New Dokapon game revealed

The PlayStation 2 role-playing board game will once again reward the most ruthless player when released this November in Japan.

TOKYO--Asmik Ace Entertainment has announced that it will release a new Dokapon gamed for the PlayStation 2, named Dokapon the World. The game's teaser Web page hints that it continues the series' tradition as a “friendship-breaking” role-playing board game, where the most vicious player ends victorious.

Dokapon the World is slated for release on November 3 at the retail price of 7,140 yen ($65). Preordered copies of the game will come with a poster and a 100-page character guide with illustrations by the game's artist, Mine Yoshizaki. Yoshizaki is widely known as the creator of the Keroro Gunsou anime series. More details on Dokapon the World will be revealed next month when its Web site officially opens.

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