NewKidCo announces new E.T. games

E.T. makes his return to gaming on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and the Sony PlayStation 2 as part of NewKidCo's upcoming lineup.

NewKidCo has announced its upcoming game lineup for console and handheld platforms. The company, which generally creates games aimed at younger audiences, will release licensed products based on such properties as Tom and Jerry, Disney's Goofy, Dragon Tales, Sesame Street, and E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. Specific games of note are E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring for the Game Boy Advance and E.T.: Return to the Green Planet, E.T. & The Cosmic Garden, and Tom and Jerry in the Big Brawl for the Sony PlayStation 2. The PS2 games will be released in 2002, and the GBA games will arrive in 2001. NewKidCo's entire list of announced games is as follows:

Disney's Goofy's Fun House (PlayStation) - May 2001
(Kids must collect items and are rewarded with six full-length Goofy cartoons)
Sesame Street Sports (PlayStation and Game Boy Color) - June 2001/July 2001
(Youth-oriented extreme sports game featuring Sesame Street characters)
E.T.: Digital Planner (Game Boy Color) - August 2001
(Combines PDA features with animation, color, music, and minigames)
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (Game Boy Advance) - September 2001
(This adventure game follows the entire story of the feature film)
E.T.: Escape from Planet Earth (Game Boy Color) - October 2001
(In this action-adventure, E.T. and Elliot must build a transmitter that is used to "phone home")
E.T.: Interplanetary Adventure (PlayStation) - October 2001
(E.T. must travel to various planets and deal with environmental threats)
E.T. & The Cosmic Garden (Game Boy Color) - October 2001
(A real-time management game where E.T. must manage a space-age botanical garden)
Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring (Game Boy Advance) - October 2001
(Based on the upcoming cartoon release, this game combines combat and a story mode)
Dragon Tales Adventures (Game Boy Color) - September 2001
(Adventure game based on the PBS show)
Tom and Jerry in the Big Brawl (PlayStation 2) - March 2002
(11 characters from the Tom and Jerry universe battle it out in interactive arenas)
E.T.: Return to the Green Planet (PlayStation 2) - March 2002
(The game picks up where the film left off, as E.T. returns to his home planet)
E.T. & The Cosmic Garden (PlayStation 2) - expected release July 2002
(In this real-time management game, E.T. must collect 128 rare plants and build his own botanical garden)

Specific information on NewKidCo's lineup of games will be revealed at the upcoming E3.

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I wish I could find this game. I've liked E.T. since the big screen and on Atari2600, PS1, and wish I could share this one with my kids to be able to continue the story on PS2. E.T. come home lol........


An E.T. PS2 game... I wish they did a review of that. I'm sure it was very nostalgic, looking back at the crash of the game industry. But what's the point of an E.T. game in 2002? Seriously? I think they ended up selling about 15 copies of that game.