New server software for Tribes PS2

Inevitable Entertainment develops new server technology for Tribes: Aerial Assault.

According to TeamWarfare, Inevitable Entertainment, the development team behind Tribes: Aerial Assault for the PlayStation 2, has announced that it has developed technology for Tribes: Aerial Assault that lets servers log data from matches. This ultimately will let players create ladders and possibly even hold tournaments based on the results from matches. In addition, since the server technology runs on PCs, Aerial Assault players will be able to engage in matches supporting up to 32 players instead of the normal 16.

"With Sierra's permission we started with the original PS2 Aerial Assault code base and removed all graphics, anything specific to the PS2, and the ability to have a local player," said D. Michael Traub of Inevitable Entertainment, "Then we added a few extra tricks, like support for the chat menu system, which was not present in the retail PS2 version, a slick telnet control console interface, and a really cool IRC radio bot and logging system."

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