New Bridge Commander screenshots

Activision releases new screenshots from its upcoming Star Trek sim.

Activision sent over a few screenshots from its Star Trek starship simulator, Bridge Commander. These new shots don't show much in the way of action, but they give a good look at the detailed character models populating the bridge area. Activision also announced that veteran Star Trek writer DC Fontana will be used as a consultant for Bridge Commander's script. Larry Holland--who also created the popular X-Wing and TIE Fighter Star Wars games--and his team at Totally Games are overseeing development of Bridge Commander. In the game, players take control of a Galaxy-class ship, but they have an opportunity to earn new commands as you prove their skill.

For more information about Star Trek Bridge Commander, check out our previous news stories about the game. Star Trek Bridge Commander is scheduled for release later this year.

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Star Trek Bridge Commander

Star Trek Bridge Commander