New Dragon Ball Z game hitting Japan this fall

Bandai says Sparking! is flying toward the PlayStation 2; publisher unclear whether game is bound for US gamers.

TOKYO--Goku and the myriad inhabitants of the Dragon Ball Z universe will be returning to the PlayStation 2 this fall, says Bandai. The new game, Dragon Ball Z Sparking!, is a 3D fighting game that will feature more than 40 characters from the popular anime series.

Developed by Spike, Dragon Ball Z Sparking! will cost 7,140 yen ($66). There is currently no word on whether Sparking! will make it to the US market.

According to Bandai, Dragon Ball Z Sparking! will feature a 3D battle experience: Matches will take place in the air, on the ground, and everywhere in between. The game will play in a modified first-person perspective, with players viewing the action over their fighter's shoulder.

So far, only three characters have been confirmed for the new game: Goku, his rival Vegeta, and Janenba, a character from the motion picture Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no Fushion! Goku to Vegeta.

To date, Bandai has sold a total of 8.35 million Dragon Ball Z games for the PS2. The company says it hopes to hit the 10 million mark with the release of Sparking!

For images of Dragon Ball Z Sparking!, check out the game's official Web site.

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