New PS3 models launching in Australia September 27

Sony confirms that the 500GB and new 12GB flash memory models will retail for A$400 and A$300 respectively; the newly announced 250GB model will not be available in Australia/NZ.

Sony announced a new PlayStation 3 model earlier today in Tokyo, featuring a slimmer, lighter design. The new model will come in 250GB and 500GB versions, and will be available in black and white.

However, the new PS3 model will differ slightly for PAL regions, including Australia and New Zealand.

While the 500GB version will be identical, the version replacing the current 250GB model will come as a 12GB flash memory model. Users who buy this model will be able to upgrade to an HDD, but will lose the 12GB as internal storage when they do. According to Sony, a 250GB HDD will be released alongside the new PS3.

Sony confirmed that the 500GB model will retail for A$399.95 (NZ$519.95), and the 12GB flash memory model will retail for A$299.95 (NZ$399.95).

The 500GB model will be available in Australia and New Zealand from September 27. The 12GB flash memory model will launch in Australia on September 27, and in New Zealand on October 18.

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Zorine Te

Zorine “harli” Te is GameSpot Australia's associate editor. She wants to save the world.

with the release of ff14 [fingers crossed] next year on ps3 we might need that 500gb the price isnt to bad i see a lot of 160 and 320GB for around $300 also with alot of big titles being downloadable its handy the only thing i am worried about is heat the usually sacrifice heat sinks in slim moddels 


$400 for a 6 year old system??


That's insane.


It's like Sony is trying to drive customers away.


I sense an attempt to smother the Wii U.


Wow. Instead of $270 for a 250GB model like in the states we have to pay $300 for a bloody 12GB one. I don't know how this could be a bigger slap in the face. For 12GB it should be much cheaper. Screw you Sony.

Nintendo_Man moderator

Prices are too high for a console that old especially when they are around the same prices the Wii U SKUs will be at launch.


LOL at this only just coming out now.

Anyone can change there hard drive any time, even with the old console PS3.

My PS3 has been 640GB since it was released, i changed the Hard Drive from a 60GB PS3 Hard Drive I made sure i got the PS3 with backwards compatibility for PS2 games.

So now i have a 640GB PS3 with PS2 backwards compatibility and updates and everything works fine like it was made for it so dont be scared to do it to ur old PS3 u can probably get a 500GB hard drive for less than $100





Slim is good, but it's not really going to save that much space, so it's not a major benefit.


It's hard to say that it looks more attractive than the current model. If it does look better, it's not much better.


12gb is pathetic and won't be functional for the vast majority of users. The only point to releasing a 12gb model would be if it would be significantly cheaper, but seemingly that is not the case.


500gb is all fine and good but we've been able to upgrade the current model, and the model prior to that, so it hardly seems that innovative  to me. Those people looking to buy into this generation at this late stage, are they going to need 500gb?


I've only recently reached the limits of my 500gb hard drive and after deleting the installation files of games I no longer own I think i've freed up plenty of space (not sure how to check) and I don't expect having the need to do that again for quite some time - even with the PS+ free games.


The PSOne was mega cheap - around $99. If this new slim was mega cheap it'd be really attractive, but as it's going to hold onto the same price of the current model I can't see it being much of a boon for anyone.