New Ice Nine details

Bam Entertainment releases new screenshots from and information on its stealth-oriented first-person shooter.

Bam Entertainment has revealed some new information on its upcoming first-person shooter Ice Nine. Players will take on the role of a CIA agent trainee named James Clayton who's sent to stop the Ice Nine virus, which is capable of spreading through power lines and destroying power centers. The game will make use of a first-person perspective and will feature a wide assortment of weapons and items, including a PDA that doubles as a taser gun. Players can also don the uniforms of enemy soldiers to sneak around the various environments in the game, among which are the CIA training facility and a Chinese terrorist base. Over the course of the game, Clayton will meet up with CIA operative named Agent Layla, who can be instructed to kill enemies or help complete mission objectives.

Interestingly, Ice Nine will have include two different endings depending on how players progress through the game--they can either play as a CIA operative or take matters into their own hands and undertake missions for personal gain. We'll have more on Ice Nine before its June 2003 release on the PlayStation 2.

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