New Divine Divinity images

CDV releases some new screenshots and concept art from its fantasy role-playing game.

CDV Software has released a group of new images from its upcoming fantasy role-playing game, Divine Divinity. The new images include some views of an oven as an example of the object animation that will appear in the game and concept art for two characters, a warrior and an orc. The game will feature three basic character classes--the warrior, the wizard, and the survivor--that can be customized by adding some of the more than 100 skills and tricks included in the game. Players will travel through the seamless 3D environments and work to restore balance to the fantasy world through a series of quests that change depending on the class of the player character.

For more information, take a look at our collection of screenshots and movies of the game. Divine Divinity is in development at Larian Studios, and it is scheduled for release in September.

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