MvP Invitational will feature 48 of the best from MLG and Proleague

Tune in December 23 - January 6th as the MvP Tournament will showcase the MLG vs Proleague players.

The MvP Invitational will feature 48 of the best StarCraft II players in the world, including 24 of the top ranked players from the KeSPA Proleague. Notable players like Flash, Jaedong, Rain and more will be competing for your viewing pleasure. In addition 12 players from North America, six players from Europe, and six players from Korea/Taiwan will compete for $10,000 in prizes. These amazing games will be casted by Nick “Axslav” Ranish and Alex “Axeltoss” Rodriguez. See below for the FREE live HD stream and the schedule.

MvP Invitational Stream Schedule

Broadcasts times start at 6 pm ET


  • Match 1: Bisu vs HuK
  • Match 2: NaNiwa vs Jaedong
  • Match 3: IdrA vs Stork
  • Match 4: Soulkey vs PuMa
  • Match 5: Illusion vs Rain
  • Match 6: Sheth vs Flash

Tuesday 12/25

  • IdrA vs Flash
  • Jaedong vs Alicia
  • Socke vs Stork
  • Crank vs Soulkey
  • MajOr vs soO
  • MC vs sOs
  • HuK vs CrazyHydra
  • Crank vs Light

Wednesday 12/26

  • MC vs Jaedong
  • Grubby vs Flash
  • Sasquatch vs sOs
  • Sase vs Last
  • aLive vs Hyvaa
  • Vibe vs Rain
  • NaNiwa vs Flash
  • ThorZAiN vs HerO
  • Socke vs Roro
  • Hawk vs Fantasy
  • SeleCT vs Soulkey
  • HuK vs Jaedong

Thursday 12/27

  • MC vs Rain
  • Ret vs CrazyHydra
  • Crank vs Flash
  • aLive vs soO
  • ThorZaIN vs Stats
  • Grubby vs Action
  • MajOr vs Jaedong
  • Oz vs Last
  • HuK vs Hyvaa
  • NaNiwa vs Roro
  • Sase vs Rain
  • ThorZaIN vs Fantasy

Friday 12/28

  • Regular Season TieBreakers

Saturday 12/29 - Wednesday 1/2

  • Playoffs Round of 16

Thursday 1/3

  • Quarterfinals

Friday 1/4

  • Quarterfinals

Saturday 1/5

  • Semifinals

Sunday 1/6

  • Grand Finals

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Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty


nice of them to rebroadcast last night ending for those who didnt could


ok... i've stayed from 23;00 to 04;00 watching and chatting..... soooo at the "Soo vs Flash" after the finish of 2-2 to 3-2, the stream to fall/stop/block.... and no happy end for tonight.


ps: in 3 hours i've got to go at work.....   thank you MvP for joking with my night.... 


Soulkey vs Hyvaa & Soo vs Flash


ok... live...

Live from MLG Offices w/ Axslav


6 pm ET.....23 GMT (as in the next day :( )


allmost 1hour and i shall see the masters....


///go time, go time, go!!!


play play play......f5f5f5.....




can't see :(