New media: More TGS movies of PS2 games

See new videos of Koei games such as Yanya Caballista, Gitaroo-Man, and Kessen II and Midway titles such as Spy Hunter and Legion.

Koei has released video footage of several new PlayStation 2 games. Among the games shown in its first-party lineup are Yanya Caballista featuring Gawoo, Gitaroo-Man, and Kessen II. As shown in the video, Yanya Caballista is a cel-shaded skateboarding game, while Gitaroo-Man is a music-rhythm game that features a unique gameplay system. Kessen II, the follow-up to Koei's PS2 RTS, is currently available in Japan and includes new gameplay elements such as real-time third-person action sequences.

The other two movies shown are from the Midway games Legion and Spy Hunter. Koei plans to publish both games in Japan under its distribution agreement with Midway. All the movies can be accessed in their respective gamespaces, which can are linked below.

Yanya Caballista featuring Gawoo
Kessen II
Spy Hunter

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