New Mechs Named

Today we reveal the winning names from our MechWarrior 4 Name the Mech contest.

At the beginning of June, we conducted a poll to help Microsoft choose the names of two new mechs making their debut in MechWarrior 4. Today we unveil the names that, by popular demand, will grace these mechs in the game. The light 40-ton mech will be dubbed Chimera. The 75-ton heavy mech, bristling with long-range missles, will be called Thanatos, the Greek word for death.

In case you didn't get a chance to see them during the contest, here are the exclusive illustrations and technical specs of these two towering war machines.


Mass: 40 tons
Chassis: Endo steel
Power plant: 240 XL
Top speed: 102 KpH
Acceleration: 46.8 KpH per second
Deceleration: 68.4 KpH per second
Torso twist range: 260-degrees
Torso twist speed: 90-degrees per second
Jump jets: Yes
Armor: Kallon mirror bright reflective armor plating
Armor tonnage: 7.0
Total # heat sinks: 10 double heat sinks
Manufacturer: Kallon Industries
Primary factory: Talon
Armament: Flamer, LRM 15, UltraCannon 2


Mass: 75 Tons
Chassis: Endo steel
Power plant: 300 XL
Top speed: 68 KpH
Acceleration: 18 KpH per second
Deceleration: 25.2 KpH per second
Torso twist range: 190-degrees
Torso twist speed: 60-degrees per second
Jump jets: Yes
Armor: Durallex Ferro-Fibrous
Armor tonnage: 9.5
Total # heat sinks: 14 double heat sinks
Manufacturer: TharHes Industries
Primary factory: Tharkad
Armament: LB-X Scattershot 20, LRM-15, LRM-10, three Medium Lasers, Anti-Missile System, Guardian ECM suite

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