New EyeToy: Play 2 details emerge

SCEE dishes out the follow-up to the first game for the PlayStation 2’s camera peripheral.

Nearly six months after they showed it off at GDC ’04, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has revealed more details about EyeToy: Play 2. The sequel to the first game for the PlayStation 2’s camera peripheral will offer 12 new minigames, including Kung2, an interactive kung-fu game in which players will employ real-life kicks and punches; DIY, a home-improvement sim; and Mr. Chef, which will cast players as short-order cooks. All games will have a new multiplayer tournament option that will allow four players to take sequential turns.

EyeToy: Play 2 will also use improved, patented technology in several minigames. Home Run, Table Tennis, and Boxing will employ the Motion-Cam technology, which allows the EyeToy to gauge the force with which players swing or punch. Home Run will also use MiniVision, which will take a player’s picture and insert his or her image into the game.

Several other technologies will be used in EyeToy: Play 2. Sonic-Cam will bring audio recognition to the PS2, allowing it to award points according to how loud people shout. The Cutout-Cam will superimpose player’s images into a new environment, while the Color-Cam will let players control games by using colored objects.

Paranoid PS2 owners convinced their roommates are stealing their games will welcome the addition of SpyToy, which turns the EyeToy into a motion-activated security camera. The SpyToy will record images or video of intruders and can also broadcast a personalized message that will appear on the TV.

EyeToy: Play 2 will ship in November 2004 in Europe. No American release date has been set.

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