New Gulong Online confirmed for Southeast Asia

Upcoming MMORPG based on classic Gulong novels to be in closed beta phase in Asia at the end of first quarter.

Asian online game publisher IAHGames will be distributing a new MMORPG based on the Chinese "wuxia" novels--stories about martial arts heroes--written by Xiong "Gu Long" Yaohua.

Fans of martial arts stories will get a kick out of this upcoming MMORPG.

Titled New Gulong Online, the game was developed by Taiwanese company Zealot Digital International Corp. The game was made by the company's game divisions at Taiwan and Singapore for a cost of $17 million.

The game features six factions for players to side with and different fighting styles for them to experiment and pick from. Gamers will also get to interact with characters from popular Chinese novels like "Passionate Swordmaster & Heartless Sword", "Xiao Li Swift Darts", and Adventures of Lu Xiao Feng".

The game will be distributed in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand by IAH. The closed beta is scheduled to start at the end of the first quarter of the year.

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