New Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell screens

Ubi Soft releases new shots from its forthcoming Unreal-driven action and stealth game for the Xbox.

Ubi Soft has released a handful of new in-game screenshots taken from the Xbox version of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. The game, which is being developed at Ubi Soft's own Montreal studio, promises to offer players a potent mixture of stealth and action, as well as some great visuals thanks to a customized version of the next-generation Unreal engine.

Players assume the role of Sam Fisher, the best field operative of the secretive Third Echelon, a "black ops" section of the NSA. Unlike other Tom Clancy-inspired games, Splinter Cell is not squad-based and will see players going it alone to complete the kinds of missions that even a small group of highly trained NSA operatives would arouse too much suspicion on.

The list of moves available to players will be pretty familiar to fans of Metal Gear Solid 2 , as Sam Fisher will be able to perform diving somersaults, hang from ledges, peek around corners, drag and hide bodies, and even use enemies as a human shield. Also at the player's disposal will be a selection of high-tech gadgets including laser microphones, fiber-optic cameras, and sticky cameras--as well as any small object in the game that can be picked up and used as required. The environments in the game will be fully interactive, with objects such as oil barrels, aquariums, and lights that can be shot out, all offering different possible solutions to tricky situations that players could find themselves in.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is due for release on the Xbox and Metal Gear Solid 2 in November. For more information, check out our Metal Gear Solid 2 of the game.

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