New casualty of marathon gaming

A 27-year-old Taiwanese man has collapsed and died after playing games for 32 hours straight.

For the second time this month, there's a report of a death linked to a marathon gaming session. According to a report cited on Blue's News, the new incident occurred last Thursday in an Internet café in Taiwan, where a 27-year-old man played games for 32 hours before collapsing. Police said the man died from exhaustion as a result of having stayed in the same position too long.

2885104Earlier this month , a 24-year old in South Korea died after playing games for 86 hours in an Internet café.

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too bad a lot of gaming started in asia...the people there got hooked to it... "This is why video games are bad" is something my mom would say if she saw this and i agree.


Another one?....How many died? Those people are sick in the head!