NCsoft sales down from last quarter

Latest company earnings report highlights sales increase compared to same period last year; Guild Wars 2 accounts for 21 percent of sales.

Publisher NCsoft has released its latest earnings report, which shows that sales for the company were down in the first quarter of 2013 compared to the fourth quarter of 2012.

Guild Wars 2 helped NCsoft's sales in 2013.

The report said that company sales were down 35 percent and net income was down 49 percent compared to the previous quarter. However, when compared to the same period in 2012, sales were actually up 31 percent and net income was up 322 percent due to strong showings from Guild Wars 2, Lineage 1, and Aion.

Guild Wars 2 accounted for 21 percent of sales in the first quarter, while Blade and Soul accounted for 9 percent and Aion with 16 percent. 13 percent of NCsoft's sales total worldwide were from North America, while 8 percent of it was from Europe. 64 percent of its sales were from its home country, Korea.

NCsoft managing director Seong Chan Nah added that the publisher was planning on a Guild Wars 2 expansion pack, though its release date had yet to be finalized. For more information, check out the full report here.

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sorry but I am waiting for elder scrolls online


Just recently moved to Bali. Was living in Seoul for 3 years. Can never trust Koreans with their business ethics. All talk and shiny, zero progress!


I didnt mentioned the game I mentioned Korean business manner and yes I agree with you on Guild War2,so what is your point?