New media: Disney's Tarzan PS2

Tarzan and his pals from the Disney film are at it again, this time in their own action game.

Ubi Soft has released several new screenshots from the Sony PlayStation 2 version of Disney's Tarzan. The game, which is a combination of a variety of exploration and extreme sports levels, includes several of the characters from the 1999 film, but it also features an entirely new storyline. The extreme sports levels in Disney's Tarzan are made up of such activities as bungee jumping, water skiing, hang gliding, and surfing down rapids, among others, while the exploration levels have distinct platformer-style elements. In the game, an evil scientist is out to capture Tarzan and the apes in order to perform scientific studies on them. It is up to the player, as Tarzan, to save the apes and rid the jungle of the scientist and his minions. The PlayStation 2 version of the game--there is also a Nintendo GameCube version in development--will be released by the end of the year.
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