New media: Spider-Man DC

New screenshots from and information on the Dreamcast version of Spider-Man.

Activision has released several new screenshots from Spider-Man for the Sega Dreamcast. In the game, players assume the role of the webslinging superhero as he freely explores large 3D environments in a virtual New York City. There are eight primary sections in the game, with more than 30 sublevels in all.

The game gives the player the entire arsenal of moves and attacks at Spider-Man's disposal. Players can crawl up walls, sling webs, fight, punch, kick, and use Spider-Man's spider sense to detect criminals from afar. Familiar villains such as Scorpion, Venom, and Rhino are among the boss characters that players must fight during the game.

Spider-Man for the Sega Dreamcast will be released in Q2 2001. It is being developed by Treyarch.

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