Neverwinter Nights expansions announced

Two upcoming expansion packs for BioWare's role-playing game are now official.

Infogrames and BioWare have officially announced the first expansion pack for Neverwinter Nights, called 2898741Shadows of Undrentide . Both this first expansion and another, code-named 2898740XP2 , were revealed in interviews we posted yesterday.

While XP2 is being developed internally at BioWare, Shadows of Undrentide is in development at FloodGate, a studio formed by ex-Looking Glass designers. The expansion will include a new 40-hour-long single-player campaign designed to start players off with new low-level characters. The expansion will also have new features, such as additional 3rd Edition D&D skills, feats, classes, monsters, weapons, and spells.

Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide is scheduled for the spring of 2003, while the second expansion, XP2, is scheduled for next summer.

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