NBA Starting Five ships

The PS2 version of Konami's basketball game is now headed to stores, and the Xbox version is coming later this month.

Konami of America has announced that NBA Starting Five for the PlayStation 2 has shipped to stores nationwide. The Xbox version is scheduled for release on October 29. Konami describes the game as fast-paced and emphasizes that the player models and animations have been greatly improved over the company's previous NBA game, ESPN NBA 2Night 2002 .

"This is the most accessible and exhilarating basketball game that Konami has shipped thus far," said Robert Goff, product manager at Konami of America. "By improving on our strengths, we're kicking off our new basketball game with style, and setting a strong precedent for the future."

For more details, check out our previous coverage of the ESPN NBA 2Night 2002 and ESPN NBA 2Night 2002 games.

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