New media: The Thing

John Carpenter's The Thing is being adapted into a video game, and we have the first screens from the PlayStation 2 version.

GameSpot has received the first screenshots from the Sony PlayStation 2 version of The Thing. The game, which is being developed by Computer Artworks, is loosely rooted in the survival-horror genre. However, certain elements--such as the ability to command a team of three to five non-playable characters--allow the game to differentiate itself from traditional games in that genre. Based on the classic John Carpenter film, the game begins where the movie ends. Players assume the role of Blake, a reconnaissance team captain who has been sent in to investigate the disappearance of a scientific team in a military base located in the Antarctic. From this point forth, Blake and his crew must uncover the secrets behind the scientists' mysterious deaths.

The Thing will be released for the Sony PlayStation 2 in Q1 2002. The game is also in development for the Microsoft Xbox and PC platforms.

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