New Bruce Lee Details

Universal releases new information on its Xbox Bruce Lee game. First screenshots inside.

Universal has released the first screenshots from Bruce Lee, the upcoming brawler for the Xbox in development at Ronin. As was noted earlier, the game will span more than 30 levels set in different parts of the world, including Hong Kong and San Francisco. It will also feature 30 different types of enemies who will use a number of tactics--such as ambushes--to surprise players. As Bruce Lee, players will have access to more than 100 moves from Bruce Lee's jeet kun do style, all of which have been motion-captured using one of Bruce Lee's last students. During a fight, players can use a lock-on targeting system so they can focus on a single opponent at a time. In addition, players will be able to upgrade their moves by using tokens that are received after defeating an opponent.

Bruce Lee is scheduled for release in Q3 2002.

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