New Kirby's Air Ride details

Nintendo releases new details on the latest game featuring Kirby.

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Nintendo has revealed additional details in Famitsu on Kirby's Air Ride, an action-style racing game featuring Kirby, which is intended for beginners and advanced players alike. The game features simple controls, with only the analog stick and the A button required to play the game.

In Kirby's Air Ride, Kirby rides on a warp star that keeps speeding up on its own--there is no acceleration button in the game. The A button is instead used for braking, drifting, and charging up power for a superdash. The A button is also used for copying abilities from enemies scattered around the race course, which will give Kirby the ability to slash opponents with a sword, throw bombs, or surround himself with flames. The game can be played with up to four players simultaneously.

Kirby's Air Ride is currently 70 percent complete and is scheduled for release in the summer in Japan.

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