New EVE release date

Simon & Schuster's online space game is now scheduled for release in May.

Simon & Schuster Interactive has announced that EVE: The Second Genesis is now scheduled to ship on May 6. The space combat and trading game features a seamless online galaxy that is designed to support 100,000 players without dividing the service into separate servers. The developer, Crowd Control Productions (CCP), said it needs additional time to get the final servers ready for the launch.

"We have always stood firm on the commitment to release EVE only when we felt it was time," said Reynir Hardarson, the art director and cofounder of CCP. "Although the game is nearly finished, we felt it would be best to hold off an additional six weeks. This will allow us to fully optimize the performance of our new server cluster, implement features we have promised, and continue testing to assure the elimination of bugs that would interfere with the players' ability to enjoy the EVE experience to its fullest potential."

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