and then to the right. You're in an L-shaped area that has the tough claw fiends and piranha attacking you. Use your fire ninpo to kill the fiends and piranha. Once they're exterminated, you can safely walk along the high ledge to reach

4. At the end of the L-shaped area with fiends and piranha, you'll find the Lion Key at the end of the high walkway, and a chest full of essences on the ground level. You can now unlock the door that Doku's ghost went through, so do that now.

5. Go left from the lion door, all the way to the dead end for a golden scarab.

6. Go back the other way, and head up the short steps and around to this dead end for a Great Spirit Elixir.

Jump plus the X button allows you to safely travel past and kill the piranhas.

7. Don't go into the large courtyard area yet. Instead, head down the narrow, piranha-filled corridor. Remember to use the jump + X maneuver to safely make your way through the area.

8. Find this alcove for the second and last golden scarab of this chapter.

9. Search out this dead end for a Great Spirit Elixir.

10. Make a dash through yet another fish-infested area for the Lioness Key.

11. Backtrack all the way back to the large courtyard you skipped earlier. Don't waste your energy on the fiends here. Just unlock the door for the boss fight.

Boss Fight: Doku's Ghost

When Doku whiffs on a strike, punish him with your lunging jump + Y slash.

The main complication in fighting Doku's Ghost is that he has incredible range with that oversized sword. He commonly uses a two slash combo, starting with an uppercut, and then a downward strike. Doku still has the grab-health suck move that you dealt with at the end of chapter 11, so don't allow him to grab you! He's also added another grab move where he runs you through with the sword, but doesn't suck life out of you. That version of the throw takes off about half of your lengthy lifebar, assuming you got all the health extending items.

Relative to what you've already seen though, this isn't a tough boss battle. Keep your distance (he doesn't throw his sword anymore), and when you see Doku whiff on a slash, do your lunging jump + Y slash at him. As it has been all game, that will be your bread and butter move against Doku's Ghost, so use it early and often to defeat him.

Chapter 15: The Core

Palace Compound

Piranha spawn into the arena, so quickly exit through the open doorway and get to the Palace Compound. Save your game at the save station, and you can pick up a map of the labyrinth from the nearby ninja's body. Fat lot of use that thing is now. Head right from the save station to the dead end and pick up a Great Spirit Elixir from the chest. Go back in the other direction down the pathway toward the core of the palace. You'll eventually reach a clearing where some pink fiends and claw fiends jump you. Kill them off and don't miss the chest along the side with a Great Devil Elixir.

Find this dead ninja for the key to the core tower.

You're right next to the bridge to the core, but don't go across yet. You need a key. Run past the bridge and down the path some more until you reach the gates back to Tairon. You'll need to deal with some piranhas here, so be on your toes. Exit the gate to the big stairway. At the top of the stairs you find a dead ninja carrying a diary and the Key of the Decayed Soul. Now you've got what you need to enter the core. But before you head off, fill up on elixirs and arrows at Muramasa's shop in Tairon. You won't see a shop kiosk anywhere, so now's the time to do your final shopping. Buy elixirs and fill up on arrows of all types. When you're done, cross the bridge to the core of the palace and unlock the door.

Imperial Palace Core 1st Floor

You're attacked by the dinosaur-like fiends you saw at the end of chapter 5, just before you met Rachel. If you have been hoarding red elixirs all game, now's the time to use your ninpo. Don't be shy about it, either. The idea is to waste as few spirit elixirs as possible on your way up the core, so after clearing each floor, you may want to heal by sitting around with your armlet of tranquility instead of using a potion. Once the fiends are dead, find the small shrine in the center of the room and place the Raptor Deity of Sentiment statue there. That unlocks the plain iron door to a stairway full of piranha. Remember your jump + X trick and use it to get to the top of the stairs. There's a chest up there with a Great Spirit Elixir. Enter the door at the top of the stairs.

Imperial Palace Core 2nd Floor

More dinosaur fiends. This time, the red guys are mixed with the cold breathing fiends from the ice caverns. You know the drill--kill them all, then place a deity statue in the center shrine to unlock the exit. Guess what? You're in a stairwell with some piranha. Get up the stairs and open the door to a room full of watchful eyes.

Imperial Palace Core 3rd Floor

Drop off the edge here to find the final golden scarab.

You're now facing pink fiends and claw fiends, but the exercise is the same as before. Kill them all, being thrifty with your health elixirs if you can, and place a statue in the shrine to unlock the next door. Get up the stairwell, this time being sure to kill all the piranha. Use lightning ninpo to assist in the fish kill. A chest with a Great Spirit Elixir awaits at the top of the stairs. Before entering the next room, look off the edge and drop down carefully. You should land on a narrow pathway. Make your way around the bend and grab the last golden scarab! Walk back the other way and drop down off the skull and you'll be at the doorway leading into the 3rd floor again. The fiends are back, but skip them and exit out the back. Go up the stairs and into the 4th floor.

Imperial Palace Core 4th Floor

This time you face four claw fiends, two at a time. These guys are pretty tough to fight with just weapons, so again, break out your ninpo to shorten the battle, and help you conserve health potions, which are absolutely critical. When they're dead, place the statue in the shrine and exit out the door. One more piranha-filled stairway to go! Reach the top of the stairs, and the cursed fish leave you alone.

Chapter 15 - cont.

The Gates of Hell

Look around this platform. There's a chest with a Great Devil Elixir, and a chest with a Great Spirit Elixir. There's also a save station which you should use now. If you're low on health potions, you may actually want to consider running back to Tairon to tank up--you should be able to just exit each fiend-filled floor without clearing them out as you did the first time. If you're satisfied with what you have, enter the warp circle for a serious of fights.

You're in the fiend realm in an arena. You have five tests to complete here.

1. Exterminate several pink fiends. This should be pretty easy. After you take them out, the fiend king warps you to another arena.

2. Tentacle fiend. This is the third time you've seen this guy and he's still a pushover. You know the drill. Cut off both tentacles, then attack the body with long, slashing combos. Stick close to the body to avoid the nasty goo. Lather, rinse, repeat. Warp back to the arena with the fiend king after you heal up with your armlet of tranquility.

3. Kill more pink fiends. This time around, the battle is complicated by the fiend king tossing fireballs at you while you fight his minions. You can't do anything about the fireballs, so just kill the little guys as quickly as possible and stay in motion to minimize the chance of being hit with a fireball.

4. Giant Mole from the ice caverns. You've seen this guy before, and he behaves pretty much the same way. Avoid getting grabbed, and punish his misses by getting to the side and behind him and slicing him up with combos. Don't get hit with the ice shards he summons with his Donkey Kong-like slamming. Just keep your distance until you know he's vulnerable, then let him have it. Warp back to the arena with the fiend king after you heal up with your armlet of tranquility.

When he's kneeling in recovery, unload on the fiend king with a charged, ultimate attack.

5. Fiend King. Now you fight the head honcho of the fiend realm. He'll summon pink fiends to help him out, but you should take advantage of this. Kill the pink fiends but don't collect their essence. If you time it properly, you can unleash a charged, ultimate combo on the fiend king when he's kneeling on the ground, recovering from an attack. In general, there isn't a whole lot you can do to him while he's airborne, except some high flying slashes. But the risk/reward ratio in that situation just isn't in your favor. Wait for him to come down.

The fiend king uses a number of attacks. He'll shoot a quick triplet of fireballs at you from distance. He'll also use a swooping attack, like Alma's from chapter 7. Watch out when he flies over top of you, because that means he's about to slam down on you with his arm. If you can make him miss with that attack, he stays on the ground momentarily, so he's vulnerable--hit him with a quick strike. The main attack you're looking to counter, is when he starts spinning in the air and wrapping his wings around him. He'll curl up into a ball and fly right at you, attempting to squash you into the ground. Make him miss that attack, and he'll kneel on the ground, stunned, for a few seconds. Take advantage! Run up behind or to the side of him and do some long slashing combos. If you can rip off an ultimate combo on him in this position, you'll do big time damage.

If you were skilled enough to get through all that, grab the Demon, Deity of Destruction statue from the pedestal and run up the ramps, and out of the arena. Warp back to the Gates of Hell. Save your game again! You have three boss battles left. If you don't feel you have enough potions to continue on, you can again run to Tairon to fill up. The last few boss fights aren't actually that difficult, so if you have just a couple of Great Spirit Elixirs, and a couple of regular elixirs left, that should be enough. At any rate you have a save game and can always run back if the fights seem too tough.

Turn around and place the demon statue in the shrine to unlock the gates. Jump up onto the rock that the shrine is built into, and climb up onto the platform with the gates. Go through and ascend the stairs until a cutscene plays.

Boss Fight: Alma, Again?!?

Go for the arms first, and attack from the side.

This is an awkward battle, but not very difficult. Giant Alma's weak points are her arms and chest. The trick is to just maneuver your platform close enough to attack with slashes. Try to avoid getting airborne, and use long slashing combos. Maneuver first behind and to the side and go for the arms first. Once the greenish jewels fall off an arm or chest, you can no longer attack that area for damage, so switch up. After the jewels are off the arms, maneuver in close to the chest and let loose. Pay attention to the blindingly bright pink lights surrounding the giant body. Avoid those, as they will burn you for significant damage.

Boss Fight: Skull Crawler

The main attack to look out for is the ram head's bite. Jump out of the way to dodge.

Hopefully you tanked up on arrows at Muramasa's before entering the core, as we suggested. You can whittle off tons of damage from this boss by just firing arrows at it in third person. In fact, while it's standing off in the lava, that's about all you can do to damage it. Use explosive arrows, APFSDS, and even regular arrows if you run out of the first two. If you see the giant ram's head flying at you, jump out of the way or you'll take massive damage. You can also shoot a fireball ninpo at the ram's head when it approaches you. When the fiend sends a hailstorm of skulls at you, use your fire or lightning ninpo to protect yourself and vaporize the skulls. Finally, if the crawler is foolish enough to jump onto land, start slashing away at it for some easy damage. He should go down in no time.

Chapter 16 - The Dark Dragon Blade

Eyes on the prize.

This video demonstrates the last platform jumping sequence before the final boss battle.

You're almost done! Save your game at the nearby save station. Jump and pull yourself up the platform to the left of the station. Turn to the right, and jump onto that platform. Jump up onto the next plateau, and then run into the little space where you can triangle jump up to the top. Do a few more jumps and climbs and you'll be right at the Dark Dragon Blade.

After you pull out the Dragon Blade, the place starts caving in, and you mustn't waste too much time. Jump across the gap to a tiny platform, then wall run up that sidewall. You'll see a set of three branches to your right. Vault across them, and off the last jump, you'll need to wall run to the left after you collide with the wall. Look to your left and find another branch to vault across.

Drop down to this ledge, then wall run up the platform ahead.

Run around the left side of the ledge and then pull yourself up onto the next level. Wall run up the next wall, so you're hanging by your hands on the ledge. Mantle to the left until you can pull yourself up. Jump across the small gap, run up next two little walls and run until you reach a platform that appears to lead to no obvious jump. Look down. Drop carefully onto the platform below, then run forward, jump, and wall run up the next plateau, which looks almost too high to reach. Pull yourself up, then run across the thin strip of land to the left to reach Rachel.

Boss Fight: Vigoor Emperor

This is a disappointingly easy boss fight. All you have to do is pull out your sword and do the lunging, jump + Y slash back and forth on him, constantly. Once you land the first lunging slash, the Emperor won't be able to recover from it in time to block the next lunging slash, and the next... He's got a nasty throw maneuver, and another move where he teleports in the air and stabs down on you, but once you have a nice rhythm going with the jump + Y slash, this final boss fight is over in about 20 seconds or less. After all the hard work you did to get here, maybe Tecmo felt you deserved a break. Enjoy the ending! Be sure to watch all the way through the scrolling credits to see the final, cinematic denouement with Ryu at his village. And don't forget to save your game and play through on your successive save game!


This movie shows the easy way to unlock Ninja Gaiden II - you must have NG1 first, however.

Very Hard Difficulty

Complete the game on normal or hard difficulty

Movie Gallery

Complete the game on normal or hard difficulty

Get the Dark Dragon Blade

Beat the game, and play through it again on your successive save. Visit Muramasa's shop in Chapter 13.

Who'd win in a fight? Darth Vader or Ryu?

Cyber Ninja Costume with Plasma Saber

Beat the game on normal or hard, then go to the main menu and hold down the L trigger while starting a new game. You'll hear Ryu grunt after pressing start if you did the code correctly. The plasma saber glows green and makes a cool, Star Wars-like buzzing noise through the air. It's not any stronger than a regular sword, unfortunately.

Keep Traditional Ninja Outfit

If you don't like the modern, sleeveless ninja outfit that Ryu puts on after Chapter 2, there's a way to keep his traditional ninja garb on. Go to the main menu and highlight "New Game." Hold down both triggers and press A. If you did the code correctly Ryu will grunt. Start the new game.

Unlock Ninja Gaiden 1

Muramasa gives you this after you hand over all 50 scarabs.

Get all 50 golden scarabs and visit Muramasa's shop. You don't need to do them all in one play session. Continue your game from a successive save, and you start off with all the scarabs you picked up the last time. Now you can pick up the scarabs you missed. The spots of the scarabs you got in the previous game are now empty. When you hand over all 50, Muramasa will give you the Ninja Gaiden game disc that you can use in the arcade machine on the first floor of Han's Bar.

Unlock Ninja Gaiden 2, the Easy Way

From this platform above the door to Pleasure Street, shoot an arrow at the clock face to unlock Ninja Gaiden 2.

Been slaving away, trying to get Master Ninja on every chapter? Get Ninja Gaiden 2 the easy way! After you get Ninja Gaiden 1, go to the Clock Tower Plaza of Tairon. Get up on the ledge above the multicolored door that takes you to Pleasure Street. This is the same ledge where you flip the switch to unlock that door. Pull out your bow and aim at the clock tower across the street. Shoot the face of the clock and a treasure chest will appear on the building across the street. Jump down, and go into the doorway across the street with the stairs. Ascend to the top, and find the chest there containing the Ninja Gaiden 2 game disc. You heard it on GameSpot first.

Unlock Ninja Gaiden 3, the Easy Way

To get Ninja Gaiden 3 the easy way, you must get Ninja Gaiden 2 first. Once you have that, go to the Peristyle Passage, which is the ceremonial room in the Aquaducts, just before your boss fight with the giant fossil bird. It's adjacent to the Hall of Balance. Remember the golden scarab you got on top of the broken pillar? Triangle jump back up there and you'll find the Ninja Gaiden 3 game disc. You heard it on GameSpot first.

Play Classic Ninja Gaiden Games From the Main Menu

You must go to Han's Bar to play the Ninja Gaiden games at first, but there is a way to get the classic games accessible from the main menu. Just beat Xbox Ninja Gaiden while having a classic Ninja Gaiden disc in Ryu's inventory. A new option will be added to the main menu that will allow you to play the old-school Ninja Gaiden games without visiting Han's Bar.

Golden Scarab Locations by Chapter

Chapter 1: No scarabs
Chapter 2: No scarabs
Chapter 3: Three scarabs
Chapter 4: Three scarabs
Chapter 5: Three scarabs
Chapter 6: Six scarabs
Chapter 7: Four scarabs
Chapter 8: Two scarabs
Chapter 9: Four scarabs
Chapter 10: Nine scarabs
Chapter 11: Five scarabs
Chapter 12: Eight scarabs
Chapter 13: No scarabs
Chapter 14: Two scarabs
Chapter 15: One scarab
Chapter 16: No scarabs

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