Namco Sets End of Year Lineup

In addition to the fourth Ridge Racer game, Namco's got more titles ready for Japan this holiday season.

TOKYO - Namco recently announced its Japanese release schedule for the rest of the fiscal year for Japan. All these games are for the PlayStation.

Namco Anthology 2VarietySeptember 23

Libero GrandeSoccerDecember

Tales of PhantasiaRPGDecember

R4: Ridge Racer Type 4RacerDecember

Smash Court 2TennisTBA

3D Shooting (tentative)ShooterTBA

Oyakosodate Quiz: My Angel (tent.)QuizTBA

Action RPG(tent.)


Guncon Game (tent.)ShooterTBA

3D Flight Game (tent.)3D dogfight gameTBA

Among these games, Tales of Phantasia is a port from a Super Famicom game first released back in 1995. TOP was a highly acclaimed RPG and actually the predecessor of Tales of Destiny for the PlayStation.

According to Namco, TOP for the PlayStation will have a whole new look and won't just be a port of the old game. Currently it is not known exactly who is taking on the port of the game. Originally, TOP was developed by Tri Ace, the company who is responsible for other popular RPGs like Lufia/Estopolis and the Star Ocean series.

But Tri Ace wasn't involved in developing TOD; it was developed by Namco's internal team. Some say that's why TOD wasn't as highly acclaimed by Japanese RPG addicts. Let's hope Namco learned the lesson from its previous effort.

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