New Year Interwebs Checklist!

We have 10 things you can do to start the new year!

It's that time of the year again to get your interweb persona in check! Here's the things we suggest for the new year!

1) Security is a must. How many times did you or your friend get breached in 2012? Read our previous tip of week for more details.

2) Spruce up your image. If it's an avatar or actual photo of yourself, consider making it more current on the websites you use.

3) Update your about me information on GameSpot and elsewhere. Maybe you've explored new games and genres, no need having people read old messaging from years ago.

4) Update your forum signatures. Keep in mind that animated .gifs must be under 1MB.

5) Follow fatigue? Visit your profile while being logged out. What do others see about you? No blog or review in a year? Make one or you may lose followers.

6) Anniversary blog emblems are up for grabs, but you need to share them with us in this reporting topic!

7) Get organized! If you have a list of games you want to finish or try out, create a blog or list on an external website or phone app that will allow you to monitor your progress.

8) Make sure your email is accurate to receive alerts about responses other users have made in the comments and to receive the newsletters you're subscribed to. You can change your comments email settings by going to your Fuse settings and you can change your newsletter settings by going to the main site settings

9) Follow other GameSpot social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch! We often give out codes randomly and if you subscribe to Twitch you receive a notification via email once we've started a livestream.

10) Join GSPN! There you'll have a chance to find other people who enjoy certain things about gaming as yourself. You can also find others attempting to play co-op for a specific game and more.

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The security was great stuff. Can't believe I missed it back in November.


Okay I'm updated for the new year, BRING IT ON!!!!!