New Operation Flashpoint: Resistance patch available

Codemasters' first-person shooter gets new weapons, vehicles, and missions. New screens inside.


Codemasters has today released a new upgrade patch for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance, the expansion pack for Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis . The patch, which GameSpot Complete members can download via the link below, adds new weapons, vehicles, and missions to the game. The upgrade is also available for download from Codemasters' official Resistance Web site.

New weapons in the patch include a hunting rifle, a silenced G-17, a revolver, and an M-10 submachine gun. Three new player models are also in the patch: a masked resistance sniper, a revolver-wielding pilot, and a BlackOp commando armed with satchel charges, a silenced submachine gun, and a silenced handgun. Players downloading the new patch will also get to check out two new vehicles--a civilian bicycle and what we're told is quite a speedy small car. Two new multiplayer levels--a new and improved version of SectorControl and a small handguns-only deathmatch map with a flag that goes by the name of FlagFightHandGuns--will provide perfect testing grounds for the game's new features.

Retail versions of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and the subsequent Resistance expansion are required to use today's upgrade. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.



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