New Evangelion game for the PS2

Bandai announces that Alfa Systems will develop Evangelion 2: Shinseiki Evangelions.

According to the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, Bandai has announced Evangelion 2: Shinseiki Evangelions, a new Evangelion game for the PlayStation 2. Based on the Evangelion anime series, the game is under development at Alfa Systems, which is known for its Gun Parade March and Castle of Shikigami series.

In Evangelion 2, players can assume the role of the anime's main character, Shinji, or other characters, such as Rei or Asuka, and then can freely explore the world of Evangelion. Players will be able to experience what it's like to live the daily life of a character in Evangelion and can unlock secrets that were not revealed in the original anime. The game's locations and battle scenes are fully 3D, but events and character portraits are displayed in 2D.

Like in Alfa System's Gun Parade March, each computer-controlled character in Evangelion 2 has a unique personality, and players can talk with them to gain secret information or can even get involved in a relationship with them. An AI system, developed under the direction of the anime's director, Hideaki Anno, triggers events and introduces enemies at certain times.

Evangelion 2: Shinseiki Evangelions is scheduled for release in November and is currently 50 percent complete.

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... Why does all the cool stuff have to be for PS2.


they beter hury with that game!!!