New Media: Soul Reaver 2 PS2

We have a handful of new screenshots of the PS2-version of Soul Reaver 2. See more of the impressive environments that are being created for this game.

GameSpot has received several new screenshots of the PlayStation 2 verson of Eidos' Soul Reaver 2. The game is also in development for the PC and the Sega Dreamcast.

In the game, Raziel will get a hold of four primary swords that are based on the elemental forces of fire, water, light, and earth. These four swords ultimately combine into the new Soul Reaver, which allows Raziel to execute a whole new set of attacks. In total Raziel will learn over 40 new moves in the game. Eidos promises that SR II will have more weapons and enemy creatures, better AI, no in-game loading times due to data streaming, and a better interface that uses an onscreen compass and a map.

The game should be released around the end March for the PS2.

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