New Media: Dynasty Tactics

We have new screenshots of Koei's PS2 strategy game set in ancient China.

Today we received a new batch of screens from Dynasty Tactics, a turn-based strategy game by the developers of the Dynasty Warriors games. In Dynasty Tactics, players assume the roles of powerful generals in ancient China and command thousands of soldiers at a time.

Each of the different generals in the game, like those in the Dynasty Warriors series, has his own list of powerful special moves. These special attacks could be anything from ambushing or encircling an enemy force to hitting them with falling rocks or balls of fire. It's also possible to set up powerful and spectacular tactical combo attacks by having multiple generals combine forces.

Completing the single-player game requires players to recruit new officers, as their army grows en route to conquering the 60 key cities that make up the land of China. A number of different endings are available in the game, determined by battle results and certain decisions made by players as they progress through the game.

Dynasty Tactics is already available in North America, and we'll be bringing you a full review soon. In Europe, the game is currently scheduled for release in November. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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