New Commandos 2 Screenshots

Pyro Studios' upcoming sequel to Commandos is nearly complete, and we've got proof.

This afternoon, Eidos stopped by the GameSpot offices with the latest build of Commandos 2. The version contained one fully complete level set in Europe. Like its predecessor, Commandos 2 takes place during World War II, and puts players in control of a group of nine elite Allied operatives in numerous theaters across the globe, including Europe, the South Pacific, and Asia. Players must direct groups of these characters through extremely dangerous environments filled with enemy soldiers, so stealth and tactics are key.

As you can tell from this latest batch of screenshots, the newest addition to the game is a real-time 3D rendered portrait of the commando that you currently have selected in the interface. In prior builds, this was replaced by a static 2D sprite. The new 3D modeled faces not only look realistic, but they also react to their environments by looking around and changing their facial expressions. Each of the characters also has plenty of lines of speech.

According to Eidos, the game's Spanish developer, Pyro Studios, is expected to complete Commandos 2 in mid-June, and the game should start appearing on store shelves soon thereafter. We'll bring you more details on the game as they develop. In the meantime, be sure to take a look at the new images in the screenshot gallery.

For more information on Commandos 2, have a look at our preview coverage of the game.

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