New media: Final Fantasy X

Our Final Fantasy X media barrage continues with over seventy screenshots and ten new movies from the game, including one from a blitzball match.

For those craving even more media from SquareSoft's PlayStation 2 RPG Final Fantasy X, GameSpot has new screenshots and several new video clips from the game. Although more than half of the initial shipment for the game was already spoken for through Digicube's preorder campaign, Final Fantasy X still managed to create frenzy among game fans when it was released this week in Japan. SquareSoft declared it had shipped 2.14 million copies of the game at launch and expected to sell approximately 3.8 million total copies of the game in Japan alone.

Our screenshots and videos highlight several moments from the game's early portions, including a blitzball match, an early battle with an octopus-like creature inside a sunken ship, and Tidus and crew battling a lizard. GameSpot will have more on Final Fantasy X in the coming weeks. SquareSoft has already begun work on the English translation of the game, which will be released in North America in early 2002.

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