New Devil May Cry, Asura's Wrath unveiled

TGS 2010: Capcom unveils Ninja Theory's "reimagining" of classic action franchise and madcap brawler from CyberConnect2; 360-exclusive epilogue for Dead Rising 2 also coming.


DmC: Devil May Cry
Asura's Wrath
Dead Rising 2: Case West

TOKYO--Earlier this month, Capcom managing director Keiji Inafune talked in theoretical terms about a possible Devil May Cry 5. He said that when development on the game starts, it will probably be designed to appeal more to Western audiences. While the series has done well in Japan and comprises much of the game's 2 million-plus-unit haul, Inafune said that Devil May Cry franchise sales in North America and Europe haven't been especially high.

Now, Inafune no longer needs to address the game as a hypothetical. Today at Capcom's pre-Tokyo Game Show press event, the Japanese publisher announced that a new Devil May Cry is indeed in the works. Development duties are being handled by UK-based Ninja Theory, the team behind the about-to-be-shipped action game Enslaved and the well-regarded PlayStation 3-exclusive Heavenly Sword.

While details on the game were scarce, Capcom described the new game--simply called DMC--as a "reimagining" of the franchise, one that will feature a young Dante and his adventures from before the first game. The trailer at Capcom's press event showed the younger (and skinnier) Dante shackled by his arms in an interrogation room, with intercut scenes of the now black-haired protagonist taking on demonlike opponents in typical flourishing Devil May Cry style, using dual pistols and a whiplike sword.

As with the previous game in the series--Devil May Cry 4--DMC will be coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Also unveiled at Capcom's TGS event was a brand new property titled Asura's Wrath. The publisher is billing the game--which is being made by Japanese developer CyberConnect2--as a new take on the action genre, and the trailer released for the title certainly seems to indicate that characterization.

The game looks to be a fast-paced brawler, with its protagonist shown to be able to survive being impaled by numerous spears, taking on foes using a large pillar of stone, and even stopping the enormous finger of a planet-sized enemy from crushing him. No release date was confirmed, but Asura's Wrath will be coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Finally, Xbox 360 fans of zombie slaying have yet more reason to celebrate. Already the recipients of an acclaimed prequel to the about-to-be-released Dead Rising 2, 360 owners will now also get an exclusive epilogue episode titled Dead Rising 2: Case West. As its name implies, the epilogue will feature the return of original Dead Rising protagonist Frank West, who will join new hero Chuck Greene in taking on the undead hordes in a co-op episode. No release date for Case West was disclosed.

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