New wave of Halo toys on the horizon

New series of game-based action figures to hit stores in November.

Toymaker JoyRide is introducing a new product for a very specific customer base--Halo fans in need of more desk clutter. The toy maker, which already makes three action figures inspired by the game--the Master Chief, Cortana, and the Warthog 4x4--is planning to release a new wave of Halo figures next month.

The new toy Halo series will include both a multiplayer-red and standard-green Master Chief, with assault rifle, rocket launcher, and tactical shotgun. Each stands about 8" tall and has 18 points of articulation. The series will also include a blue Elite Covenant trooper, and a Ghost Covenant hovercraft which will come with three 3" figures--the Master Chief, an Elite, and a energy shield-toting jackal.

Two 2-piece mini-sets and two five-piece sets of 3" mini-figures will also be produced, each with a different combination of Master Chiefs, space marines, and Covenant troopers. The figures can be ordered from the JoyRide site or picked up at online or real-world toy and game stores.

Buyers of any Halo figure will be eligible to get a free "Active Camouflage" (i.e. clear plastic) Master Chief from JoyRide.

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