New media: Crash Xbox

See new screenshots from Rage Software's car-combat game for the Xbox.

Just prior to this year's ECTS, Rage Software unveiled Crash, a Destruction Derby-style driving game for the Microsoft Xbox and the Sony PlayStation 2. The company has now released new screenshots from the Xbox version of the game. The gameplay system in Crash is relatively straightforward, as players must battle a variety of vehicles within an arena setting, with the last car standing winning the race. According to Rage Software, Crash will include several different single- and multiplayer options, a variety of vehicles, and a comprehensive replay system. Naturally, customization features won't be nearly as extensive as simulation racers, but players will have the ability to tweak the paint job and decals on each vehicle.

Crash will be available for the European launch of the Xbox console in spring 2002. The PlayStation 2 version will be released later in the year. A North American release date, for either version, has not been announced at this time.

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