New Aussie Wii bundle to include Wii Fit Plus

Nintendo Australia has announced a new Wii hardware bundle, which will include the console, its popular Wii Fit Plus game, and a Wii Balance Board.

Nintendo Australia had already refreshed the Wii console pack this year, when it swapped out Wii Sports for Mario Kart Wii. Now the company is preparing a new hardware bundle that will ship with a reconfigured black console, a matching black Wii Balance Board, and a copy of Wii Fit Plus.

The new Wii Fit Plus pack arrives in Australia on December 1 and will retail for A$249.95, only A$50 more than the regular Wii console. A Nintendo Australia spokesperson confirmed to GameSpot AU that the bundle will be available for a limited time until retailers run out of stock.

This is the first time that the Will Balance Board will be available in black.

Wii Fit Plus was released in 2009 and contains all 40 of the original workouts from the first game, as well as 15 new ones. The sequel also addresses one of the biggest complaints about the original game, adding in a feature that allows users to customise their own workout.

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