New Resident Evil Outbreak details

Find out what the abilities are for the eight playable characters in the game.

New details on Capcom's Resident Evil Outbreak have been revealed in the latest edition of Famitsu. In Resident Evil Outbreak, the player can play as one of eight different characters--each character has distinct special abilities. Kevin is a Raccoon Police Department cop, who starts the game off with a large gun. George is a surgeon, with the ability to mix herbs. Yoko is a computer expert, who has a knapsack to carry additional items. David is a plumber and can combine items to create a new weapon. Alyssa is a news reporter, and she has the ability to pick simple locks. Jim is a subway conductor, who can turn situations around by flipping a coin. Cindy is waitress, who has a case that can be filled with abundant volumes of herbs. Finally, Mark is a security guard with high defensive capabilities.

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