New Media: Zone of the Enders

See several new video clips and screenshots from Hideo Kojima's Zone of the Enders for the PlayStation 2.

The production of Konami's Zone of the Enders is complete, and GameSpot has three new video clips and new screenshots from the final version of the game. Z.O.E., which is being executive produced by Hideo Kojima, follows the adventures of 14-year-old Leo Stenbuck. Almost by happenstance, Leo assumes control of an orbital frame known as Jehunty and embarks on his quest to battle the evil Z.O.E. forces. Because Leo is unfamiliar with his new mech, the game's first stage has a tutorial mode where players can learn both the basic and the more complex attacks available to them.

The action in Z.O.E. is mission-based, and the game moves from one zone to another with a specific set of enemies in each zone. Zone of the Enders will be released in late March in the US. A demo of Metal Gear Solid 2 will be packed in with a special edition version of Z.O.E.

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