NASCAR 06 races into retail

EA Sports' squad-based stock car sim introduces voice recognition, team play to long-running series.

Racing game fans eager to have their voices heard have a new option today as EA Sports' NASCAR 06: Total Team Control has arrived in stores for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

Taking a squad-based tack to the traditional racing game formula, NASCAR 06 lets players control an entire team of cars over the course of a race by issuing voice commands through a headset. Players can radio their teammates to block for them or to get out of the way, and they can communicate with the pit. Headset-impaired players can still issue orders through the controller, as well as hop behind the steering wheel of a teammate's car when simple commands just won't cut it.

NASCAR 06: Total Team Control is rated E for Everyone and retails for $49.99. Check back soon for a full review to see if EA's latest takes home the checkered flag or just gets stuck in the pits. In the meantime, idle on over to GameSpot's latest preview.

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